Hot yoga has so much benefits that you have to try it. The benefits goes from stress and anxiety relief to weight loss.

7 Benefits Of Hot Yoga And Its Risks

Hot yoga has so much benefits that you have to try it. The benefits goes from stress and anxiety relief to weight loss.
Benefits Of Hot Yoga

There are many benefits of hot yoga and it has some risk for people with certain conditions.

Yoga is a unique practice considered meditation as well as a series of poses and stretches which are known as asanas. The origin of the word “yoga” came from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means to unite or integrate. The real purpose of yoga is to integrate or reunite our mind, body, and soul/spirit.

What Is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is the practice of yoga which necessarily involves the intentional use of heat and/or humidity to increase flexibility.

Following are the some of the great benefits of Hot Yoga
1. Benefits of hot yoga in stress reduction:

One of the most important benefits of hot yoga is that it helps to reduce stress if you practice it regularly. This is the reason why hot yoga is so much popular in the U.S.

With focusing on your breath you have to repeat asanas, sweating out on a sticky mat often leads to a wonderful sense of peace. This is the peace of mind that our toxins are escaping our body in the heat and the poses of the asanas.

the scientific reason of attaining mental peace is that the hot yoga sessions release the endorphin which relaxes the body and mind. It also pushes out the stress hormone, cortisol from the body, overdose of which is harmful. therefore, it also helps to decrease blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

2. Another benefit of hot yoga is Mental Clarity

While doing hot yoga, you can achieve mental clarity and mindfulness. The people who practice hot yoga regularly have a higher capacity to bring calmness in their every aspect of life.

A yogi (people who practice yoga) can attain mindfulness and able to maintain their overall mental and physical health. Tolerating the heat while pushing yourself intensely to go through the asanas in hot yoga doesn’t only helps your physical fitness, but also mental strength.

3. The hot yoga brings psychological wellness

Psychological wellness involves patience and a clear decision-making process. You can’t allow your mind to wander in the negative, draining thoughts, which will make you mentally sick, depressed ultimately.

By regularly practicing hot yoga you can nurture the unique ability to encourage the relaxation response system of your body. The deep breathing in hot yoga establishes muscle memory. This muscle memory is responsible for relief from stressors like stress, depression, and anxiety. It will help you to perform hot yoga every day without fail. Doing so, your mind reconnects to the body, having been rejuvenated and cleaned with the practice of hot yoga.

The negative energy exits from your body leaving it space for increased psychological wellness.

4. The hot yoga enhances the immune system function

By doing the sequential asanas in hot yoga, you are pushing your body to face your natural face-or-flight response. Becoming mindful of this response while doing hot yoga is natural as you push the limits of physical endurance to the limits. You learn to move beyond your physical capacity which you thought you couldn’t possibly do.

The higher awareness of your inner being developed through hot yoga, your immune system has better opportunity to develop required strength to fight illness and diseases.

5. Benefits of hot yoga in muscle pain reduction and elimination

Hot yoga is the best way to stretch, flex, and extend the muscles of your body to ward off daily stiffness or soreness of the joints and muscles.

It is a wonderful gift for those who struggle with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other physical maladies. As you twist and move your body with the heat into increasing depths of flexibility, lubricating joints all the while extending and compressing the body. It may seem as counterintuitive if you are suffering from arthritis or fibromyalgia muscle and joint pain, but it is precisely what the body requires.

6. Enhanced Level Of Mobility

When it is hot than it is far easier to stretch muscles than when it is cold, which is a prime reason for the heat and humidity standards of practicing hot yoga. Hot yoga can be a gateway for those wishing who want to achieve more in any form of physical activity and flexibility.

Change is the nature of life, and hot yoga teaches us to go with the flow, to shift and stretch in the heat of the moment, to adapt the situations. Hot yoga will not only benefit the flexibility of your physical abilities, but also enhances the mental, emotional, and psychological flexibility and strength.

Hot yoga has so much benefits that you have to try it. The benefits goes from stress and anxiety relief to weight loss.
Benefits Of Hot Yoga
7. Benefits Of Hot Yoga In Weight Loss

There is a correlation between stress and weight gain; many studies show a close link between a higher level of stress and being overweight and sudden or steady weight gain. Stiff muscles and joints don’t help the matter, nor does low metabolism.

Some of the benefits of hot yoga as we noted are:
  • ubricate the joints
  • The Mobility of muscle increases
  • Develops muscle strength
  • Increases metabolism rate
  • Develops mindfulness

The high metabolic rate hot yoga instigates works as well off the mat as you benefit from the heat within and outside the body during the session and long after. Muscles adapt to the greater demands of burning fat at a high rate.

It is ought to note that each hot yoga session has the potentiality to burn 500-1000 calories. The more intense the session and the more capable you become executing the asanas more amount of burning calories is possible.

What Are The Risks Of Hot Yoga? What Precautions You Should Take Before Starting Hot Yoga?

There are certain risks of doing hot yoga if you have any type of medical condition. It is imperative to consult your doctor to seek approval if you are under supervision for any health condition.

Particularly, if you fall within the following conditions it is essential to take proper precautions before starting hot yoga:

  • Pregnant women
  • HIstory of severe illness
  • Recent hospitalization
  • Hypertension
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Any type of recently treated medical condition.
Pregnant Women And Hot Yoga:

It is a straight NO, if you are pregnant you shouldn’t consider hot yoga at all. This may sound harsh, but the pregnant women should refrain from hot yoga due to the heat/humidity and intense stretching and abdominal muscle extension requirement.

Hypertension, Asthma, And Diabetes and Hot Yoga:

If you are dealing with these conditions then the rule of thumb is to consult your medical professional first. The intense heat in hot yoga can potentially do harm and worsen your condition.

If you are facing any of the above condition then it is very important to seek the help of a certified medical professional or doctor. Because hot yoga is demanding of stretching both the mind and the body could hurt you physically or/and mentally. The goal of yoga is always to help you, not to hurt you.


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