A simple way to create happiness

There was a genuinely happy man, H. G. Mattern, who with his equally happy wife, Mary, travels throughout the country in the course of his work. Mr. Mattern carries a unique business card on the reverse side of which stated the philosophy which has brought happiness to him and his wife and hundreds of others who have been so fortunate as to feel the impact of their personalities.

The card reads as follows: ‘The way to happiness: Keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, expect little, give much. Fill your life with love. Scatter sunshine. Forget self, think of others. Do as you would be done by. Try this for a week and you will be surprised.’

As you read these words you may say: “There is nothing new in that.” Indeed, there is something new in it if you have never tried it. When you start to practise it you will find it the newest, freshest, most astonishing method of happy and successful living you have ever used.

Practise these principles for just one week, and it will bring you the real happiness.

Imagination, the only thing to cultivate for ultimate success

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Life is what we make it. It is nothing less and nothing more. Imagination is the main force behind every innovation and creativity. Today, in the twenty first century we have an unlimited opportunity to cultivate and give physical reality to our imagination. How wondrous thing, the imagination is. Whatever thing you may imagine in the world today, it is only a reality of tomorrow. There is nothing simply impossible now a day. Look at the discoveries like mobile, internet, and aeroplane! What about the renowned scientist Albert Einstein and his discovery of theory of relativity! These are only some small examples of the power of imagination.

                                                               Today, our limitation to thrive limits to the use and development of our imagination. Our mind is still not fully developed and we have just learnt to use our imagination. There is lot to learn and imagine the unimaginable things which will be a reality for the coming days. Look at the billion dollar empire built by J. K. Rowling, the author of ‘Harry potter’. She did not work hard physically but everything she done is a mental work of imagination. It came to her in her in a train visit through imagination. What an imagination can’t do!

                                                               DESIRE, is the thing which is the most important faculty for you to understand in order to imagine. What is your desire? Do you want to acquire tremendous wealth? Are you going to be the next bestseller or business tycoon? It only depends upon your desire which will compel you to use imagination. Desire is thought impulse! Thought impulses are forms of energy. This is the same energy the nature use to create this earth and every material form of this universe, including the body and brain in which the thought impulses function.

                                                               The entire universe is consists of two elements- matter and energy as far science has been able to determine. And through the combination of energy and matter, everything is created which we can understand for stars, asteroids and even himself, the human race.

                                                                Nature has a secret. It has a secret through which we can grow and success in our life no matter what comes against us. The ‘secret’ is but not a ‘secret’. Nature itself advertises it openly which we can find in every blade of grass and everything it builds around us.

                                                               Imagine how a tiny cell so small that it is very hard to look even with naked eyes, slowly converted into the HUMAN being now reading this post. So, the conversion of desire into its physical equivalent is, certainly, no more miraculous! Therefore, imagine the things you desire to acquire. Imagine which no one has imagined before. Cultivate it with desire and patience and there will be no stopping for you to achieve success.

The true sacrifice that will shock your conscience

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What is sacrifice mean to you? what is the most important thing you will sacrifice for others? Sacrifice brings happiness, pure happiness and a state of peaceful mind. Here is a story of complete self-sacrifice to enlighten you…

                                                                                  After the battle of Kurushetra five Pandava brothers performed a great sacrifice and made very large gifts to the poor. all people expressed amazement at the greatness and richness of sacrifice, and said that such a sacrifice the world had never seen before. But, after the ceremony, there came a little mongoose; half his body was golden and the other half was brown; and he began to roll on the sacrificial hall. He said to those around, ” You are all liars; this is no sacrifice.”  “What!” they exclaimed, “you say this is no sacrifice; do you not know how money and jewels were poured out to the poor and everyone became rich and happy? This is the most wonderful sacrifice any man ever performed.” But the mongoose said, “There was once a little village, and in it there dwelt a poor Brahmin with his wife, his son, and his son’s wife. They were very poor and lived on small gifts made  to them for preaching and teaching.

                                                                                There came in that land a three years’ famine, and the poor Brahmin suffered more than ever. At last when the family had starved for days, the father luckily could brought little barley flour, which he had been fortunate enough to obtain, and he divided it into four parts, one for each member of the family. They prepared it for their meal, and just they were about to eat there was a knock at the door. The father opened it, and there stood a guest. Now in India a guest is a sacred person; he is a God for the time being, and must be treated as such. So the poor Brahmin said, ‘Come in, sir, you are welcome.’ He set before the guest his own portion of food, which the guest quickly ate and said, Oh sir you have killed me; I have been starving for ten days, and this little bit has but increased my hunger.’ Then the wife said to her husband, ‘give him my share’; but the husband said ‘not so.’  The wife however insisted , saying, ‘ Here is a poor man and it is our duty as householders to see that he is fed, and it is my duty as wife to give him my portion, seeing that you have no more to offer him.’ Then she gave her portion to the guest,z which he ate, and said he was still burning with hunger. So the son said, ‘Take my portion also, it is the duty of a son to help his father to fulfill his obligations.’  The guest ate that, but remained still unsatisfied; so the son’s wife gave him her portion also. That was sufficient, and the guest departed, blessing them. That night those four people died of starvation.

                                                                                                         The mongoose continued, a few granules of that flour had fallen on the floor, and when I rolled my body on them, half of it became golden, as you see. Since then I have been travelling all over the world, hoping to find another sacrifice like that, but nowhere have I found one; nowhere else the other half of my body been turned into gold. That is why I say this is no sacrifice.”

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Integrity and truthfulness prevails at last

Once there was a very noble and able king in a kingdom. He was very empathetic towards his subjects and they loved him like their near and dear ones and respected him like god. He realized that integrity and truthfulness was the fundamental quality needed to be the ruler of a kingdom. Instead of choosing his own children as successor, he decided to select a man with the highest integrity and truthfulness from his kingdom to give him the throne.

                                   He convened a meeting of all the young men in the kingdom and declared, “I have decided to choose one of you as my successor. I am giving one special seed to each of you today. Carry this seed to your home, plant it, water it and come back with the grown up plant exactly after one year from today. The successor of the throne will be judged on the basis of the growth of the plant.”

                                            Among those young men who received the seed, there was a man named Ajay hailing from a very honest family. He went to home very enthusiastically and shared the whole story with his mother. She helped him get a pot, mud and strongly supported her son in his endeavors. The young Ajay carefully watered the plant and anxiously watched its growth.

                                             Within a few weeks, his friends began to talk about the growth of plants from the seeds. Ajay was anxiously checking the seed, but nothing ever grew. Weeks after week passed away, but Ajay did not have the plant from the seed. He realized his failure, but had the heart to continue with his efforts.

                                              Time and tide wait for none, One year had passed away and all the young men from the kingdom brought their plants for inspection and to judge by the king.

                                                To his mother Ajay expressed his intent to keep away from the contest. But his mother urged him to move forward and participate in the contest and to be honest about what had happened. Ajay had great faith in his mother’s advice and went to the palace with the empty pot.

                                                 When Ajay arrived at the palace, he was amazed at the variety of plants grown up by other young men. They were beautiful with flower blossoming. Ajay put his empty pot on the floor in the last row so that the king may not notice his pot.

                                                  The king began to inspect the various plants and trees with flowers and fruits. Ajay felt embarrassed and hid the empty pot at the back. Suddenly the king’s sharp attention fell on the empty pot brought by Ajay at the back. He ordered his guards to bring him to the front. Ajay was little bit nervous. The king asked his name. All the other men laughed at him and make fun. The king asked everyone to be silent.

                                              The king then announced to the crowd, “Here is your new king! His name is Ajay!” Ajay could not believe it. Everyone was shocked at the king’s declaration as Ajay couldn’t even germinate the seed. The king clarified, “One year ago, I gave a seed to each one of you. I urged all of you to take the seed and grow a plant from it and bring it after one year. Please listen to me very carefully, ‘I intentionally gave a boiled seed to all of you which would never germinate.’ All of you, except Ajay brought to me plants laden with flowers and fruits. It clearly shows that all of you have falsely substituted the seed given by me which was not fit to germinate. Ajay is the only man of integrity and truthfulness to bring me a pot with my seed in it. Therefore, he is the one who will be the new king after me.”

                                                                       So, it is the life of integrity that prevails at last and enjoys the fruits of real success.

The elephant and the small rope

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There was a few elephants tied with small ropes in their front legs. A man was passing by and was amazed at the fact that the elephants were not breaking off the ropes to get free themselves which they easily could do.

He waited for some time and saw a trainer preparing food for the elephants. He asked him for the  reason behind such an obedient nature of the elephants.  At this trainer told him that, we use same size of rope to tie an elephant when it is very young and small in size. Then they tries to break off the rope with great efforts. But they could not succeed and one day give up by losing hope. And they have the believe in their mind that they can never break off the rope and even do not try to do so.


In our life we have many unseen rope tied to us. We had believed or conditioned that we can’t break off the bond or rope to do certain things.



We have either didn’t tried at all or didn’t tried enoug. But we may be surprised to see certain progress in our life if we only try it to do.

The obstacles of life

Inspirational stories and motivational stories

In an ancient kingdom, there was a very wealthy and wise King. He was very clever too. One day he put a huge rock in the middle of the road and hid in the nearby bush. He wanted to see if anybody try to push it out of the road.


His wealthy merchants passed by the road without touching the stone. Then his soldiers came. Instead of pushing the stone aside they cursed and scolded the king for not properly maintaining the road.


The day passed by and now it was evening. A very lean and thin farmer was coming with his hands full of vegetables and a spade. When he saw the rock lying between the road he kept his things aside and began to push it. The rock was very heavy for him. But with great efforts be was able to get it out of road.



                        He was about to leave with his belongings when he saw a purse lying in the place where the rock was. He opened the purse and found it stuffed full of gold coins. And there was a letter written by the king that the coins belongs to the person who will remove the rock from the road.


Moral: In our life we will face many obstacles. We have to work very hard and never back off and remove the obstacles from our life. We have to remember that every obstacle also is an opportunity to improve our situation and we can learn from it.

The Cocoon of a butterfly


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A man found a cocoon of a butterfly in his garden, he began to watch it carefully everyday. One day he saw that a small opening is appearing in the cocoon. He stand beside the cocoon and watched the butterfly for many hours as it was trying to come out from that little hole. It struggled hard but could not get out and for some time looked like it was stuck.


                                                Therefore the man decided to help the butterfly. He took a scissor and cut the little hole bigger. The butterfly then came out easily with a small and swollen body, shriveled wings.



                                                                The man wait for hours to enlarge the wings of the butterfly to support it to fly. But that was never happened. The butterfly could never fly and have to crawl around for the rest of it’s life with tiny wings and a swollen body.



                                                                 Though the man has a kind heart, he did not understand that he had restricted the struggle needed by the butterfly to get itself out through the small hole is the natural way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings to prepare itself for flying when it come out from the cocoon.


Moral of the story: No matter how much we fail in life, we have to carry on our struggles by ourselves. Because our struggles are the way of learning things needed for us in our life and making us stronger. If we take help from others than we may be out from that particular struggle, but life is full of struggles, and other struggles will shatter us when we will be unable to do it by ourselves.

Two mangoes and a girl

A little girl have two mangoes in her both hands. She was about to take a bite from a mango when her mother came and asked her, ” would you give a mango to your mommy swetie”?

Mommy had a pleasant smile on her face as she liked mango very much.

But at the meantime the girl took a bite from a mango and then also from the other one. By looking this mother’s smile froze in her face. She tried hard to not show her disappointment.

                         Suddenly the girl gave a mango to her mom and said , “this is the sweeter one”.

Mom was stunned.

So, we should not judge others without listening to them or knowing them completely. We should give them time to explain about their particular work and behavior.

Please God make me a TV


`A teacher in lower grade gave her students to write an essay about a wish which they will ask to God. And to write why they have made the wish.


                                                          When the teacher was checking the essays and marking them then her eyes filled with tears. When her husband was passing by then saw her crying. He asked why she was crying. Then she read him an essay written by a boy.


Boy:     God, please make me a TV set. I just want to draw attention towards me.

                                      When my daddy come to home from the office then he sit beside the TV even if he is tired. Just want to be with him, want attention to be given. I want to be the games, news he watches in the TV. I want to be watched by my mom when she is sad and merry.


                                                                            I want that my brothers and sisters fight over me to watch their favorite cartoons.


                                                                      God, please let me draw attention of all towards me because no one spend time with me and cares about me. Let me be center of all of my house. So, make me a TV set.


What a poor fellow! Husband exclaimed.

This essay is written by our son. The teacher replied.

A destitute mother and her struggles

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The idea of this novel came to give year old destitute mother while waiting four hours during a train delay from Manchester to London.


She had to live on welfare with her baby daughter. She had no job, her Portuguese husband threw her out of their apartment. She felt many failures and even contemplated suicide.


But she never left writing. She continued writing, often in cafes after her daughter fell asleep.

She is Joanne or J. K. Rowling. After years of writing manuscripts, numbers of rejections she was able to publish her first book Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”.

And rest is history.


According to Guinness world records, Harry Potter series has sold over 400 million copies worldwide. J. K. Rowling became the first billion dollar authorin the history of writing.