Benefits of waking up early


Benefits of waking up early
Benefits of waking up early

Benefits of waking up early in the morning were first touted by Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of America. He quoted, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

It is not just an old saying , but it’s true. There are thousands of scientific research and studies that show that waking up early benefits you in many ways. The benefits are from all aspects of your life, such as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

So, let’s head start towards the benefits of waking up early in the morning in your life in details.

You get more rest

Waking up early can provide you much more rest than the people waking up late. You get more sleep and rest because when you go to sleep and wake up early at the same time every day, the body sync with the earth’s natural circadian rhythm. This means that your brain is adjusted to the natural cycle of day and night, dark and light.

This circadian rhythms releases the hormones and manufactures the chemicals your body needs to repair itself. This way you become more rested, healthier, happier, and smarter.

I have tried it for many years in my life and found that waking up early at the same time provides me deep rest within my body and mind and makes me active.

It boost your positivity

When I wake up early I feel more positive to do my daily chores. I am straight forward towards my goal of the day and the bigger goals of life. Rather, when I wake up late it takes me a long time to prepare myself to do my chores and work towards my goals.

Studies also show that the morning person is more agreeable, more optimistic, positive and tend to be satisfied with their life. The morning and evening people have different personalities attributing to their waking up times. The people who are night owls are more intelligent and creative, but they are more depressed and pessimistic towards their life. But the morning larks are more optimistic in every field of their life.

Waking up early makes you more productive

Other benefits of waking up early in the morning are that you get a couple of extra hours in your life. And usually, there is no tension and other disturbances like phone calls, social sites, the internet (you have to choose), noise pollution etc. early in the morning.

As you are more active and get a lonely time you can be more productive. You can plan your day ahead at first hand. And then you can do your regular exercises and meditation. Even then, you have time to write a chapter of your book or write a nice blog post, make videos, practice your art of dancing, or singing, whatever you choose to do. It is much more productive for the students. Because they get a fresh brain to remember the things which are complicated.

You get time to exercise

It may not be possible for everyone to exercise in the evening because of work and family pressures. But when you wake up early in the morning you get a real hour to exercise and make your body and mind healthy.

The regular exercise in the morning boosts, your energy to be more active and attentive throughout the day. Exercise also create a deeper sleep cycle, leading to better sleep. This way you become more healthy.

Columbia University found that if you exercise regularly, you are able to grow and maintain new brain cells and nerve cells in the hippocampus region of the brain. Okay, it does simply mean that you are smarter for longer years and less likely to develop dementia.

To get optimum results from your exercise session, you have to do meditation and pranayama along with physical workout. This will keep your brain calm, clean your body from within, increase your concentration, will power and stay active and positive for the rest of the day.

Benefits of waking up early in Study and Academics

A 2008 study on Texas University found that students who told that they woke up early made better grades than the ones who woke up late in the morning. In fact, they scored a full point higher on their GPA- earning 3.5 versus 2.5 GPAs.

Waking up early makes the student more proactive to study and they usually get more time to study than their counterparts. The early birds get more time to sleep, more rest, a deeper sleep, hence has a good memory and analytical abilities.

Therefore, we have to teach our children to wake up early to reap the benefits it provides in academics.

More time for family

When you get up early and get the works done, both your own and your office, you have left more time with your family to spend. You can spend quality time with your wife and kids, elder ones and neighbors in the evening. There will be no worry and tension, you will be totally relaxed as your important tasks are already done.

This is another benefit of waking up early. The quality time is the key to success in the married life. If you don’t give enough time to your better half, your married life may suffer. Therefore, it is inevitable to reap the benefits of waking up early in the morning to get more energy and time for yourself and your family.

You get a headstart

If you wake up early, you will get a headstart for the day. Remember the day you woke up late and wrestle to reach your work on time. Sometimes you may have to sacrifice breakfast or meal and sometimes you forget to bring important documents, files to your work. This happens because you are in a hurry as you are going to be late.

When you wake up late you are already losing your peace and patience of mind because of the pressure on you. As the beginning of the day is not good your whole day become haphazard.

For the early risers, they’re not racing around trying to shower, eat, get dressed, and deal with kids and other family members to get their day going. They begin their day relaxed, purposeful and calm because they are early birds. You don’t have to race around because you are not late or in hurry for anything.

Early risers are happier person

Randler’s study shows that the early risers are happier. Though the exact reason for happiness is not known, it might be because of the circadian rhythm or cycle. And the release of hormones and chemicals, which influence our emotions inside the brain are mainly responsible for the happier state of the early risers.

Another reason may be is that they get their important works done, get time to greet the day and get enough time for leisure and relax. This makes them a happier person than the late risers.

Final Thoughts

istory is full of millions of successful people who are early risers. They attribute their success to the head start on the day. There are successful night owls too, but the early risers are overwhelming in the majority than their counterparts.

You have to practice from today to wake up early to reap the benefits of it. At first, you may face some problem to wake up early but soon it will become a habit within weeks or months.

Wish you a successful and happy life.


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