Benefits of Drinking Water: 15 Reasons To Hydrate

Benefits of Drinking Water
Benefits of Drinking Water

Benefits of drinking water for the human body is surprising to know. Water is a vital element for us. But we forget to keep us hydrate regularly and face many problems.

An adults body weight contains 60% of water, 18% of protein, 16% of fat and 6% 0f minerals, etc. Our lungs are 90% of water, Brain is 73% of water and blood are more than 80% of water. Therefore, it is not very hard to determine how important is drinking water for us.

Even when we breathe, our body uses 64 ounces of water in a day. Let alone when you exercise and play outdoor games.

But it seems to be difficult to keep us hydrated when our body uses a vast amount of water to regulate and maintain our health.

Don’t worry, I guarantee you that you will be motivated to drink enough water that requires for your body after knowing the incredible benefits of drinking water.

Let us determine how much water do you actually need to drink any given day?

The amount of water you need to drink each day depends upon many factors like weight, sex, weather, and the intensity of the exercises you do. According to the Institute of Medicine, adequate intake of total beverage per day (AI) to be about 3 liters for men and 2.2 liters for women.

There is a simple method to calculate your adequate amount of water intake every day. Just multiply your weight by 2/3 or 67% to calculate how much water you need to drink daily. In addition with it add 12 ounces of water for every 30 minutes of workout.

Now you know the actual amount of water you need to drink. But it is difficult to remind yourself every time to take the glass of water. So, following reasons of benefits of drinking water will motivate you to increase your water intake to an adequate level.

Benefits of drinking water

Here are the 15 mind-blowing benefits of drinking water for you to enjoy. Keep remainder of these benefits to motivate yourself to remain hydrated.

(1) Helps to lose weight

Benefits of Drinking Water
Benefits of Drinking Water

Surprised? Well, don’t be because it is a real fact that water helps you to lose weight. Water carries out the fat by-products out of your body. It helps the digestion system to operate correctly. Therefore, no fatty components are stored in the stomach.

Drink half an hour before you take a meal to lower your food intake and hence lower calorie (1,2).

When you drink two glasses of water before taking a meal your stomach feels full. Therefore, it becomes harder for you to eat excess and there are fewer chances of storing fats in your body.

If you want to remain fit and healthy with a slim figure than it is important to keep yourself hydrated.

(2) Boosts energy and brain power

One of the main benefits of drinking water is to boost your energy and brain power. The brain is 73% of water, so an adequate supply of water to the brain can make you active, increase concentration, and more energy level.

According to the bsx technologies, the water has following impacts on our brain…

  • Dehydration affects our mood
  • Dehydration reduces cognitive and motor skills
  • Dehydration makes us more sensitive to pain
  • Dehydration affects our memory.

Hence, provide an adequate amount of water to your brain and it will do wonders for you.

(3) Strengthens immune system

Benefits of Drinking Water
Benefits of Drinking Water

Water helps to strengthen your immune system to the next level. It is unlikely to get sick if you are taking the required amount of water daily. And it also helps to carry the oxygen to our body cells, resulting in the proper function of the systems. As water flushes out the toxins from our body, it could prevent toxins to build up and have a negative effect on our immune system.

If you add a teaspoon of lemon to a glass of water then it will boost your immune system. Lemons are a great source of vitamin C, which is known to boost the immune system, fight diseases and cold. It also may help in digestion and aid in detoxification.

(4) Keeps your heart healthy

There is a direct relationship between drinking water and our heart health. Researchers found that water may lower your risk of heart attack by 41%.

This study found that there is less risk of fatal coronary heart disease if you take enough water.

Therefore, grab a glass of water to keep your heart healthy and ever active.

(5) Lowers the risk of Cancer

One of the many benefits of drinking water is that it can prevent cancer.

Water is essential for healthy digestion. It pushes food along through the intestinal tract while helping to keep the gut flexible and lubricated. It flushes out the toxins from the digestive tract and prevents disease like colon cancer.

Water helps to protect the vital organs of our body like bladder, colon, and breast tissues against cancer. The research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology tells that more water you drink, less likely to develop the cancer of these organs.

(6) Water prevents hangover

Benefits of Drinking Water
Benefits of Drinking Water

A hangover occurs after drinking alcohol. It is felt mostly in the morning after we wake up.

The alcohol is a diuretic which may cause dehydration in you. The shortage of water in our body is one of the main reason for a hangover. (3,4)

Therefore, just grab a large glass of water and add some lemon in it, the next time when you get a hangover.

(7) Prevents headaches

Water can help to relieve and prevent headache and Migraines. Most commonly the headache and migraines along with the back pain is caused by dehydration.

A dehydration headache can occur after intense sweating when the body loses essential fluids. When the body is dehydrated the brain stops to work properly and shrinks, causing a headache.

A dehydration headache can be easily prevented by drinking enough water regularly.

(8) Benefits of drinking water for skin

Our skin is one of the most sensitive organs in our body. Water is essential to protect our skin cells from wrinkles and other diseases. It provides essential nutrients to the skin cells and maintains the moisture of the skin. And it also can protect your skin from aging. The water keeps the skin hydrated and glistening.

Water flushes out the toxins from our body, increases the metabolic rate and supports the digestive system. This, in turn, is good for our skin health.

Drinking water can fight some skin disorders like psoriasis, wrinkles, and eczema. It also cleanse and keeps your skin clean by removing bacteria and reduce the risk of acne.

(9) Prevents Kidney stones and other kidney related diseases

The benefits of drinking water for the kidney’s are vital. Because water dissolves the minerals and nutrients and carry them to the whole body.

Water is essential for the kidney to function because kidney filters the fluids inside the body. If the kidney does not work properly, the body can build up waste products and extra fluids. This can result in the formation of kidney stones and other kidney related diseases.

Not drinking enough water or dehydration can lead to kidney failure, which can be dangerous for your life.

Benefits of Drinking Water
Benefits of Drinking Water

(10) Prevents bad breath

Apart from not brushing properly and maintaining hygiene, lack of water can make your breath smell like a dumping ground.

Drinking enough water flushes out the bacteria and germs, along with the waste materials from your stomach. This leads to a smell free breath.

Next time you feel like a bad breath coming out from your mouth, grab a glass of water and drink it in a sitting position.

(11) Elevates mood

When your body works perfectly without any complexity and difficulty, it is bound to make you happier.

If you are properly hydrated, you will feel fuller, brain functions properly and enhance your concentration, attention, and performance. This in turn bound to keep you in an elevated and good mood.

(12) Water increases the ability to exercise

It is very important to keep yourself hydrated during any type of physical exercises. Because as low as 2% of losses of water can harm your ability to exercise or do any physical activity properly.

The 80% of our muscles are water, so it is not very surprising that the muscle will stop working properly if we are dehydrated.

When you exercise or do any physical activity, the water in the body comes out in the form of sweat. The excess sweating and not taking enough water can make you fatigue, weak and unmotivated.

(13) Benefits of drinking water on Cramps and Sprains

Benefits of Drinking Water
Benefits of Drinking Water

Our joints are lubricated with the help of the water, so we can move and become flexible. Therefore, it is essential to provide adequate amount of water to the joints.

Otherwise, in the form of dehydration the cramps and sprains may occur often and cause immense pain.

Keeping your water intake properly will keep your muscle’s ability to perform and your ligaments will remain flexible. This way the water prevents the cramps and sprains from your body.

(14) Water may relieve constipation

Another benefits of drinking water is that it can relieve you from constipation.

Constipation is the situation when your bowel movements are infrequent and hard to pass. Some symptoms are abdominal pain, bloating, and feeling of incomplete bowel movement.

Drinking low amount of water may lead to constipation in the human.

With an adequate amount of water, we can get relieves from constipation.

(15) Water regulates the body temperature

Benefits of Drinking Water
Benefits of Drinking Water

The last, but not the least benefits of drinking water is that it regulates the body temperature. Our body maintains the temperature all the time, even when we are asleep.

Someday, when we are asleep, we shocked and wake up from a horrifying dream and find that our body is covered with sweats. This way, the body maintains the temperature even when we are in sleep.

When you play, exercise, because of weather, and even for anxiety and stress the body temperature goes up. The heat may have affected the important parts of your body if it does not flush out the sweats and maintains proper temperature.



These are the 15 interesting and important benefits of drinking water for us. Remember these benefits to stay motivated to drink more amount of water.

Start drinking enough water and you will do wonders.

Do you think that you drink enough water?


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