Success In Life

3 Habits To Achieve Success In Life

We live our life by habits. Build good habits and you are in the way to success in life and vice-versa. All successful people from different essential habits for them. Some even wear the same pair of clothes again and again.

Success In Life
Success In Life

So forming habits is the most essential factor in your life. Therefore, here I present three habits that will instantly lead you to have success in your life.

  1. Add positivity in life
  2. Action to beat procrastination
  3. Morning mantras.
1) Positivity to get success in life:

                                 This is the most essential habit there out in the world. If you are not positive in your attitude, probably you are not gonna do well. You have to add a positive viewpoint to everything in your life.    

                                                       Hack, it is very easy to say stay positive, be positive. I have always said to myself whole lots of years to stay positive in difficult situations. But it did not help me at all. My life remains poor, helpless and emotionally devastated. 

                                                                                                                                                                             But hey, there is a way to really active positive vibe in our life. By BEING positive, other than to be positive. By BEING positive me to cultivate positivity from your inner self. We can cultivate positivity by     

  a) Praying regularly:

Pray to your god regularly in the morning and evening. It will develop self-confidence in you and slowly fill positivity in your life.   

                 b) Meditate:

I can’t leverage the benefits of meditation in words. Only five minutes of it will do. You will unlimited positive vibes for the day.

2)ACTIONTo beat the Procrastination is the motto to achieve success in Life:

I had been procrastinated for many years. I know it is hard not to procrastinate. I delayed my works for as long as possible. I have skipped post-graduation, Teachers training institute and many important works in my life. This is a sheer waste of time. You have to get out of it. Act now.

  ‘Action’ is the only effective way you can beat procrastination. Figure out what is most important and work on those first. After that figure out you like to do most. Do more of those works and it will make you comfortable. Slowly leverage on The thing you like most and then do it for the rest of your life. You will never procrastinate again.

3) Morning Mantras to get success in life:

Morning Mantras doesn’t mean to the charms of the holy books. It simply mean to wake up early in the morning and follow some mini habits. Though these are mini habits, they will make you successful instantly.

                                                       You know I was a very late riser. In my boarding school, we have to rise 4.30 in the morning. I felt like the most unfortunate boy in the world. But it did wonder for my life. Though I could not carry on that in the later years, until now. I wake up at 5 am every day.

                                                          Do you know that all the successful people in the world wake up very early in the morning? From Mahatma Gandhi did it too and CEO’s of different multinational companies does it. Every successful people in every sphere of life follow the morning mantras.

                                                             a) Physical Exercise:

Half an hour of physical exercise in the outdoor is the best way to start your day. Physical exercise opens our eyes open and boosts concentration. And you will be healthy. Instead of physical exercises, you can also choose to play an outdoor game like football, cricket, golf etc.                     

                                                             b) Mindful breathing:

To do mindful breathing you have to concentrate on your breathing. 5 minutes every day will do the job. Sit straight in an open space and breath in slowly. Concentrate on the breath and then slowly release your breath without breaking your concentration.  First few days will be difficult for you to concentrate. The mind will divert in many ways but it is okay. Practice it every day no matter what and you will slowly begin to get results.

                                                               c) Meditation:

Above, in point no.1 I have said about meditation. You have to do it in the morning. Find more about meditation here.

                                                                   d) Read:

This is my favorite part. Reading is the best medicine according to me. In the morning a five-minute reading will do the job for you. Not if you are a professional writer though. You know Bill gates reads a book in a week and Warren Buffet is an extensive reader. And not to tell about Oprah Winfrey who loves to read any time she gets!


Just jot down the points which you have to do today. Only five minutes of writing your to-do list for the day will remind your works. And you will on track for the whole day and have a happy ending to each day in your life.

The Overview

Make these three things your habit for life. You will find that your life is instantly boosted up and beginning to have success in life.

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