Two mangoes and a girl

A little girl have two mangoes in her both hands. She was about to take a bite from a mango when her mother came and asked her, ” would you give a mango to your mommy swetie”?

Mommy had a pleasant smile on her face as she liked mango very much.

But at the meantime the girl took a bite from a mango and then also from the other one. By looking this mother’s smile froze in her face. She tried hard to not show her disappointment.

                         Suddenly the girl gave a mango to her mom and said , “this is the sweeter one”.

Mom was stunned.

So, we should not judge others without listening to them or knowing them completely. We should give them time to explain about their particular work and behavior.

Please God make me a TV


`A teacher in lower grade gave her students to write an essay about a wish which they will ask to God. And to write why they have made the wish.


                                                          When the teacher was checking the essays and marking them then her eyes filled with tears. When her husband was passing by then saw her crying. He asked why she was crying. Then she read him an essay written by a boy.


Boy:     God, please make me a TV set. I just want to draw attention towards me.

                                      When my daddy come to home from the office then he sit beside the TV even if he is tired. Just want to be with him, want attention to be given. I want to be the games, news he watches in the TV. I want to be watched by my mom when she is sad and merry.


                                                                            I want that my brothers and sisters fight over me to watch their favorite cartoons.


                                                                      God, please let me draw attention of all towards me because no one spend time with me and cares about me. Let me be center of all of my house. So, make me a TV set.


What a poor fellow! Husband exclaimed.

This essay is written by our son. The teacher replied.

A destitute mother and her struggles

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The idea of this novel came to give year old destitute mother while waiting four hours during a train delay from Manchester to London.


She had to live on welfare with her baby daughter. She had no job, her Portuguese husband threw her out of their apartment. She felt many failures and even contemplated suicide.


But she never left writing. She continued writing, often in cafes after her daughter fell asleep.

She is Joanne or J. K. Rowling. After years of writing manuscripts, numbers of rejections she was able to publish her first book Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”.

And rest is history.


According to Guinness world records, Harry Potter series has sold over 400 million copies worldwide. J. K. Rowling became the first billion dollar authorin the history of writing.