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African Tiger Fish Spirit Animal: Meaning And Symbolism

African tigerfish is considered one of the fiercest animal spirits out there. They are known for their fearsome characteristic traits. As a spirit animal, this creature is referred to as the beast from the marine world.

The beat of the aquatic world is very fierce. It is believed that people born with this animal totem usually have a very short temper in nature. They tend to yield to their spirit very quickly. Therefore this type of person has a terrifying public image. 

Correspondingly this creature is considered a symbol of strength and independence. Besides power and autonomy, this animal totem also represents traits like cunningness and immorality. These are some of the significant character traits of the African tigerfish spirit animal. 

So if you think that you relate with this spirit animal, then this article is for you. Let’s venture into the journey of discovering the significance of the African tigerfish spirit animal and find out more about this animal. 

Meaning of the African Tiger Fish Spirit Animal 

African tigerfish spirit animal has some important character traits that can bring a massive change in your life. We learn about this animal from various documentaries, but its significance as a spirit animal is not mentioned anywhere. But there are folklores about this creature prevalent in every native culture. 

Mythological history also contributes to framing a historical background about this animal. Therefore let’s try to understand the meaning of this animal and what it symbolizes. 

The animal spirit represents tireless discipline. In simple terms, this animal totem encourages you to work consistently on yourself if you want to succeed in your life. As we all know, African tigerfish are known as fierce aquatic killers. They fight for the things that are important to them.

As a spirit animal, they also want you to be a fighter in real life and fight for yourself. It reminds us that no one will serve you what you want in your life. Instead, you should fight for it and earn it yourself. 

This spirit animal asks you not to give up on your dreams or relationships. It emphasizes that we must learn to wait for the right time and don’t give up that easily. Even if it involves hurting someone, it tells you not to give up that easily. Instead, it would help if you did whatever it takes to fulfill your goals in your life. 

The African tigerfish spirit animal loves power; in simple terms, it loves to dominate others by its force. It enjoys being the supreme creature of the marine world and loves the attention and respect it gets. In the same way, when you come under the guidance of this animal totem, you tend to replicate similar characteristic traits. 

Even though you enjoy dominating others, you lose your temper most of the time. People around you try to use it as a weapon against you and try to harm you. Even if you control yourself, you end up getting into unnecessary troubles. 

The heavenly creature reminds you that you should always wear a smile on your face. It would help if you never let that beautiful smile fade away, even in the most challenging time. Your animal totem highlights that it is essential that you know how to adapt yourself to the situation and deal with it accordingly. 

Meaning of the African Tiger Fish Spirit Animal in Dreams 

As far as the matters of your subconscious mind are concerned, you should remember it’s better if you pay proper attention to your dreams before things get out of your hands. If you have a plan for this animal, it’s high time you consider it a symbol of the universe. 

It is commonly believed that when individual dreams of being bitten by an African tigerfish, they will be hurt by someone much closer to them. In simple terms, this dream represents being backstabbed by your loved ones. Hence your divine animal totem is warning you from beforehand. 

Similarly, when it starts to appear in your dreams, it simply means that your animal totem is asking you to face your adversity and overcome your fears. Dealing with these spiritual creatures is not an easy task, so you need to be obedient if you want to benefit from it.

This spirit animal wants you to step out of your comfort zone if you’re going to succeed in your life. Therefore, if you see this divine creature in your dreams, you should step out of your comfort zone and start taking up challenging activities one at a time. It will not only boost your confidence level, but also you will develop trust in yourself. 

Your spirit animal is doing so to boost your morale, confidence, and trust. It asks you to trust the process, and everything else shall fall into place. The animal totem tries to convince you that you don’t need to seek others’ validation to know your self-worth. You shall prove it when the correct time comes. 

If you see an African tigerfish in your dreams, maybe your animal spirit wants to inform you that it’s time to let go of superstitions and blind beliefs. And how you should not focus much on them. 

Seeing such a scary creature in your dreams might not be pleasant. Thus, you should work on bringing positive changes in your surroundings, even if it means forgiving others who have done wrong to you. Thus it will be set for you if you sit down and try to decode your dreams one by one. 

Positive Attributes of the African Tiger Fish Spirit Animal 

Among the various attributes this animal totem possesses, some are noticeable and rarely seen in other creatures. For instance, this animal totem wants you to take risks in your life. It clearly states that if you’re going to make it big in your life, you have to take risks. 

You should have the desire to take a leap of faith in the name of your animal totem; this proves that you don’t say, but you trust your divine messenger from heaven. And you are ready to do what it takes to prove your dedication towards them. 

With the help of this totem, you can overcome all our bad habits and harmful traits. It motivates you to be a positive individual in life, given that these creatures are scary and might not look that appealing to you. 

When you seek the guidance of this animal totem, it encourages you to be a decisive individual in life. It wants you to think about the consequences of your action and act accordingly. This spirit animal highlights the importance of pointing out the pros and cons of your decision.

Love and the African Tiger Fish Spirit Animal 

Yes, you heard it right. It might come as a wonder to you, but animal totems are challenging to love. Sometimes these people are the safest to get involved with romantically. Similarly, they can turn into a beast and make hell out of your life. 

This animal spirit tells you to love and accept people as they are. The marine creature instructs you to be friendly and pleasant to your loved one. You should not criticize others for their individuality; instead, you should respect their identity and accept them. 

The animal totem wants you to develop a close-knit relationship with your loved one. It wants you to invest time and effort in your relationships if you want them to sustain in the long run. 

It would help if you limited yourself from seeking attention all the time; this might not be a good thing; you might end up being a self-obsessed person. At the same time, the tigerfish motivates you to take care of loved ones and look after them. 

People with this totem usually have a hard time looking for a partner. It is generally because of their rough and tough attitude or aggressive body language. But these kinds of people are very loyal to their partners. But they are very caring, and they make sure that no one should try to harm their partner. 


In the beginning, you might have landed yourself on some preconceived notions regarding this spirit animal. Please overlook those and focus on their positive attributes. It will help you change your perspective toward them, and you will be able to control your thought process. 

As far as its significance as a spirit animal is concerned, I guess by now, we all have been able to develop an idea about it. When you are born with this totem, you automatically become an intelligent person. Therefore use it wisely, do not let it go to waste. 

Your animal totem wants you to remember that you will become successful in your life, given that you work hard for it. Earning your rewards by manipulation is not the correct way; instead, you should focus on working hard on yourself.

Trust is your biggest strength; this is what keeps your success. Always remember to believe in yourself and have trust in your animal totem. Rest should be taken care of by them; you shall not worry about anything.