Buy truth and get justice, virtue and wealth absolutely free

Buy one and get three free is a great technique used in the product promotion gimmicks in today’s modern marketing practices. Here is a story which illustrates that if you are true to yourself then justice, virtue and wealth comes free along with it.

                There was a great king named Aparajita. He was a noble person and the people of his country loved the king dearly and held him in very high regard due to his noble qualities.

                    One fine morning, he saw a beautiful woman came out of his palace and saw that she was going away. He stopped and asked her, “Oh mother, who are you? Where are you off to, leaving my palace?” She replied, “O king! I am goddess of wealth. I don’t stay at one place for long time. However, I stayed in your palace for long time as you are a noble man. It is time for me to leave as I cannot stay in one place permanently.” The king said, “Is it so? If you are not happy in my palace, you may go.”

   After sometime, the king saw another woman coming out of the palace and she too was going away. The king asked, “Oh mother, who are you? Why are you leaving my palace and going away?” The young woman said, “Oh king, I am the Goddess of virtue. I always follow the Goddess of wealth. As the Goddess of wealth is going away from your palace, I am also compelled to leave. The king replied, “As you wish, mother. You may go.”

                      After some more time the king saw another lady coming out of his palace and going away. The king interrupted and asked, “Who are you and where are you going? She replied, I am the Goddess of justice, I reside where the Goddess of virtue is. So, I am leaving.” The king said, “All right, I will not stop you.”

                    Finally, the king saw abother luminous women coming out of the palace and preparing to leave. The king asked, Mother! Who are you and why are you going away from my palace?” The luminous women replied, “I am the Goddess of truth. I stay where my sisters are. He immediately fell at her feet and prayed with tearful eyes, “Mother! Please be gracious to me. I did not worry when the other three left. But I cannot exist without truth. Please do not abandon me.” The Goddess of truth was moved by the respect and devotion of the king and said, “All right, I am not leaving your kingdom.”

               Since the truth stayed back, the Goddess of justice returned to the king and said, “O king! I stay only where the Goddess of truth resides.” The king said, “It is my good fortune, my mother! You are welcome.” Then the Goddess of virtue also came back and pointing towards her two sisters, said, “I do not stay without them. So, let me also stay back.”

             Finally, the Goddess of wealth too returned and said, “Without Justice, Virtue and Truth… Wealth will be a disaster. So I too have returned.”

                        The happy king prostrated before the Goddesses and said, “O Mothers! Let the people of my kingdom realize the greatness of truth and understand that wherever truth is, there will be Justice, Virtue and Wealth.”

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