An inspiring story of Lord Rama and a squirrel

When lord Rama was building a bridge with rocks to go to Lanka to resque Sita, his wife. The king of Lanka, Ravana has disguised as a beggar and kidnapped mother Sita.

The big powerful monkey soldiers of Sugrib along with hanuman were carrying rocks of thousand kilos and building the Setu or bridge. There was also a squirrel which is carrying small pebbles of hundred grams each. All the monkey soldiers laughed at the squirrel at his so little amount of contribution. But the squirrel did not bother and carried on.

At one moment Lord Rama noticed the squirrel which was laughed and make fun by the soldiers. He call the squirrel and patted its back. And he declared that , ” Every little contribution matters. The squirrel is doing more than the monkey soldiers were doing.” At this the soldiers were very surprised as they clearly carrying more weighted rocks for the bridge.

Then with a smile the Lord replied, ” Look, you soldiers can carry much more weight than you are now carrying which is only 30% of your capacity. But the squirrel can carry only fifty grams, he is carrying but hundred grams. 200% of his capacity. Then who is doing more work? And only with these small pebbles we can fill the gapes between the big rocks, so every contribution matters.”


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