21 Ways to change your life from ordinary to awesome

These are the simple points to make your life awesome.


  1. Search your life’s goal.  When you search for your goal in life, trust your basic instinct. Cultivate what you are good at and enjoy doing.
  2. Help others without expecting anything. God will take care of your need.
  3. You are one of a kind. Nobody can replace you.
  4. Make others smile. The smile will come back to your lips.
  5. First learning then earning will come by. And don’t forget to utilize your earnings for good purpose.
  6. If you want to build a new path people will criticize. Let them because they show their frustration as they themselves could not.
  7. Dream and dream big. If people say that you can attain your dream then you are not dreaming big enough.
  8. Nobody is perfect and never will be. So, accept yourself as you are.
  9. Anger is danger. So let it go. Does anything matter than our life?
  10. Nobody is taking you seriously as nobody does. So why are you taking yourself?
  11. Make time for morning workout. Otherwise you will have to make time for your illness.
  12. Time is the greatest medicine. Time will heal everything.
  13. Eat organic vegetables. Go green and plant more trees.
  14. When you are in despair, depressed, grab a book. As books are our greatest friends.
  15. Meditate everyday for ten minutes. Know your soul to go near of god.
  16. “NOW”. Yes, act now. Because it is the only time we can act.
  17. Pray every day before sleep. It calms down the mind and body.
  18. Eat, play, enjoy. Life comes only once.
  19. Come out from your home. Discover the raw nature, other people’s culture, life.
  20. You become what you continuously think of. Feed the mind positive thoughts.
  21. Make time for family, friends and loved ones. Money only takes care of itself.




No one is perfect in this world

Two friends meets in a market after a long time. One of them is married with lots of kids and the other did not married at all. The married man asked his bachelor friend,

“Why you did not married?”

“I have never found a perfect girl, though I wanted to marry.” The friend replied.

“Oh there must be someone for everyone, you must have found your perfect match.”

“Yes, I had found one perfect girl whom I wished to marry.”

“Then why you did not?”

“Yes, I could not marry her because she was also searching for a perfect man.”

Truthfulness lesson from Bhisma for a king or leader

Those were the days when Bhisma was lying on a bed of arrows and waiting to cast off physical body. Lord Krishna was an expert in knowledge management like the modern corporate gurus to capture the essence of knowledge and preserve it for use by all in the future. Lord Krishna said to Yudhisthira, “Bhisma is an incarnation of Dharma. Go to him and clear all doubts about Dharma. For, when Bhisma dies, the fountain of all knowledge will disappear from the world. Go now, go quickly.”

                   Accordingly, Yudhisthira accompanied by Krishna and the others came to Bhisma while lay on a bed of arrows. “Sit down Yudhisthira, and feel free to ask questions” said Bhisma.

Yudhisthira asked, “Learned people say that royal duties are the highest of all duties. What do duties mean?”

Bhisma replies, “Let us discuss duties then. Truthfulness is the king’s highest duty. A king, who is devoted to truth, needs nothing else.”

This advice from Bhisma who was an incarnation of Dharma highlights the importance of integrity for leaders.

Everyone is great in his place: be it a householder or a saint

Inspirational and motivational story

This is a bit long story of a king and his endeavour in knowing the greater man- he who is a householder or a sannyasin.

A certain king used to inquire of all the sannyasins that came to his country, “Which is the greater man- he who gives up the world and becomes a sannyasin, or who lives in the world and performs his duties as a householder? Many wise men sought to solve the problem. Some asserted that the sannyasin is the greater, upon which the king demanded that they should prove their assertion. When they could not, he ordered them to marry and become householders. The others came and called householders as the greater, but they could not prove their assertion. Hence the king also ordered them to marry.

                  At last there came a young sannyasin, and the king similarly inquired him also. He answered, “Each, O king, is equally great in his place.” “Prove this to me”, asked the king. “I will prove it to you”, said the sannyasin, “but you must come and live as I do for a few days, that I may be able to prove what I say.” The king consented and followed the sannyasin out of his own territory and passed through many other countries until they came to a great kingdom. In the capital of that kingdom a great ceremony was going on. The king and the sannyasin heard the noise of the drums and music, and heard also the criers; the people were assembled in the streets in gala dress, and a great proclamation made. The king and the sannyasin stood there to see what was going on. The crier was proclaiming loudly that the princess, daughter of the king of that country, was about to choose a husband from among those assembled before her.

                                                                     It was an old custom in India for princesses to choose husbands in this way. Each princess had certain ideas of the sort of man she wanted for a husband; some would have the handsomest man; others would only have the most learned; others again the richest, and so on. All the princess of neighbourhood put on their bravest attire and presented themselves before her. Sometimes they too had their own criers to enumerate their advantages and the reasons why they hoped the princess would choose them. If she was not pleased with what she saw and heard, she said to her bearers, “Move on”, and no more notice was taken of the rejected suitors. If, however, the princess was pleased with any one of them, she threw a garland of flowers over him, and he became her husband.

                                              The princess of the country to which our king and the sannyasin had come was having one of these interesting ceremonies. She was the most beautiful princess in the world, and the husband of the princess would be ruler of the kingdom after her father’s death. The idea of this princess was to marry the handsomest man but, she could not find the right one to please her. Several times these meetings had taken place, but the princess could not select a husband. This meeting was the splendid of all; more people than ever had come to it. The princess came in on a throne, and the bearers carried her from place to place. She did not seem to care for anyone, and everyone became disappointed that this meeting was also going to be a failure. Just then came a young man, a sannyasin, handsome as if the sun had come down to the earth, and stood one corner of the assembly watching what was going on. The throne with the princess came near him, and as soon as she saw the beautiful sannyasin, she stopped and threw the garland over him. The young sannyasin seized the garland and threw it off, exclaiming, what nonsense is this? I am a sannyasin. What is marriage to me? The king of that country thought that this man was poor and so dared not marry the princess, and said to him, “ With my daughter goes half my kingdom now, and the whole kingdom after my death!” and put the garland again on the sannyasin. The young man threw it off once more, saying, “Nonsense! I do not want to marry”, and walked quickly away from the assembly.

                                                Now the princess had fallen so much in love with this young man that she said, “I must marry this man or I shall die”. And she went after him to bring her back. Then our other sannyasin, who had brought the king there, said to him, “king, and let us follow this pair”. So they followed him at a good distance behind. The young sannyasin who had refused to marry the princess walked out into the country for several miles. Then he came to a forest and entered into it, the princess followed them. Now this sanyasin was very well acquainted with that forest and knew all the intricate paths in it. He suddenly entered into one of these and disappeared, and the princess could not discover him. After trying long time to find him, she sat down under a tree and began to weep, for she did not know the way out. Then our king and the other sannyasin came up to her and said, “Do not weep; we will show you the way out of this forest, but it is too dark to find it now. Here is a big tree; let us rest under it, and in the morning we will go early and show the road.”

                                                          Now a little bird and his wife and their three little ones lived in that tree in a nest. This little bird looked down and saw the three people under the tree and said to his wife, “My dear, what shall we do? Here are some guests in the house, and it is winter, and we have no fire.” So he flew away and got a bit of burning firewood in his beak and dropped it before the guests, to which they added fuel and made a blazing fire. But the little bird was not satisfied. He said again to his wife, “My dear what shall we do? There is nothing to give these people to eat, and they are hungry. We are householders; it is our duty to feed anyone who comes to the house. I must do what I can, I will give them my body.” So he plunged into the midst of the fire and perished. The guests saw him falling and tried to save him, but he was too quick for them.

                                             The little bird’s wife saw what her husband did, and she said, “Here are three persons and only one little bird for them to eat. It is not enough; it is my duty as a wife not to let my husband’s effort go in vein; let them have my body also.” Then she fell into the fire and was burned to death.

                                              Then the three baby-birds, when they saw what was done and there was still not enough food for the guests, said, “Our parents have done what they could and still it is not enough. It is our duty to carry on the work of our parents; let our bodies go too.” And they all dashed down into the fire also.

                                               Amazed at what he saw, the three people could not of course eat these birds. They passed the night without food, and in the morning the king and the sanyasin showed the princess the way and she went back to her father.

                                               Then the sannyasin said to the king, “King, you have seen that each is great in his own place. If you want to live in the world, live like those birds, ready at any moment to sacrifice yourself for others. If you want to renounce the world, be like the young sanyasinto whom the most beautiful woman and the kingdom were as nothing. If you want to be householder, hold your life of renunciation; do not even look at beauty, and money, and power. Each is great in his own place, but the duty of the one is not the duty of the other.”

7 simple ways to live life awesome

Living a awesome, good life is dream of all. We want to be happy, successful and healthy. So, here is 7 simple ways to help you immensely to live a wonderful, awesome life.

List of points

  • Walk barefoot

  • The chair exercise

  •  calculate your bills

  •  Three cups of coffee a day

  •  A bowl of card

  •  Boil your toothbrush 

  •  Magical cocoa

  •  Make your own garden

  1. Walk barefoot : – Walking barefoot is also known as earthing. Earthing means walking barefoot on soil, grass and soil. It has tremendous benefits. It increases antioxidants, reduces inflammation and improves sleep.                                                                                          Researchers found that walking barefoot has a long list of benefits such as benefited skin conductivity, moderated heart rate variability, improved glucose regulation, reduced stress, immunity, reduces heart disease risk, reduces cancer risk, improve cardiovascular health, moderate weight and prevent diabetes.

  2. The chair exercise:-  Stand up from chair without the support of hand. This is an exercise. Yes, if you stand from a chair without using your hands then, your thigh muscle and buttocks will strengthen. It will be very helpful in the later age.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The technique is that you have to place your feet firmly on the ground , tighten your stomach muscles and then clasp your buttocks and slowly stand up with an ease.

  3. Calculate your bills:-  While you are in the market to shopping, keep a mental tally of your cost. You just keep a mental tally of your cost. You just add the cost of every item you have purchased in your mind. It is a mental exercise.                                                                   This small mental challenge will activate your “Working memory” part of your brain which is crucial for focus, concentration and planning.

  4.  Three cups of coffee a day:- Any type of coffee is good for your health. Whether it is instant, espresso or decaffeinated. The presence of phytochemicals or antioxidants in coffee gives protection against diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. It also improves cognitive function, improve reaction time, boost memory and lowers the risk of Alzheimer.

  5.  A bowl of curd:-  A Cambridge University study last year showed that one small pot (120 gram) of low fat fermented curd eaten regularly was enough to cut the risk of type 2 diabetes by 28%.

  6. Boil your toothbrush:-  Toothbrush are breeding ground of bacteria. Scientists at Manchester University in the UK found that the average toothbrush contains 10 million germs including a high percentage of potentially dangerous bacteria such as E. Coli.                                                                                                                                                    Therefore, to kill these bugs, rinse the brush every few days under boiling water.

  7. Magical cocoa:-  Researchers at Columbia University Medical center in the US found that anti oxidants in cocoa can improve memory of older people. Men and women aged between 50 to 69 years performed better and faster in memory tests after three months of drinking a brew rich in high doses of cocoa flavanols.                                                                                                                                                                                       The participants at the beginning of the research had the memory of a typical 60 year old and after three months their memory was equal to a typical 30 to 40 year old people.

  8.  Make your own garden:-  The most of the green vegetables found in market are very unhealthy for your body. Because farmers use many pesticides, insecticides to raise the vegetables to increase the productivity. Therefore it becomes inappropriate to consume unless it is organic.                                                                                                     What is the solution of this? You can make a small garden in front, backside or on the roof of your house. Use only organic manures and home decomposed materials. It will serve your daily needs of vegetables. You become healthy by eating fresh vegetables and fit by working for it.

Buy truth and get justice, virtue and wealth absolutely free

Buy one and get three free is a great technique used in the product promotion gimmicks in today’s modern marketing practices. Here is a story which illustrates that if you are true to yourself then justice, virtue and wealth comes free along with it.

                There was a great king named Aparajita. He was a noble person and the people of his country loved the king dearly and held him in very high regard due to his noble qualities.

                    One fine morning, he saw a beautiful woman came out of his palace and saw that she was going away. He stopped and asked her, “Oh mother, who are you? Where are you off to, leaving my palace?” She replied, “O king! I am goddess of wealth. I don’t stay at one place for long time. However, I stayed in your palace for long time as you are a noble man. It is time for me to leave as I cannot stay in one place permanently.” The king said, “Is it so? If you are not happy in my palace, you may go.”

   After sometime, the king saw another woman coming out of the palace and she too was going away. The king asked, “Oh mother, who are you? Why are you leaving my palace and going away?” The young woman said, “Oh king, I am the Goddess of virtue. I always follow the Goddess of wealth. As the Goddess of wealth is going away from your palace, I am also compelled to leave. The king replied, “As you wish, mother. You may go.”

                      After some more time the king saw another lady coming out of his palace and going away. The king interrupted and asked, “Who are you and where are you going? She replied, I am the Goddess of justice, I reside where the Goddess of virtue is. So, I am leaving.” The king said, “All right, I will not stop you.”

                    Finally, the king saw abother luminous women coming out of the palace and preparing to leave. The king asked, Mother! Who are you and why are you going away from my palace?” The luminous women replied, “I am the Goddess of truth. I stay where my sisters are. He immediately fell at her feet and prayed with tearful eyes, “Mother! Please be gracious to me. I did not worry when the other three left. But I cannot exist without truth. Please do not abandon me.” The Goddess of truth was moved by the respect and devotion of the king and said, “All right, I am not leaving your kingdom.”

               Since the truth stayed back, the Goddess of justice returned to the king and said, “O king! I stay only where the Goddess of truth resides.” The king said, “It is my good fortune, my mother! You are welcome.” Then the Goddess of virtue also came back and pointing towards her two sisters, said, “I do not stay without them. So, let me also stay back.”

             Finally, the Goddess of wealth too returned and said, “Without Justice, Virtue and Truth… Wealth will be a disaster. So I too have returned.”

                        The happy king prostrated before the Goddesses and said, “O Mothers! Let the people of my kingdom realize the greatness of truth and understand that wherever truth is, there will be Justice, Virtue and Wealth.”

An inspiring story of Lord Rama and a squirrel

When lord Rama was building a bridge with rocks to go to Lanka to resque Sita, his wife. The king of Lanka, Ravana has disguised as a beggar and kidnapped mother Sita.

The big powerful monkey soldiers of Sugrib along with hanuman were carrying rocks of thousand kilos and building the Setu or bridge. There was also a squirrel which is carrying small pebbles of hundred grams each. All the monkey soldiers laughed at the squirrel at his so little amount of contribution. But the squirrel did not bother and carried on.

At one moment Lord Rama noticed the squirrel which was laughed and make fun by the soldiers. He call the squirrel and patted its back. And he declared that , ” Every little contribution matters. The squirrel is doing more than the monkey soldiers were doing.” At this the soldiers were very surprised as they clearly carrying more weighted rocks for the bridge.

Then with a smile the Lord replied, ” Look, you soldiers can carry much more weight than you are now carrying which is only 30% of your capacity. But the squirrel can carry only fifty grams, he is carrying but hundred grams. 200% of his capacity. Then who is doing more work? And only with these small pebbles we can fill the gapes between the big rocks, so every contribution matters.”

A simple way to create happiness

There was a genuinely happy man, H. G. Mattern, who with his equally happy wife, Mary, travels throughout the country in the course of his work. Mr. Mattern carries a unique business card on the reverse side of which stated the philosophy which has brought happiness to him and his wife and hundreds of others who have been so fortunate as to feel the impact of their personalities.

The card reads as follows: ‘The way to happiness: Keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, expect little, give much. Fill your life with love. Scatter sunshine. Forget self, think of others. Do as you would be done by. Try this for a week and you will be surprised.’

As you read these words you may say: “There is nothing new in that.” Indeed, there is something new in it if you have never tried it. When you start to practise it you will find it the newest, freshest, most astonishing method of happy and successful living you have ever used.

Practise these principles for just one week, and it will bring you the real happiness.

Imagination, the only thing to cultivate for ultimate success

Motivation and inspiration
Inspirational Story, motivational story, success

Life is what we make it. It is nothing less and nothing more. Imagination is the main force behind every innovation and creativity. Today, in the twenty first century we have an unlimited opportunity to cultivate and give physical reality to our imagination. How wondrous thing, the imagination is. Whatever thing you may imagine in the world today, it is only a reality of tomorrow. There is nothing simply impossible now a day. Look at the discoveries like mobile, internet, and aeroplane! What about the renowned scientist Albert Einstein and his discovery of theory of relativity! These are only some small examples of the power of imagination.

                                                               Today, our limitation to thrive limits to the use and development of our imagination. Our mind is still not fully developed and we have just learnt to use our imagination. There is lot to learn and imagine the unimaginable things which will be a reality for the coming days. Look at the billion dollar empire built by J. K. Rowling, the author of ‘Harry potter’. She did not work hard physically but everything she done is a mental work of imagination. It came to her in her in a train visit through imagination. What an imagination can’t do!

                                                               DESIRE, is the thing which is the most important faculty for you to understand in order to imagine. What is your desire? Do you want to acquire tremendous wealth? Are you going to be the next bestseller or business tycoon? It only depends upon your desire which will compel you to use imagination. Desire is thought impulse! Thought impulses are forms of energy. This is the same energy the nature use to create this earth and every material form of this universe, including the body and brain in which the thought impulses function.

                                                               The entire universe is consists of two elements- matter and energy as far science has been able to determine. And through the combination of energy and matter, everything is created which we can understand for stars, asteroids and even himself, the human race.

                                                                Nature has a secret. It has a secret through which we can grow and success in our life no matter what comes against us. The ‘secret’ is but not a ‘secret’. Nature itself advertises it openly which we can find in every blade of grass and everything it builds around us.

                                                               Imagine how a tiny cell so small that it is very hard to look even with naked eyes, slowly converted into the HUMAN being now reading this post. So, the conversion of desire into its physical equivalent is, certainly, no more miraculous! Therefore, imagine the things you desire to acquire. Imagine which no one has imagined before. Cultivate it with desire and patience and there will be no stopping for you to achieve success.

The true sacrifice that will shock your conscience

Inspirational stories, Motivational stories

What is sacrifice mean to you? what is the most important thing you will sacrifice for others? Sacrifice brings happiness, pure happiness and a state of peaceful mind. Here is a story of complete self-sacrifice to enlighten you…

                                                                                  After the battle of Kurushetra five Pandava brothers performed a great sacrifice and made very large gifts to the poor. all people expressed amazement at the greatness and richness of sacrifice, and said that such a sacrifice the world had never seen before. But, after the ceremony, there came a little mongoose; half his body was golden and the other half was brown; and he began to roll on the sacrificial hall. He said to those around, ” You are all liars; this is no sacrifice.”  “What!” they exclaimed, “you say this is no sacrifice; do you not know how money and jewels were poured out to the poor and everyone became rich and happy? This is the most wonderful sacrifice any man ever performed.” But the mongoose said, “There was once a little village, and in it there dwelt a poor Brahmin with his wife, his son, and his son’s wife. They were very poor and lived on small gifts made  to them for preaching and teaching.

                                                                                There came in that land a three years’ famine, and the poor Brahmin suffered more than ever. At last when the family had starved for days, the father luckily could brought little barley flour, which he had been fortunate enough to obtain, and he divided it into four parts, one for each member of the family. They prepared it for their meal, and just they were about to eat there was a knock at the door. The father opened it, and there stood a guest. Now in India a guest is a sacred person; he is a God for the time being, and must be treated as such. So the poor Brahmin said, ‘Come in, sir, you are welcome.’ He set before the guest his own portion of food, which the guest quickly ate and said, Oh sir you have killed me; I have been starving for ten days, and this little bit has but increased my hunger.’ Then the wife said to her husband, ‘give him my share’; but the husband said ‘not so.’  The wife however insisted , saying, ‘ Here is a poor man and it is our duty as householders to see that he is fed, and it is my duty as wife to give him my portion, seeing that you have no more to offer him.’ Then she gave her portion to the guest,z which he ate, and said he was still burning with hunger. So the son said, ‘Take my portion also, it is the duty of a son to help his father to fulfill his obligations.’  The guest ate that, but remained still unsatisfied; so the son’s wife gave him her portion also. That was sufficient, and the guest departed, blessing them. That night those four people died of starvation.

                                                                                                         The mongoose continued, a few granules of that flour had fallen on the floor, and when I rolled my body on them, half of it became golden, as you see. Since then I have been travelling all over the world, hoping to find another sacrifice like that, but nowhere have I found one; nowhere else the other half of my body been turned into gold. That is why I say this is no sacrifice.”

                                                                                                       How do you like the story? Please give you feedback and don’t forget to subscribe for regular inspirational and motivational stories.