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349 Angel Number- Meaning, Love, And Twin Flame

If you keep seeing the same number again and again, then it is called an Angel Number. Do you stumble upon the number 349 on a repeated basis in your day-to-day life?

You may feel worried, tense, and afraid that something bad might happen to you because of seeing the number 349 regularly.

But please don’t worry at all, as Angel Numbers are amazing things to enter into your life. Whenever you feel a lack of strength or energy, problems surrounding you, and couldn’t find your right life path, your Angels would send you a message about support and assistance.

At first, pay your gratitude and homage to them as they are blessing you in disguise in numbers. With the attitude of gratitude, you will earn more rewards and blessings in the long run.

Just remember that Angels and Ascended Masters have sent you meanings of your life and showing the right path encoded in Angel Number 349. They can’t come into your life and tell you face to face about your life improvements because the Divine order bars them.

Let us go deep into the meaning of the number 349 and Angel Number 349 and their influences on you.

What Does Number 349 Mean?

The number 349 is the mixture and combination of the number 3, attributes of the number 4, and vibrations and energy of the number 9.

So, by combining all these three numbers and gathering their attributes or symbolism together, we can find the meaning of the number 349.

Number 3 brings the energies of inspiration and creativity, self-expression and communication, optimism and joy, imagination and intelligence, sociability and society, energy, growth and expansion, and the principles of increase, spontaneity, encouragement and assistance, talent, and skills.

Number 3 is also the number of the Ascended Masters.

Number 4 relates to hard work, determination, practicality, motivation, solid foundation, application, responsibility, diligence, traditional values, honesty, and integrity.

It is also related to our drive and passion in life and the Archangels.

Number 9 resonates with spirituality, light-working and humanitarianism, service to others, leadership, and leading others by positive example, altruism, benevolence, and philanthropy.

Number 9 also relates to the Universal Spiritual Laws and the Spiritual Law of Karma and denotes endings and conclusions.

So the combination of these three powerful numbers makes number 349 special and amplifying.

Number 349 brings you fortune and luck so that you can manifest your heart’s desires and dreams that resonate with helping others.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism: Angel Number 349

Angel Number 349 is a message for you to live a life of positivity and having big dreams.

Your life purpose should follow the principle of living your life as a positive example for others to follow and become a teacher of compassion and humanism.

Number 349 urges you to find your passion and ambition that includes serving others and looking for your own development.

It wants you to remember the golden formula, “the more you give, the more you receive,” be it is money or knowledge.

So use your skills and talents as a way to serve and help others, and trust that you possess all the necessary tools and gifts that you need to carry on your light-working and torch-bearing mission.

Angel Number 349 tells you that you can convert yourself to anything that you can think of with a positive mindset and affirmations. You can manifest everything with the creative talents you have.

Rest assured that you are supported and helped by your Angels and Ascended Masters if you work hard and remain grateful.

When you follow your true heart and personal truths by leading as a positive example for others, you are automatically blessed with positive energies, love, and abundance in your life.

Try to look at the long-term benefits of the things you do today and believe that you will achieve nothing but the freedom and happiness you want.

Your Angels and Ascended Masters are telling you to continue your current life path by adding more creativity and adventure with it.

349 Angel Number In Love

Angel Number 349 is a message of good luck and fortune in the matter of love.

The people associated with this number are caring, loving, compassionate, and passionate individuals. They are dreamers and may sometimes idealize their love partner.

This number brings you to fulfill your life with your true life partner as it is the right time.

Move and ask out the person you have wished to get attention from. Let them know what you feel about them, go for a date or outing, and spend time with them to understand each other better.

Perhaps it is time to move further with your partner if you have already found the one. You can plan to get married or having children if all the variables are placed equally.

349 Angel Number Twin Flame

Your twin flame is the person who is a mirror of you and almost the same in all the aspects of human beings.

Angel Number 349 is a message to continue your life journey with your twin flame with harmony. Learn to forgive yourself and as well as others so that your heart remains clean and pure.

Discussion and one-on-one talking always do the job of solving most of the problems you face in your life journey.

Forget your past and focus on the future by having a positive mindset.

Angel Number 349 twin flame is also the message of Union with your twin flame if you are still searching.

Keep Seeing Angel Number 349 Regularly

When you keep seeing Angel Number 349 regularly, it is an auspicious sign for you. Something great is happening or about to happen in your life as Angels are surrounding you.

The first thing this number telling you is to dream big, really so much bigger dreams than everybody other than you find it impossible to attain.

But you need to believe and trust upon yourself and your Angels and Ascended Masters that nothing is impossible.

Angel Number 349 urges you to pay deep and clear attention to your intuition and inner wisdom. Let your inner instinct guide you along with your Angels towards your life journey, fulfilling your dreams and destiny.

It wants you to curb out every form of negativity from your life, be it things, people, and someone extraordinary.

Release out all the negative thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs, and intentions that don’t support and nourish you somehow.

Angel Number 349 encourages you to lay a solid foundation and balance your status when you begin something from scratch. With hard work, determination, and dedication, you will be a winner in your own life.

At last, your Angels tell you to develop your personal spirituality and become a server of the Lord. You can help others to develop spirituality in their life.

With deep spiritual values, soon, you will become an enlightened and awakened individual who becomes a Divine soul.


Wednesday 21st of September 2022

This is my address, where I live. My home's address number is 349.


Wednesday 8th of May 2024


This is my address as well. How is life now that you are at this address?

Mosella Jones

Wednesday 20th of October 2021

Thank you for all the info you gave me on 349 I just woke up to it, so I I guess I'm on the right path it wasn't easy but it never is, but I feel it is a great time to be alive and for that I am grateful and blessed thank you Lord 🙏💕.

Earth Angel

Tuesday 23rd of February 2021

Thank You for this wonderful information. You are necessary.