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Angel Number 189- Meaning and Symbolism

Everything in this world has a definite purpose. A chair has been made to sit on it and get relaxed comfortably; a bed’s goal is to provide rest and sleep to someone, a pen’s purpose is to write something.

Each and everything that was ever created or made by keeping some goal in mind. If so, then the world’s most sophisticated creations are humans; what is human’s purpose? This is a question that has been haunting the greatest minds of the human species for a very long time.

We didn’t even know to date what our purpose was? An argument that contradicts this belief is that we should not necessarily have a definite purpose. But if we think about it in some depth, we can conclude that we are created; there must be a creator.

And common sense says that if a thing is created, there must be some purpose for it. Most of us fail to know or find our purpose in life; most of us seek our entire life about what we should do and why we should do it, but many don’t get any satisfactory answer to the question.

Fortunately, we are not alone in this pursuit of truth. Everybody has a guardian angel who helps the person to find its true identity and purpose in life. But who are these guardian angels? There are many planes of existence beyond our reality.

Many dimensions in the world are beyond the understanding of a human mind’s capabilities. We humans live in a materialistic world, where everything is made up of matters. Matters can be felt, touched, or sensed.

We have eyes to see, nose to smell,  tongue to taste, and skin to handle issues, but we don’t have any sensory organs to communicate with the beings of the spiritual world. Like our materialistic world,  the spiritual world is also present there where beings of different biology exist.

The beings of the spiritual world are known to us as angels. These Angels are pure soul beings with a very kind-hearted and morally rich life. Since we lack any sensory organ or medium to interact with the spiritual world, in the same way, the beings of the spiritual world also lack the medium to communicate with this materialistic world.

The only way to interact between these worlds is to possess a very high level of consciousness. Only a few people in the history of humankind have kept this type of hyper consciousness, but the angels are very wise and intelligent beings. Unlike humans, they get the required ability to communicate relatively easily.

However, they can’t directly communicate with the beings of this world; they try to convey their thinking by various signs and indications.

Angel number 189 is one of these signs that the guardian angels give to humans. This article will discuss the true meaning of the angel number 189, why the angels choose the number 189 to convey their message, and conclude if you are witnessing the angel number 189 too frequently or regularly.

Number 189- What does it mean?

Why did the angels choose the number 189 to convey their thoughts? Why do the guardian angels want to help us, and what is the significance of angel number 189?

The angels are spiritually very superior to us, and they keep an eye on our actions. To observe us, the angels sometimes develop a special kind of bond with us and start to care for us, the angels who begin to care about a person become his guardian angels and show him the correct path of life.

The number 189 is said to be an angel number because the angels directly guide us, inspire us, motivate us, and sometimes warn us through life’s path. Unlike humans, the angels are not bonded with time; we can only live in the present and have no access to the pastor to see the future.

But the guardian angels do not have any restrictions and can simultaneously see all the past, present, and future. The angels know what a person’s lot will happen if he continues the path he is currently walking on, so they can tell us about our upcoming life events through the angel’s number. 

Angel number 189 deals with hope; guardian angels, through this number, are trying to tell you that you should keep hope and faith in yourself as your life is soon going to have a very positive change.

All your hard work and dedication will finally pay off, and you will very soon be going to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. A time with good fortune is waiting for you, and the only thing you have to do is grab the opportunity. 

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

When it comes to the angel number, every digit has a vibration and energy attached to it. The science which deals with the study of these vibrations and energies is called numerology.

The numerologist studies the pattern of these numbers and tries to find the meaning of all the digits of the number. The experts and disciples of this subject have worked very hard to decode the true meaning of these angel numbers.

They have had outstanding success in achieving the hidden secrets of the angel numbers. The angel number 189 has three digits that are one, eight, and nine. One represents a new beginning and a new start, whereas eight is related to prosperity and wealth.

The last digit that is nine, tells about spiritual wisdom and morality. Angel number 189 deals with a new beginning, some wealth that is either monetary wealth or maybe emotional or sentimental wealth and the enhanced spiritual wisdom.

The guardian angels, through this angel number, are trying to tell you that very soon, a new change is going to happen, and you will witness an immense increase in your wealth as well as spiritual wisdom. 

189 Angel Number Twin Flame

Angel number 189 talks about wisdom, wealth, and hope. All these three things are very intrinsically related to hope. Hope is that one thing that is a tool to fight the most disastrous and challenging war out there.

Guardian angels are trying to tell you to keep hope in your difficult times because this time will soon get altered entirely, and a life full of pleasure and happiness is on the verge of reaching you. 

If we add all the digits of angel number 189, we get 1+8+9 which is 18; if we further add all the digits, we get 1+8 which is 9. We discussed earlier that in numerology, the number 9 represents spiritual wisdom.

The digit 9 is the most prevailing and robust sign in the angel number 189, and thus its effect is also higher than the other numbers in this angel number 189.

Through this angel number, the guardian angels are trying to tell you that you are on the correct path of gaining spiritual wi. Once you are done obtaining the required spiritual wisdom, your will to have a very sharp turn and all your miseries will vanish instantly.

Love and Angel Number 189

Love is something that every person carves for; we all need love to sustain our life and deserve it. We all deserve to love and be loved by someone. But due to complex society formation and so many dilemmas in today’s world, it becomes tough to find true love.

But what is true love? When we talk about how we can think about how and what things we like to have in a partner. When you think about what you can give to someone instead of what you can expect from someone, you can conclude that you are true love. But let me tell you, true love does not work like that.

Angel number 189 tells about change, wealth, and spirituality. Most importantly the angel number 189 talks about hope; hope is very interestingly linked with the emotion of love. If you are already in a relationship, you should spend more time with your loved ones.

This is the best time for you to understand your partner better and establish a more intriguing bond with your spouse. If you are not in any relationship and are looking for a partner, it is the best time to approach the person you like.

Angel number 189 is telling you to take the first step and hope for the best. The guardian angels are giving you a powerful sign of change through angel number 189, and you should grab the opportunity and acquire as much happiness as possible in this time.

Seeing 189 Angel Number Regularly?

If you see angel number 189 wherever you go or have an encounter with this number very frequently, then you should start smiling.

Your guardian angels are pleased with you, and trying to tell you to keep doing your work with the same intensity as your life will soon witness a positive change. You should keep hope in your heart and believe in yourself.