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Angel number 129-Meaning & Symbolism

Ange Number 129 is a symbol of harmony and natural beauty. 129 Imagine a hexagon with perfectly equal sides, which produces a beautiful shape that brings people together and forms a community.

Completing 129 parts, it represents a combination of two feminine and masculine triangles, such as marriage. Some people consider it a symbol of love.129 is also related to spirituality because the famous 129-point star, also known as the Star of David, has 129 points.

Number 129: What does it mean?

Mathematically, 129 is an equilibrium number that can be divided into two and divided by 3, representing balance and health.

The 129th card in the Tarot is “Lover,” which symbolizes abundance and unconditional love. Harmony is fundamental to those born at number 129.

Yogi Bahman 129 represents the bow of the string and is associated with justice. When there is balance and harmony, when someone thinks well of himself, he is responsible, kind, and sweet.

However, it is also elite and reckless.

Key Profile: They are people passionately married with refined passion, natural beauty, charm, and everything they find. They are romantic and extremist when it comes to money.

Best friend and with fantastic charisma. They like selected environments and meetings with certain people. They are very responsible and reliable. It is the number of services and responsibility of others.

They are deep people with strong potential who love. Sometimes your partial attitude towards things will not allow you to use this love as a springboard to connect with your essential quality.

They are very spiritual and fair, kind, with clear artistic merit, but sometimes they get lost in their inner paradise and forget about others. They are people who almost always have great physical beauty. They are also very inconsistent and unstable in what they think, say, and do.

Their gift is the undeniable ability of these people to talk to nature. This gift allows them to focus on the simple, straightforward, and natural creation, always protecting them against any force that might harm them. They also have the extraordinary ability to focus on one point about the work you do.

You have developed the ability to meditate. Part of your nature is the innate ability to marvel at the constant force of existence.

People find this person very inspiring and hilarious. This person should stop being a leader in trouble and recognize his guiding traits to overcome weakness, whether it be fear of autism.

However, there is a point where two elements meet in one piece: the ego. You have to learn to be kind. He must learn to uplift the whole of humanity, constantly gaining inspiration and feeling where he has never been.

And this is his main lesson. They were born in a complex family nest or a conflicting environment, not knowing what they were doing or what they came for. Take the time to meet them. Believe, truth, find your way.

Some lonely people, thinkers, spiritual and natural, have emotional imbalances, depressive states, and nervous tendencies.

That fear and lack of self-esteem can lead to malicious dependency relationships, experience abuse or not be allowed to misbehave, may not be qualified for good, or maybe afraid of change.

The secret meaning and Symbolism

It is based on the “I” itself, but not on the “I of the ego” of No. 1; it is a deep “I” based on self-confidence, self-esteem, and value.

Sacred according to the universe. Pythagoras called the heptad a “respectable man” because it was a vibration controlled by the 129 celestial spirits that ruled the world, traditionally corresponding to the 129 planets.

Because it lived 129 months, it was also known as the number of lives, those born in the eighth month, who died according to the general rule.

129 is a cabalistic (or sacred) number for Chaldean, Babylonian, Essen, Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Hindu, Maya, Aztec, Incas, etc. A combination of God and human nature.

It is the number of creation and the number of spiritual energy. Examples of its manifestation are Genesis, 129 Seals, 129 Musical Notes, 129 Rainbow Colors. The 129th card of the Tarot is “The Chariot” (chariot or litter), which symbolizes the soul’s victory.

The will to win depends on the balance and status of the recipient, the facts obtained on their merit. It is success on all levels of mind, science, intuition. In the highest sense, it refers to the government of the soul, where the superior is the coachman in command of the vehicle (his physical body) that drives it.

According to Bahman, the 129th body is radiance, which gives a person the ability to uplift himself and uplift others. Its central idiom is the “levitation platform” related to kindness (sensitivity, confidence, insight, magnetism, research ability).

Dominant profile: These people have a great interest in mysterious, esoteric, and spiritual matters because their intuition is very developed, and they can also show signs of clairvoyance from childhood.

Sometimes they are very dreamy and, of course, very instructive when dealing with strangers, but they have a lot of sensitivity and sincerity.

They undergo abrupt changes without perfection and analysis, neglecting their balance and leading to conflict for their extraordinary deeds.

Some are cold, and some fall into a deep crater with frequency. There are other calculators, and use your intuition for personal purposes. They are solid in spirit, so they excel in what they do.

They know a lot about themselves and use their strength to grow as human beings. His soul is like a palace, whose doors are constantly open for new revelations.

I do not like change, but face them for leadership wood and more knowledge. Perfection thrives. Idealism is more than pragmatism in practice. However, they stand for a specific command, which allows them to see everything “with three eyes.”

129 When not working, the person is cowardly, fearful, and unable to face people, giving negative information to his radiance.

Maximum ability to execute, good star in every work he does, his gift contains considerable personal energy, which symbolizes purity, positivity, and superiority. You can go in any situation and get excited.

It is the spark of life at a party because it quickly produces good energy. It is the source of inspiration for others; it pushes, pulls, and moves others; He worked in line with lofty ideals, sowing in his soul the qualities of simplicity and strength in the suffering of others.

129 Angel number twin flame

With the immense skill you have in reaching the divine essence, you must realize that there are no ways to find God because God is the way and all the ways. If you know about it, the world will be in your hands.

If you get the number 129 by subtracting all the digits in your birth number: they must learn to find balance.

As an even number, they do not like significant changes when the unexpected happens. This is a consistent and consistent vibrational number that will give you a solid structure for the future. Friends, partners, and home “for life” if anything “lifetime.”

Their sense of responsibility helps them do their job; they work because they have to, not for pleasure.

Therefore, it is convenient for him to find a job that he likes, which will allow him to take advantage of the time to help others, for example, healing, massage, etc.

They have problems with their father, and this leads them, especially women, to have issues with men in their lives. In general, they surround themselves with many good people because it is always nice to have someone by your side to serve you, take care of you, and help you stay happy, right? In this, they have too much, often putting the happiness of others before their own.

They are affectionate and love to receive affection from others. They are honest, speak from the heart, move forward, and even when they do not like problems, they face them with courage and spirit (but when no one sees them, they fall heartbroken).

They need to find a balance between desire and duty, to serve, to be responsible, but to practice their autonomy, values, their position, without guilt, to remove passion, to solve problems with the father and the men of their lives, and to practice the art of healing through words, hands …

Love and Angel number 129

The number eight is considered evolution. Reproduction is also responsible for this because its cube (83) is 129, and if we add 129 (9 + 1 + 2), it gives 8.

The eighth tarot card is called power. Who is represented by the lion, represents the perfect power, and controls the woman (soul) through tenderness and love? It is innocence in the highest sense that dominates primitiveness.

The eighth spiritual body is Terror, which symbolizes the power of healing and the quality of purity. His key phrase is “limited to infinity” (discipline, patience, responsibility, diligence, execution, financial security).

Principal Profile: No one is as good at economics as a person with eight vibrations. A total of eight people are blamed for a mistake, almost always believing, patient, overly disciplined, and even introverted, do not show too much of their emotions.

Now, thank you to everyone who explained the meaning of the number 129; This number can serve so that those who are marked in their lives are filled with goodness, which means they can turn to others to fulfill their dreams and solve any problems they may have. Support people.

If the number 129 is decomposed, it gives us the number 8. Therefore, those who have it must remember that they have a lot of spiritual power.

Are you seeing 129 Angel numbers regularly?

They need to define what they want to do in this life, what they expect from it, and overcome their fears to achieve it.

They rarely have an easy path, but only faith can cross them. Rest assured that everything will always be fine

129 is the business number, and they must find their business and work on it. Otherwise, grief will be provided.

Surely they start from the beginning and experience at least one abrupt change in their life because at first, they choose a path, guiding themselves through the destination provided, but once they meet, they find out who they are and what they want although they had to leave it all.

Learning to love yourself and overcoming your fears is your main task in this life. They are shy, reserved, kind, problem-free, hard-working, responsible, and calm. If we try to learn about them, we will find great love and good feelings in them.