Testosterone is a hormone found in humans and animals. In men the testosterone is produced in testicles.

The making of testosterone starts with the attainment of puberty in men, and begins to lower after the age of 30.

The high testosterone is associated with high sex drive, higher sperm count and hence a higher chance of fertilization. It also affects the brain and mood of men.

Therefore, women like men with a high amount of testosterone. So, let’s dive deep into the 15 signs of high testosterone face.


(1) Smaller eyes:

The person with smaller eyes is more likely to be exposed to the higher level of testosterone in the womb. The men are attracted towards the women with bigger eyes. Because big eyes for women means she has high female hormones. And to the opposite, the women are more likely to find attractive to the small-eyed men.

(2) Facial-Width-to-Height-Ratio:

The Facial width to height ratio (FWHR) is a ratio used to determine the width of a person’s face compared to its height. To calculate your own FWHR you have to divide your facial width (the widest area of your face) by the distance between the mid of your eyebrows and your upper lips.

A high FWHR ratio could be something like 1:9 where a low ratio could be something like 1:4.

The high FWHR means a higher level of testosterone in both men and women.

(3) Large and well-defined jawline:

There are 30 muscles in our face. Testosterone plays an important role in the development of muscles. A high level of testosterone strengthens and tightens muscles which result in an elaborated and well-defined jawline.

People with tiny jaws are more sensitive and less competitive. But the people with larger jaws tend to be more aggressive, dominant and competitive.

(4) More facial hair:

Testosterone causes the body and facial hair to escalate, resulting in darker, thicker hair. Dr. Lauralee Sherwood explained in her book “Human Physiology” that the facial hair is the results of testosterone-driven hair growth.

Some females have more facial hair than other females. Those females have a higher level of testosterone compared to the other females.

(5) Oily Skin:

The testosterone increases oil secretion all over the body of men, but this effect is seen on the skin of the face. The increased testosterone-driven oil secretion in the men’s body odor, is to help him by making him more attractive to women.

(6) Facial Acne:

Testosterone can increase facial acne. It is due to the increased releasing of facial oil. The acne results due to the bacteria trapped in the pores when the oil clogs the facial pores.

Attention ladies, the face with acne is not ugly, but a sign of high testosterone level.

(7) Large Noses:

Women find attractive towards the men with larger noses. Larger noses are the sign of high testosterone level in men. Small noses are attributed as the sign of feminity and large noses are to masculinity.

(8) Angular face:

Angular faces are related to the higher amount of testosterone level in men. Testosterone reduces the fat in the body and face of a man. So, the men with high testosterone will have less fat in their faces. This type of faces height and width are same.

Angular faced men are more confident and competitive by nature. They see the bigger picture and don’t crave for the details of everything.

(9) Larger Adam’s apple:

When the laryngeal cartilage grows, it tilts slightly causing a bump on the throat which is known as Adam’s apple.

It is due to the high testosterone level in men which cause the laryngeal cartilage to grow. And a high testosterone man tends to have a deep voice.

(10) The Eyebrows closer to the eyes:

The men with their eyebrows closer to the eyes have higher testosterone level. They are looked as angry because of this attribute. Generally, they are more confident, aggressive and competitive by nature.

(11) Angry looking faces:

The higher level of testosterone in men can make their resting face look angry. It is fact that women like angry resting face more than those smiling faces men.


  • An angry resting face makes a man look strong.
  • An angry resting face makes a man look more dominant.
  • An angry resting face makes a man look more threatening.
  • An angry resting face gives a man the look of a bad boy. Women like bad boys!
  • An angry resting face makes a man look braver.

(12) Finger ratio:

The ring finger to index finger ratio determines the amount of testosterone one is exposed to during pregnancy. Researchers have found that the person with longer ring finger than the pointer finger was exposed to high testosterone level in the womb during pregnancy period.

We can say that as testosterone plays a lead role in the muscle development a longer ring finger than the index finger is a sign of high testosterone level in men.

(13) Broad shoulder:

Testosterone plays a vital role in the bone density and growth in our body. The men with a broader shoulder is a clear sign that they have a high level of testosterone.

So ladies, embrace your man if he has a broad shoulder.

(14) Strong sexual desire:

The higher testosterone leads to a stronger sexual desire and libido. Since testosterone leads to stronger muscle development, high levels of testosterone also lead to a harder penis and long-lasting erection.

(15) The Behavior:

The testosterone level affects the certain behavior patterns for men. The men with a higher level of testosterone are more confident and like to accomplish challenges, and strong positivity.

These types of men like to stand out from the rest. They choose careers with power, money, and fame.

So. these are the traits or signs of high testosterone in men’s face and body. Look at yourself and your partner whether he has these attributes or not.

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