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The Ultimate power of Subconscious Mind


First of all, you have to know that you have a hidden power within you. A power so remarkable that it can transform your life as you learn it how to use it. Many people are ignorant of it, and it is your subconscious mind.

Most of the people simply don’t know what the subconscious mind is or how it works. You may have believed that the subconscious mind is not real, it is something mysterious or even taboo. But in reality, it is an integral part of your mind. And the subconscious mind is immensely powerful. It is a hidden power as many of you are not aware of its presence. Actually, we can transform our lives from ordinary to awesome with the help of this power.

With the help of your subconscious mind, you can achieve your goals, inculcate good habits in your life, an abundance of wealth, become healthy, become faster, better and quicker. Above all, it can bring you true joy, happiness, and more success.

But you have to understand that you only have one mind. This single mind of you possesses two completely different functionalities that; the psychologists have given them two names: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

Through this article, I will explain the subconscious mind and how it works, how you can transform your life with the help of it to create the life you desire to live.


What is the conscious Mind?

Let us understand what is the conscious mind, before discussing the power of your subconscious mind. No way I want to diminish the power of the conscious mind because it is a marvelous, spectacular machine. The conscious mind is the part of your mind which you are aware or conscious of. It is the logical portion of your mind which has the power to think logically, to analyze it, decision making etc. The conscious mind collects the memory of the past and learns from them to plan the future.

But the conscious mind has limitations. One is that it has a limited memory. We often forget the names of the people forget our keys and sometimes forget whether we have locked the door or not.

The second limitation of the conscious mind is that it can only do one thing at a time. It can’t do multi-tasking. You can’t read and listen to someone talking to you. You have to focus on either of the two.


The Subconscious mind:

The Subconscious mind is the portion of the mind that you are unaware of. The Subconscious mind is always on duty, it never sleeps. It’s like the internet which records every event happening to the earth in the cloud. It functions in the background of your mind constantly controlling the function of the body and mind. It runs the digesting system, breathing process even while asleep.

The Subconscious mind also remembers all the routine tasks that we learn with great effort with the help of our conscious mind. The classic example is when you learn to drive a car or a motorbike. At first, we have to do everything with the help of your conscious mind. You have to consciously learn to put your foot on clutch and brake at the same time. After again to slowly leave the clutch and put the foot on race and slowly press it to go forward. At the same time, you have to look towards the front and give signals whenever necessary.

So, at first, you have to consciously learn the moves. But once you went through the conscious learning process, neuro pathways are formed in your brain and gradually the Subconscious mind take over so that you don’t have to think about it consciously. And the driving becomes more of an automatic function.

Another example is that of typing on a keyboard which everyone does nowadays. At first, when you learn to type on a keyboard you are very slow and it is painstaking. But once the neuro pathways take over the conscious activities then you are able to type without looking at the keyboard.

The Subconscious mind remembers all these activities because you do them repetitively. Repetition is one of the keys to reprogramming the Subconscious mind. It is the emotional part of your mind and source of love, hatred, envy, anger etc. The Subconscious mind has unlimited memory. Everything from your born to till now is present in the memory of your subconscious mind. It includes everything you have seen, every voice you heard and every emotion you have ever experienced.

The Subconscious mind holds the deep-seeded beliefs about yourself, including whether you see yourself as talented or untalented, successful or unsuccessful, intelligent or unintelligent etc. These beliefs are the result of your experience in your life including the childhood days.


Reprogramming your Subconscious mind:

Reprogramming your Subconscious mind means to get rid of the negative beliefs, and replacing them with positive ones. But how do you do that?

The process is very simple but effective. You may not believe in it as you may think it won’t work. But I assure you that try it at least for six months and see the results. I can say that if done correctly, it can change your life bettering it. You can be able to achieve whatever you want in your life. The process is to develop a series of positive affirmations by utilizing the conscious mind to embed it in your Subconscious mind.

The first thing you have to do is to sit down on the table with a pad and a pen. Then you have to write down a series of affirmations that describes your life, “Exactly you want to be”. You can write everything from your finance, health, your lifestyle etc. Write the affirmations like so that you have already in possession of that thing or lifestyle.

Some examples might be: I am a successful writer

I own a successful business

I live in my dream house

I drive my dream car

I am a healthy person etc.

While writing the affirmations remember that they are in the present tense and they all are must be positive.

Now you have to embed these affirmations in your Subconscious mind through the process of repetition. Here is how to do this…

“Sit in a relaxed position by relaxing the body and the mind. Take a few deep breaths and release it and then focus on the affirmations in your hand. Visualize yourself already having achieved these goals and traits. Feel and see that you have acquired the qualities and you became the person you want to become. Repeat it twice a day at your convenience for at least six months.”


It is very critical to stick with the process of affirmations until it totally accepted by your Subconscious mind. Because the Subconscious mind can’t hold two competing beliefs at the same time i.e. it will believe that you are either intelligent or that you are unintelligent. It will not accept them both.


Conclusion: The changes may come dramatically while you are reprogramming your Subconscious mind. But often it comes gradually and slowly. But it will occur. And you will begin to believe that you are capable of achieving your goals, you will be the person you wish to become most important of all, and you will begin to take steps necessary to accomplish your goals.

An inspiring story of Lord Rama and a squirrel

When lord Rama was building a bridge with rocks to go to Lanka to resque Sita, his wife. The king of Lanka, Ravana has disguised as a beggar and kidnapped mother Sita.

The big powerful monkey soldiers of Sugrib along with hanuman were carrying rocks of thousand kilos and building the Setu or bridge. There was also a squirrel which is carrying small pebbles of hundred grams each. All the monkey soldiers laughed at the squirrel at his so little amount of contribution. But the squirrel did not bother and carried on.

At one moment Lord Rama noticed the squirrel which was laughed and make fun by the soldiers. He call the squirrel and patted its back. And he declared that , ” Every little contribution matters. The squirrel is doing more than the monkey soldiers were doing.” At this the soldiers were very surprised as they clearly carrying more weighted rocks for the bridge.

Then with a smile the Lord replied, ” Look, you soldiers can carry much more weight than you are now carrying which is only 30% of your capacity. But the squirrel can carry only fifty grams, he is carrying but hundred grams. 200% of his capacity. Then who is doing more work? And only with these small pebbles we can fill the gapes between the big rocks, so every contribution matters.”

Imagination, the only thing to cultivate for ultimate success

Motivation and inspiration

Inspirational Story, motivational story, success

Life is what we make it. It is nothing less and nothing more. Imagination is the main force behind every innovation and creativity. Today, in the twenty first century we have an unlimited opportunity to cultivate and give physical reality to our imagination. How wondrous thing, the imagination is. Whatever thing you may imagine in the world today, it is only a reality of tomorrow. There is nothing simply impossible now a day. Look at the discoveries like mobile, internet, and aeroplane! What about the renowned scientist Albert Einstein and his discovery of theory of relativity! These are only some small examples of the power of imagination.

                                                               Today, our limitation to thrive limits to the use and development of our imagination. Our mind is still not fully developed and we have just learnt to use our imagination. There is lot to learn and imagine the unimaginable things which will be a reality for the coming days. Look at the billion dollar empire built by J. K. Rowling, the author of ‘Harry potter’. She did not work hard physically but everything she done is a mental work of imagination. It came to her in her in a train visit through imagination. What an imagination can’t do!

                                                               DESIRE, is the thing which is the most important faculty for you to understand in order to imagine. What is your desire? Do you want to acquire tremendous wealth? Are you going to be the next bestseller or business tycoon? It only depends upon your desire which will compel you to use imagination. Desire is thought impulse! Thought impulses are forms of energy. This is the same energy the nature use to create this earth and every material form of this universe, including the body and brain in which the thought impulses function.

                                                               The entire universe is consists of two elements- matter and energy as far science has been able to determine. And through the combination of energy and matter, everything is created which we can understand for stars, asteroids and even himself, the human race.

                                                                Nature has a secret. It has a secret through which we can grow and success in our life no matter what comes against us. The ‘secret’ is but not a ‘secret’. Nature itself advertises it openly which we can find in every blade of grass and everything it builds around us.

                                                               Imagine how a tiny cell so small that it is very hard to look even with naked eyes, slowly converted into the HUMAN being now reading this post. So, the conversion of desire into its physical equivalent is, certainly, no more miraculous! Therefore, imagine the things you desire to acquire. Imagine which no one has imagined before. Cultivate it with desire and patience and there will be no stopping for you to achieve success.

The true sacrifice that will shock your conscience

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What is sacrifice mean to you? what is the most important thing you will sacrifice for others? Sacrifice brings happiness, pure happiness and a state of peaceful mind. Here is a story of complete self-sacrifice to enlighten you…

                                                                                  After the battle of Kurushetra five Pandava brothers performed a great sacrifice and made very large gifts to the poor. all people expressed amazement at the greatness and richness of sacrifice, and said that such a sacrifice the world had never seen before. But, after the ceremony, there came a little mongoose; half his body was golden and the other half was brown; and he began to roll on the sacrificial hall. He said to those around, ” You are all liars; this is no sacrifice.”  “What!” they exclaimed, “you say this is no sacrifice; do you not know how money and jewels were poured out to the poor and everyone became rich and happy? This is the most wonderful sacrifice any man ever performed.” But the mongoose said, “There was once a little village, and in it there dwelt a poor Brahmin with his wife, his son, and his son’s wife. They were very poor and lived on small gifts made  to them for preaching and teaching.

                                                                                There came in that land a three years’ famine, and the poor Brahmin suffered more than ever. At last when the family had starved for days, the father luckily could brought little barley flour, which he had been fortunate enough to obtain, and he divided it into four parts, one for each member of the family. They prepared it for their meal, and just they were about to eat there was a knock at the door. The father opened it, and there stood a guest. Now in India a guest is a sacred person; he is a God for the time being, and must be treated as such. So the poor Brahmin said, ‘Come in, sir, you are welcome.’ He set before the guest his own portion of food, which the guest quickly ate and said, Oh sir you have killed me; I have been starving for ten days, and this little bit has but increased my hunger.’ Then the wife said to her husband, ‘give him my share’; but the husband said ‘not so.’  The wife however insisted , saying, ‘ Here is a poor man and it is our duty as householders to see that he is fed, and it is my duty as wife to give him my portion, seeing that you have no more to offer him.’ Then she gave her portion to the guest,z which he ate, and said he was still burning with hunger. So the son said, ‘Take my portion also, it is the duty of a son to help his father to fulfill his obligations.’  The guest ate that, but remained still unsatisfied; so the son’s wife gave him her portion also. That was sufficient, and the guest departed, blessing them. That night those four people died of starvation.

                                                                                                         The mongoose continued, a few granules of that flour had fallen on the floor, and when I rolled my body on them, half of it became golden, as you see. Since then I have been travelling all over the world, hoping to find another sacrifice like that, but nowhere have I found one; nowhere else the other half of my body been turned into gold. That is why I say this is no sacrifice.”

                                                                                                       How do you like the story? Please give you feedback and don’t forget to subscribe for regular inspirational and motivational stories.