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14:14 Meaning: You Should Strive Forward To Achieve Your Dreams

Did you see the Mirror Hour number 14:14? Have you seen it at regular intervals? If yes, then you are here for a reason and purpose.

Your subconscious mind and the Universal Energies send you a special message by showing you the hour 14:14. It tells you to move forward and achieve your true heart desires and life’s ultimate purposes.

Gustav Carl Jung has given the phenomenon of Synchronicity which is the result of your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is so powerful that it can give us many wonderful hints and ideas about coming things in your life.

Let’s dive deep into the meaning of the mirror hour 14:14 and understand the reason behind you seeing this number. Here are the four reasons that are responsible for depicting the meaning of the number 14:14.

1st Meaning Of 14:14: Keep A Positive Attitude And Optimistic Viewpoint

The Universal Energies, Ascended Masters, and Angels want you to be positive from within and outside. Be positive in every manner and way you can. Eat positive, sleep positive, and do positive.

It will make you dive deep into the positive energies and the ultimate source of happiness in your life because a positive person finds something positive in a negative situation.

They can’t be defeated and tore off because they know that it is all in mind. With the mind, you can win or lose. How can you defeat a person that never accepts defeat?

Therefore the hour 14:14 is urging you to draw in the power of positivity into your life through affirmations and actions. Keep patience in a difficult situation and analyze it carefully. You’ll find a positive thing in every situation and practice to see the future and beyond the current situation.

2nd meaning of 14:14: Go forward and reach your destination

The 2nd meaning of the mirror hour 14:14 is that your subconscious and the Universe are encouraging you to go forward in the direction of your goals. Therefore, first, you have to know your goals and desires, which also becomes your soul’s purpose.

Find your passion for knowing exactly what you love to do and work for. Because when you do the things you love and enjoy doing, it will help you get immense success and happiness.

It is the right time, according to Universal Energies, to go forward and reach your destiny. Therefore, step out of your comfort zone and take risks in your life.

Remember that nobody can stop you from achieving everything you wish for when you are determined and keep a never defeating mindset. You are one of a kind and unique individual who can create your own destiny and luck.

3rd Meaning of 14:14: Listen to your intuition carefully

The 3rd meaning of the mirror hour 14:14 is listening to your intuition and inner wisdom. Intuition is the product of your subconscious mind which is a mighty determinant of your life.

It will show you the right way and correct path to walk so that you always achieve it with flying colors.

Therefore, hour 14:14 is urging you that you listen to your intuition and go to achieve what it tells you. With the Universal Energies and Angels by your side, nothing can inevitably stop you now, and everything is going to fall for you.

4th Meaning Of 14:14: Your hard works and determination are finally going to pay off

The 4th and last meaning of mirror hour number 14:14 is that your hard works with determination are finally paying off for you. The Universal Energies and Masters have recognized that you have been toiling hard to achieve something important in your life.

They are pleased with your efforts and endeavors, and now they want to give you the rewards for it. Therefore, slowly but surely, your desires and dreams are beginning to manifest and come alive for you.

They also encourage you to stay on the current path and keep working hard until you achieve desired success. Keep faith in yourself and on the Universal elements that you are supported and assisted.

At last, it is your responsibility to pay attention, show some respect towards them, and show gratitude. Be thankful for every little bit of help and assistance they are doing for you. You never know when they will bring more success and achievements for you.