21 Ways to change your life from ordinary to awesome

These are the simple points to make your life awesome.


  1. Search your life’s goal.  When you search for your goal in life, trust your basic instinct. Cultivate what you are good at and enjoy doing.
  2. Help others without expecting anything. God will take care of your need.
  3. You are one of a kind. Nobody can replace you.
  4. Make others smile. The smile will come back to your lips.
  5. First learning then earning will come by. And don’t forget to utilize your earnings for good purpose.
  6. If you want to build a new path people will criticize. Let them because they show their frustration as they themselves could not.
  7. Dream and dream big. If people say that you can attain your dream then you are not dreaming big enough.
  8. Nobody is perfect and never will be. So, accept yourself as you are.
  9. Anger is danger. So let it go. Does anything matter than our life?
  10. Nobody is taking you seriously as nobody does. So why are you taking yourself?
  11. Make time for morning workout. Otherwise you will have to make time for your illness.
  12. Time is the greatest medicine. Time will heal everything.
  13. Eat organic vegetables. Go green and plant more trees.
  14. When you are in despair, depressed, grab a book. As books are our greatest friends.
  15. Meditate everyday for ten minutes. Know your soul to go near of god.
  16. “NOW”. Yes, act now. Because it is the only time we can act.
  17. Pray every day before sleep. It calms down the mind and body.
  18. Eat, play, enjoy. Life comes only once.
  19. Come out from your home. Discover the raw nature, other people’s culture, life.
  20. You become what you continuously think of. Feed the mind positive thoughts.
  21. Make time for family, friends and loved ones. Money only takes care of itself.




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