Start a blog: Why you should start a blog this year?

Start a blog

Start a blog

Blogging is getting popular day by day. As people attempting to hustle and make money from their home without going outside. And most of us hate to work the day job, be it a corporate or govenment service. We have to follow the strict time schedule and the pressure it put on us to perform at others will.



So, what option is left with us? We can continue to work for them and be their slaves or can become own boss through online hustle which is gaining massive popularity these days. There is many ways to earn through online. Some of them are digital marketing, content marketing, Affiliate marketing, Shopify, Facebook marketing, blogging. You can do any and all of these to start earning enough income to leave your day job. But, I personally recommend you to start a blog today. Why?



Because you can choose your passion to earn. You can start a blog in any thing, field you like to do and earn a living from it. You can earn from any niche you love. But you have to keep your patience. It will not come in a day or a month. If you persevere then it definitely will come one day.



Here are three awesome reasons to start a blog today.



Earn money by blogging:

Earning from blogging is ver easy!



But not a lot of it. Probably pennies if you want to earn from day one or a month. You have to build your audience first. Give them tremendous values. Then only you would be able to see the returns. Yes earning money by blogging is tough but you will be surprise to know that bloggers like Neil patel, Darren Browse, Joanna penn and thousands of others make millions of dollars from blogging.

So, my advice is to start a blog in this new year and continue till you succeed.




Improve your writing:

If you love writing fiction or non-fiction then blogging is the right platform for you. So, if writing is your thing start a blog now. You would get better it by blogging. How exciting it sounds that by blogging you can share your feelings, knowledge and tips. Touching the other people’s lives positively, making their good is a divine thing. And how amazing it sounds to earn by doing the things you love.


And it does not matter at all if you are not a good writer and do not like to write. Most of the bloggers are not great writers. They write to the points and learn to Search engine optimize their posts. Or they hire someone to write on their blogs. And they are doing well, actually they are thriving. So, there is no reason not to start a blog today.




Connecting People:

Blogs connects people. But other online businesses have many rivals and they are at war with each others. But blogging is different. Though you are competing with each other there is an environment to grow together. We get to know and feature each other in our blogs. Pro bloggers help newbies tremendously. And there is a scope for everyone.

Everyone have a unique voice. Therefore, no contrasting of interests and ideas. There is healthy competition which makes blogging a number one sorted thing for this new year.



Many bloggers become friends and they collaborate with each other to grow. So, you get more attention and opportunities.


After all you have to enjoy the process of blogging. Because money come to the people who have forgotten about earning money and lost in the work. So, if you really like the idea then star a blog now.


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