Always remember your value

A man was delivering a speech in a conference hall. There was five hundred people listening and watching him. Then he raised a hand with a 500 rupees note and said, “I want to give a man this note from you but you have to raise your hand”.

All the five hundred hand was raised. Suddenly he scrumpled the money with his and and said, ” now who want this note”? All the five hundred hand was rised.

Then he put the note on ground and trampled it with his shoe. And again he asked the same question, “who still need this note”? The note was crumpled and dirty.

All the people raised their hand.

With a pleasant smile the man said. “We all need this note because due to pressure, dirt and scrumble it’s value has not decreased. Likewise in our life we may fail many times, Destiny can scrumble us and may face many difficulties. But remember my dear friends that these circumstances do not make us lose our values. Remember always that we are precious gift of God and we have the power to overcome any situation”.

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