4 simple proven steps to cure premature ejaculation Once and for all

Premature Ejaculation or PE is a common phenomenon found in young men. PE means when you orgasm way too early right after penetration with no sexual stimulation of any kind. It Dissatisfy both the partners. It is shameful and humiliating for the men. And results in Anxiousness and embarrashment from your side.

The PE in men is the cause of many reasons like bad habits, lifestyle and addictions.

4 simple proven steps to cure premature ejaculation Once and for all

But there is no need to worry. Here are the 4 proven steps to cure PE for the lifetime. Only thing is that you have to stick around.

(1) Practice Lasting longer:

As they say practice makes men perfect or in this case Last longer. Now when you are masturbating next time when you about to reach orgasm, STOP. Pinch the Head of your Penis for a few seconds. It signals the penis to stop and prevents ejaculation. If you keep practicing this daily for at least 20 minutes you will be able to delay your orgasm.

(2) Non Sexual Thoughts:

When you are close to an orgasm and don’t want to cum then simply divert your attention to something Non-Sexual. You can think of a car, work, or something that will totally divert you, like your credit card balance. But to be honest when you don’t focus in pleasure and detach yourself you will be able to last longer.

(3) Focus on your partner:

Since we are talking about focusing on something else then why not focus on your lady love for once. Instead of running head first into sex you should practice foreplay. Kiss her and give her at least two oral before penetrating. This way she will be satisfied even if you come early.

4 simple proven steps to cure premature ejaculation Once and for all

(4) Masturbate first:

This can be a game changer. If you are going to have sex at night you should masturbate in the day time. since you have released some of the testosterone already and there is an increase Serotonin and other Hormones which will help you last longer in bed.

These simple steps can help you in a big way to cure premature ejaculation Naturally and without any side effects. Practice these methods in home and comment below how did you find them.

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