The ant and the merry cricket

Inspirational stories

There was a Merry cricket. He liked to sing and dance. He danced and sang all day hoping grass to leaves.

It was the spring season. Therefore there was no lack of food. He enjoyed the life and became merrier. Didn’t save a little food for the winter.

When winter came all the food was gone. Leaves and grasses are no where to be found. He was hungry and weak. So, be went to the ant colony. And asked them some food. He told “I will return you when spring come”.

Ant told him, ” You have sang and danced the whole spring without gathering anything to your rainy days. So go and dance out the winter”. They turned him.

The cricket died in hunger and cold.


Moral of the story: Think and act for the future while there is time.

No dream is impossible to achieve

 Inspirational short stories

He wrote himself check for ten million dollars, for “Acting services rendered,” and dated it for Thanksgiving 1995, giving himself ten years to make it happen. He always kept it in his wallet, to remind him and determined that he would be able to cash it.

Be is the youngest of four children, whose father was a accountant. But after his father lost his job they had to even live in a Volkswagen bus.

He was a comedian from his childhood. He left Canada, his home country to Los Angeles, California, US to pursue his dream of becoming a successful comedian. He had to work without any payment for months. But he never lost his heart and toll day and night.

Slowly he came to notice of Hollywood and his career began to thrive. He is none other than Jim Carrey, the comedian. He became one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, as well as the first actor in history of cinema to receive $20 million for a movie, which Jim was paid for his role in The Cable Guy(1996).

At his father’s funeral in 1994, Jim placed the check he wrote to himself into his father’s casket, signifying the fulfillment of both of their dreams.