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1111 Twin Flame: Union, Separation, And Reunion

Do you keep seeing the 111 Twin Flame Number too often that you can’t ignore it anymore? Are you stumbling upon the 11:11 Twin Flame Number while looking at the time regularly?

If yes, this is an auspicious sign, message, or symbol that a lot is happening in your life that will bring you a close encounter with your other half, the Twin Flame.

These are the higher energies that dwell in the sky and runs our life and the subconscious mind that connects you with the Universal forces.

They want you to know that something great is happening in your life that will uplift you to the next level. You are not alone in your Divine life journey as the higher beings are with you all the time, assisting and supervising your growth.

Please don’t be worried or afraid when you see the numbers like 11:11 0r 1111 as they only symbolize that certain parts of you are growing to maturity and be fulfilled.

Why You Are Seeing 1111 Twin Flame Number

Seeing the number 1111 twin flame is a good sign and omen for you as this means that something great regarding your other half is going on.

Unlike soul mates, Twin Flames are associated with romantic and physical relationships. You may not love or have a romantic relationship with your soul mate, but love and romance are a must in a Twin Flame relationship.

So, if you see the number 11:11 repeatedly, this is directly related to your love and romantic life.

Your life is changing for sure, in a better way, towards unity and solidarity with your soul, your Divine Self, and connecting your heart with the Universe.

It is time to recognize your better half, another side of the mirror, your Divine soul mate, your Twin Flame. This is a process that you have to go through in your life until you both become together forever and beyond this mortal life.

Be thankful and express gratitude wholeheartedly towards the Universal Energies and Divine forces for being there and looking after your needs and desire to be together with your Twin Flame.

1111 Twin Flame Meaning

The 11:11 Twin Flame is the most important and great message from your Universal forces that guides you.

It means that number 1111 twin flame is trying to make you remember your true self, to evolve your soul, the urge to be one with your other half, and to become one with the Divine forces by achieving unity within yourself.

While seeing the mirroring number 11:11 may signify that two twins are unifying and opening a gateway for each other to become one.

Number sequence 11:11 is a signaling and trigger number that you and your surroundings are changing to better be one with the source energy or Twin Flame.

Number 1111 in numerology signifies that your life is changing, new cycles are beginning, and it is the time to look and move forward towards your destiny.

Therefore, this number is ringing the bell of your door to open your heart and soul to make way for your twin flame and to become one with them.

1111 Twin Flame Stages

There are four stages when it comes to 1111 twin flame.

Each stage makes you aware and helps you understand each other better, building the pillar of your lifelong relationship.

You two need to go through each stage so that you can know each other’s faults and strengths better.

At first, you will find that your life is changing day by day, and there is an enthusiasm to search for your twin flame, which will increase rapidly.

After that, you will have the privilege to meet with your twin flame. There will be a great pull towards each other, but you will be immature and can’t control your trust in the energy that it emits.

So, there will be separation and suffering between you and your twin flame.

At last, there is the savior, reunion, and you will be together forever and beyond this life.

1111 Twin Flame Search

The first stage of number 1111 twin flame is the Search. You will not knowingly search and look out for your twin flame.

But your enthusiasm and eagerness will arise tremendously even without your recognition.

There will be a feeling and every tickling in your heart and mind that you are searching for someone or something.

You will feel that you are only half part of the full and there is someone who will fulfill you. Your heart will begin to feel more vibrations that the other person may radiate.

Soon you will find that your subconscious mind and heart are searching for your twin flame on their own. Your awareness and enthusiasm will rise to an unexpected level, and there will be a feeling of loneliness whatever you do or wherever you are.

The dreams you dream of will also have the vibrations of your twin flame in them, which is drawing you towards them unconsciously.

1111 twin flame Union

The second stage is Union with your twin flame.

This is the first time when you will meet your mirror self and recognize them. You will feel an unknown vibration and happiness in your heart when you will meet for the first time.

You will feel that both of you know each other for many years ago and feel each other’s heartbeat.

When you are in Union with your Twin Flame, suddenly everything turns into positive energies, and the world becomes meaningful for you.

There will be some spiritual and psychic connection, and most of all, you are going to feel intense in your heart.

The sensation you feel will blow your mind, and for some time, you may not even think properly about this current situation.

But everything doesn’t go well all of the time as the next stage is Separation which is also very important.

1111 twin flame Separation

The Separation is a crucial stage of the Twin Flame 1111 number as it tests you from every possible side.

This is also an important stage to go through as it tells or gives you the idea of value this person brings into your life.

As the relationship is very intense at first, you will not be able to maintain it well, and there will be quarrels and fights between you. This may lead to the separation as you will feel that this is not going very well.

You will find your errors or faults in your twin flame, which you hate the most. You both will be exposed before each other, and so you may find it difficult to carry on your relationship further.

Hence, separation is inevitable and irreversible when it comes to the 1111 twin flame number. But it is actually good for you, and in the long run, this will help you stay binding together and committed.

So, let’s go to the last stage, the Reunion with your twin flame after separation.

1111 twin flame Reunion

The last and most significant stage of number 1111 twin flame is Reunion.

This is the most desirable stage for you as after this stage there is only peace and happiness. Reunion with your twin flame is not easy, and you have to sacrifice your ego and superiority.

You have to bring yourself to the footsteps of the other best half of you and understand their true happiness and love.

To achieve a reunion, you have to forgive yourself and then your twin flame for all the wrongdoings or misunderstandings. You have to realize that you can’t be apart for long as you are the same whole with two parts.

Target yourself for the future and live in the present moment. Let the past be buried in the past and move forward for new knowledge, understanding, and a soulful relationship.

So, 11:11 Twin Flame is the number of fulfilling your dreams about twin flame with whom you will spend the rest of life.

The 1111 Twin Flame also encouraging you to help others to find their twin flame. So, if you have found or are about to find your twin flame, share this message with the world.

Regina Brown

Thursday 16th of December 2021

Thank You again for this detailed message. Started seeing numbers in 2017 and then later met my twin flame online. After 4 years later we have not met but with this information I believe and pray soon before the year is out I will see him. Blessings......😊☮💜💫✝️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾♋🔮😇👍🏾


Saturday 30th of October 2021

I think I am entering a twin flame relationship. This is so unbelievably painful! The separation, the uncertainty... The feeling ofabandonment is overwhelming butstill, this person is part of me. I surrender. I don't know what else to do.


Thursday 7th of October 2021

This was the best answer by far in regards to the number 1111 and the stages. Thank you for sharing and caring about those of us who are on a twin flame journey. Reunion...peaks and valleys but more peaks then valleys. I am so blessed, at least for now. We'll see what the future holds. No expectations just living in the moment.

John Rumary

Monday 15th of February 2021

1) I am Amun-Ra the King of the Ancient Egyptian Gods. How could I resist ‘Katy Patra’? Just as Katy Patra reached the high note in ‘walking on air’ a big release of DMT swept over me and I held onto the desk until I knew I would not pass out, my head still scabbed from the last time I had a Katy Patra song DMT release and passed out. That was ‘wide awake’ as usual, my fave song to kick off the evening of Katy Patra and Aphrodite songs. Moving onto ‘unconditionally’ leaves me happy you promise to love me forever. But what good is that in 3D with 16,000 miles between us or as the ‘PRISM’ is on and I am typing my blog will the Goddess Bastet suddenly wake up and jump up on my neck? Leading me on to think that you are in the cat and suddenly my title on is a and “STANLEY”. Yet another detection that the 3rd Dimension is not for you and me. This is as I tick off the list of ‘things to do’ whilst in Twin Flame ‘separation’. I got a 7 out of 10 but during the ‘mirror image’ stunt again if you have gone completely asleep on our 3D TF relationship, which is now a TF journey thanks to you which means I wanted it to collapse and I am not ready to see you or I would just have knocked on the door. Katy; “why is it a laborious boring journey since the ‘love-bombing’ stage worked”? Answer) Because a soul’s journey is long and laborious and as we were already ‘in love’ and ‘true love never dies’ where is the thrill of falling in love at first sight in the 3D matrix? Well, I for one is ready to discover but in light of the ‘aggro’ we caused each other I can’t trust you so it will be a long time before I fly too LAX. But as you can waft yourself to me from Paradise, I should leave it up to you. Many Twin Flames are coming into union with the new energies ushered in 21/12/2021 and the great conjunction where evolution is taking place especially for the chosen ones. For those souls who are not in union but in separation great pain and conflict abounds as they should be comforted by the trust they have in the Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Mother not abandoning them. Trouble is you have abandoned them and your Twin Flame which makes a mockery of their trust in the Divine Feminine, the Heavenly Mother and this is the Age of the Divine Feminine with Queen Isis in the ascendency. Queen Isis who is the most famous woman in history, Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator Ptolemy “Thea Philopator” means “the Father loving goddess”. Also, the 3rd most famous person in history Mary Magdalene. You had every opportunity to merge with God and play your next multiple personality disordered role but you suffer from DID, dissociative identity disorder. Therefore, you are left as Katheryn Hudson and probably in the same state as Katheryn during the breakdown on the 96-hour witness launch at the temple of Katy Perry, a role you will find it difficult to play at 36. I say this because things are getting kind of heavy around me and as I am you, I feel your highs and lows as I remember you feel mine, what with me stretched out on my back on a hard floor to offer you some relief from our backache sitting in the computer chair whilst I was online looking for Katy Perry but with Katy Hudson sitting on our lap as I did take action when you suffered from my mood swings which are now buried as is the enemy ‘ego’, in fact since I have been working on my self a lot of things have gone and I am just a ‘thinking thing’ in a vegetative state of non-emotion, of no use to you except I am an unconditional lover of you, whoever you are, “And it’s who you’re in love, in love with” you sing + “But now I don’t negotiate with insecurities”. What yours or the poor soul you possessed, me? Well, you sing; “Oh no, did I get to close? Oh, did I almost see what was really on the inside? All your insecurities. All your dirty laundry. Never made me blink one time”. You follow up on witness and sing that you lost yourself inside of me and you should not have put me through that. Don’t worry it’s forgotten as I read Eckhart Tolle, the power of now to so we only have ‘this moment’. The past is just your memory playing tricks and the future is just your imagination.