5 ways to motivate yourself in 5 minutes

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Motivation is the driving force for us to carry on the path of our goal. If we can motivate ourself continuously then it will become our habit and which in turn will help us to achieve our desired goal.

But in this highly competitive world we don’t have enough time to think more about motivation. But you will know the result when you will get continuous motivation, it is awesome.

Therefore I bring you these 5 ways to motivate yourself in 5 minutes.

Points are:

  1. Meditation
  2. Physical exercise
  3. The money factor
  4. Mindful praying
  5. Relationship


1) Meditation:

Meditation is the ancient art of to attain peace of mind and soul. If you meditate only for five minutes then you will feel refresh and rejuvenated. Your energy and focus to work will increase tremendously. You will get more success in the field you desire to excel.


2) Physical Exercise:

Only five minutes of physical exercise like running, playing, walking etc will do the job. When you do physical exercise then your body release endorphins which gives us energy boosts. Therefore it throws away Stress, anxiety and laziness. Your ability to focus and it creates inner happiness.


3) Money factor:

Does money can motivate you? I think yes, who does not want money! Close your eyes and make yourself comfortable in a sitting or laying position. Think about the money you want to acquire. Set yourself a definite time to acquire the money. Feel like the money is already your. You can feel it, touch it and it enters in your bank account.

Do this regularly for five minutes and you will be instantly motivated towards your desired goal.


4) Mindful praying:

Praying only for 5 minutes daily can really change our attitude. When we pray from our heart then we develop to believe in, and keep faith in him. We completely devote ourself in his care and lose our tensions and problems.

Not only pray for yourself but also for others, especially those you do not know. It will increase your positivity and motivation beyond your imagination.


5)  Relationship:

People are social animal. We like to live in the society among others. We simply can not afford to live alone. Our loved ones, family members and friends matters more than anything else. Therefore think about them for 5 minutes. That the work you are doing is going to make them happy, improve their lives.


Do these simple and time saving teachings regularly. You will find yourself always motivated to achieve your goals.

7 Signs that you have a writing genius inside you

Writing genius
Writing genius

Hi friends, if you are thinking about yourself and have doubt about whether you are a writing genius or not then go through these points carefully. I relate to these points from my heart and I know that I have a writing genius inside me.


  1. You can’t have enough books
  2. Love to write
  3. Love to read a lot
  4. Constantly thinking about writing
  5. Arranging sentences in mind
  6. Feels relief after writing
  7. Words stuck in your mind and easily do not come out


1) You can not have enough books:    Hey friends, you like books so much that you want to store them everywhere from your bedroom to guestroom. You buy lots of books though you can not go through all of them. Then you have a writing genius inside you.



2) Love to write: You love to write? I also do. Sooner or later your are going to be a writer that astonish the world.



3) Love to read a lot:   Do you lose your time sense while reading books? You like to read so much that always continue reading every types of books available? Then definitely you are a writing genius.



4) Constantly thinking about writing:   Probably you think about writing even in the washroom like me. Amids of lots of people, eating, playing or even drinking you think about putting a sentence or two in your laptop or smartphone. Then you are the next writing genius the world have been waiting for.



5) Arranging sentences in mind: Sometimes you arrange sentences in your mind about an incident or event. There is a time when you think and arrange the words before speaking to somebody or an imagination of conversation.




6) Feeling relief after writing: Writing have a therapeutic use for the writing genius. You get relief from Stress and anxiety after writing. Otherwise you have a constant guilty feeling that you have not been Writing.



7) Words stuck in your mind and easily do not comes out:.   You have tons of words striking your mind before talking? And fail to converse fluently because of that. Hey, no doubt that you are a genius writer.



So, if you relate the above any one or more points then you are the next writing genius. So, why are you waiting? Go and write your heart out.