writing your first book: Tips and techniques

writer, writing

writer, writing

We all have a story inside us. And every story is unique of its own. Therefore, we all can become author and write books. But if you do not love writing, probably you are not going to write a book because writing is hard. It is a very time-consuming and less rewarding in the short run.

But I know that you have the gut and patience to write your first book. And if you find happiness, entertainment writing then you may become a professional writer one day.

Here are 10 tips and techniques to write your first book.






My first tips for you to ‘Write’. Write anything which comes to your mind. If you think it is shit then write shit everyday. No matter what you know or no nothing, write nothing. This is the basic rule of writing a book. You won’t ever going to have perfect words to write, thoughts that sparkle you at the beginning. Therefore, you have to write your bogus ideas and thoughts. After writing for certain time and trials your original ideas will start to come out. And soon you will be writing from your heart and you will get fun and happiness.





Get up early:

This is very easy said than done. Because it is not always easy to wake up early in the morning in these days. The internet and social media is getting so much importance in our life that we can’t go to bed early enough to get up early. But if we able to then it can cause wonders for us.

In the morning our brain is fresh and clear of any unnecessary activities. If we can sit down and write down for two or more hours then our productivity will tremendously increase. Therefore, jot down some words while your brain is half asleep and your editor is not fully awake.





Reading is the base for writing. Read as much as you can. Read the great and canonical authors to get idea about great literature. You will get ideas while reading, technique to write, different forms and structures will be acquired by you. Therefore, first read a lot, read voraciously, extensively.





Take Notes:


Don’t just read, also take notes. Carry a notebook, cards, pocket diary, smartphone equipped with note taking app is a must. You will have to write while reading because no one can remember everything. If you jot down the important points you have read then your learning graph will increase. When you write then those things are stored in your permanent memory.

You will get another benefit carrying a notebook with you. Ideas tend to come at unexpected moments. If you don’t catch them and write in a journal, app it is lost forever. Therefore, to take your writing to the next level take notes and carry a writing device all the time with you.






Stop writers block and  Procrastination:


Writers block and procrastination is the single most enemy of the writers.

To curb out writers block you have to stop writing and concentrate in reading. Read all the different topics you like, interesting  and find useful. Go for a short vacation, leave your house and take a long walk to the meadows. Start writing when your interest returns.

To curb procrastination you have to exercise, meditate regularly in the morning. It will energize you physically and mentally. Your mental capacity to beat procrastination will increase. Also switch off the television, internet and porn. Focus towards writing and better wonder will happen.





Set a word count goal for everyday:

Writers world is different everyday. Sometimes we feel very energetic and enthusiastic and can write much more fluently. And in some other days it is very difficult to put down some words in page or screen. It is normal because we all are human and we have our ups and downs.

But if you want to excel in writing then keep a goal of word count for every day and stick to the schedule strictly. Stephen king, have a goal of 2000 words per day, even birthdays and christmas. If you don’t have any goals then you won’t achieve anything as you are floating in vacuum. Keep your own goal and follow it without failing.





Trust your intuition:


As we already know that every human being is different from each other so is the process of writing. Choose your own path. Follow your intuition while writing. You may not be following your planned plot, style while writing. It may lead to another place or style. So, let be it. Go with your unique ideas and creativity.






It is a wonderful software dedicated to writing. Scrivener is also a publishing tool and has some useful productivity tools.


There is provision to set your project target, say 1,00000 words, for example. And also the session target for example: 2000 words.

To increase focus there is a compose mode where the screen is totally piece of a blank paper.




Enjoy the process:

There is no need to continue to write if you don’t enjoy. Creativity is hard and painful if you have no interest in it.

When you enjoy the process then your audience will also enjoy it. It shows in your writing.

Try to write by showing the audience the funny part. Funny part means not to write jokes. When you fill your writings with silly jokes, the people will skip that and soon you will follow the path.




Observe your surroundings:

We live in this wonderful world filled with nice people. They are different in color, creed, shape and size. Their behavior, way of living differs from each other. Observe all of them carefully. You will give an insightful story or plot to write.

And socializing more is helpful. You will watch their life and behavior. And then it is more easy and fruitful to embed them in your writing as characters.




How do you find these 10 tips and techniques to write your first book? Do you have any question? Feel free to add your suggeations.

Start a blog: Why you should start a blog this year?

Start a blog

Start a blog

Blogging is getting popular day by day. As people attempting to hustle and make money from their home without going outside. And most of us hate to work the day job, be it a corporate or govenment service. We have to follow the strict time schedule and the pressure it put on us to perform at others will.



So, what option is left with us? We can continue to work for them and be their slaves or can become own boss through online hustle which is gaining massive popularity these days. There is many ways to earn through online. Some of them are digital marketing, content marketing, Affiliate marketing, Shopify, Facebook marketing, blogging. You can do any and all of these to start earning enough income to leave your day job. But, I personally recommend you to start a blog today. Why?



Because you can choose your passion to earn. You can start a blog in any thing, field you like to do and earn a living from it. You can earn from any niche you love. But you have to keep your patience. It will not come in a day or a month. If you persevere then it definitely will come one day.



Here are three awesome reasons to start a blog today.



Earn money by blogging:

Earning from blogging is ver easy!



But not a lot of it. Probably pennies if you want to earn from day one or a month. You have to build your audience first. Give them tremendous values. Then only you would be able to see the returns. Yes earning money by blogging is tough but you will be surprise to know that bloggers like Neil patel, Darren Browse, Joanna penn and thousands of others make millions of dollars from blogging.

So, my advice is to start a blog in this new year and continue till you succeed.




Improve your writing:

If you love writing fiction or non-fiction then blogging is the right platform for you. So, if writing is your thing start a blog now. You would get better it by blogging. How exciting it sounds that by blogging you can share your feelings, knowledge and tips. Touching the other people’s lives positively, making their good is a divine thing. And how amazing it sounds to earn by doing the things you love.


And it does not matter at all if you are not a good writer and do not like to write. Most of the bloggers are not great writers. They write to the points and learn to Search engine optimize their posts. Or they hire someone to write on their blogs. And they are doing well, actually they are thriving. So, there is no reason not to start a blog today.




Connecting People:

Blogs connects people. But other online businesses have many rivals and they are at war with each others. But blogging is different. Though you are competing with each other there is an environment to grow together. We get to know and feature each other in our blogs. Pro bloggers help newbies tremendously. And there is a scope for everyone.

Everyone have a unique voice. Therefore, no contrasting of interests and ideas. There is healthy competition which makes blogging a number one sorted thing for this new year.



Many bloggers become friends and they collaborate with each other to grow. So, you get more attention and opportunities.


After all you have to enjoy the process of blogging. Because money come to the people who have forgotten about earning money and lost in the work. So, if you really like the idea then star a blog now.

What 10 things you can do right now to become better writer

success in life

success in life


If you really want to be successful in life then you have to act. You can’t just sit idle and hope for success. Create it and earn it. Here are the ten things which I found very helpful for me to achieve success in life. It will be immensely helpful for you also.


Wake up early in the morning before the sunrise: 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We have heard the proverb ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,’ but never follows it. But it is really very important to wake up early. When you wake up early you have more time to do things. That means you become productive. Your ability to take decision will increase. You can be able to adapt to a situation and problem-solving along with analytic ability will increase. And you will also be benefited by the early sunshine which provides vitamin D.


The better part is that you will remain active, energetic whole day and achieve more success in every field of your life. Positivity enters into your life and it becomes happier studies found when you wake up early in the morning. And when you make it your daily habit then your internal cycle improves and you can sleep soundly.


Exercise regularly.


                                                                                          Exercise is the fundamental need for your body. And in a sound body lives a sound mind. I don’t care what you do, how you do but you have to exercise regularly no matter what. Physical exercise is a mood swinger. It increases your physical strength and ability to work hard. It adds up more years to your life. It prevents diabetes, heart attack, cancer and many more diseases. It is very useful to loose your excess weight and to maintain the ideal weight for your body.




Practice meditation and Pranayama every day:


Go to a park or a field with a clean and green atmosphere. Choose a quiet place facing the sun. If the time is morning it is better. Bring a sitting mat with you. After you have done morning exercise, take your place and sit down straight. First, do pranayama for ten minutes. It will open your blocks and you will get more oxygen. Then it is time for meditation. Concentrate on your breath. Inhale and exhale slowly. Do not worry it will improve as the days pass by.




Find your passion and work on it to make it your ultimate goal:


If you have not found your passion then work on it. Finding your passion means deciding what you would do for rest of your life. How to find your passion? Think of what you like to do and make a list of it. No matter what comes to your mind, just jot it down. Then read the list carefully several times. Now cut the points which you do monthly. After that cut the points which you do weekly and occasionally.


Now you should have the points which you do every day. Carry on doing that thing every day and forget about those you have cut down. Continue to do the things which you enjoy doing regularly. If it is more than one thing, it’s all right. Eventually, you will find the particular thing you are really passionate about. Then stick to it together in your whole life and make a career out of it. Then you would have to never work again.



Read every day as much as possible:  


   Reading was the, is the and will be the most important way to learn. The more you read your intelligent and understanding will increase. You can be able to tap the vast knowledge the book has to offer. BThe benefit will be yours  from those who set foot on earth before you and were very wise.                                  Some of the other benefits of reading are.


a) It calm down our mind and keeps away stress and tension.


b) Increases your creativity as reading provokes us to think.


c) It spikes your vocabulary, sentence structure and even your thought process.





All the time if you are in writing business and at least keep a journal if you are in other field. Writing is the most powerful way to express ourself. We can write from our heart and can tell the things which we hesitate to tell with our mouth. By writing we come closer to can understand more properly our true self.                                                         

                                                                                                 If you are already a good, successful writer then you have perfected the craft. You should write as much as you could at the beginning. Do not hesitate to make your words out there. Let people think, gossip whatever they like. So not care to the negative points and praise the positive ones.                                                                        

                                                                                                 And if you are not a writer then also you have to write. Write a journal to record your daily activities. Write down your goals and achievements. It will help you to track your progress. The direction which you are going and is it good for you or not.

success in life

success in life


Maintain a to-do list:


To do list is a must in this world of all type of distractions. You wish to read, learn new things and sometimes want to work out that project to finish it. But you find yourself searching videos. Chatting in facebook and whatsapp. It is really hard to stick to your thing. So, what to do? A list for you to do your things everyday will do the trick. No matter what distractions come along your way read your to do list every hour or so. Make it an everlasting habit and you will never procrastinate things.




Pray every morning and evening:

Whether you believe in God or not it does not matter. Pray everyday in the morning and in the evening. Praying keeps your mind out of stress and anxieties. It slowly gives you self-confidence. You will become better person and a successful human.




Be persistent and never back down:


Do you know you can be broken and defeated. No great achievers in this world have not ever failed. They do. And they fail more than anyone else and so they become ao much successful.

If the world knocks you down don’t be afraid. Wake up instantly. Do it again and again. Remember that something which does not kills us makes us stronger.




Last but not the least. Be kind to yourself and others:



Kindness is divine. First off all be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for your wrong doings and don’t be hard on yourself. If you push so much sooner or later you are going to break.

Kind to other means to everything in this universe from a tiny animal to the nature and its elements. You are in this world for some mission. And everything in this world should benefited by your mission. Therefore keep every species within your kind hand.



Here are the 10 things which will surely bring you success in life. Do not just read and forget. Make them your daily habit and you will find yourself in a fantastic position in your life. Comment if you have any query and share with your friends and family.