Amazing Benefits Of Walking Barefoot


Benefits of walking barefoot are recently discovered by scientific researches but it was practiced by the human being from thousands of years. Only after the industrial revolution we have forgotten to go barefoot and lost our connection with the soil.

You will be surprised to know the amazing benefits of walking barefoot. The most recent studies have shown that walking barefoot is one of the most right decision you can make right now to improve your health.

The negative ions present in the earth can balance the positive ions of the body when we walk barefoot on sand or grass. Walking our feet naked will pressurize the acupuncture points on feet and it can deliver amazing health benefits.

The amazing benefits of walking barefoot are

Benefits of walking barefoot on Weight loss

You can shed off a lot of extra body weight if you go around in bare feet because this can lead to the activation of the major muscle groups in your body. When you walk bare feet, the appropriate amount of coordination in the body parts leads to using up more body fats than when you wear footwear.

Walking barefoot can help you in Insomnia

This study has found that walking barefoot can have a good impact on the physiological process of us. It relaxes our body in the night to have a better sleep.

The endorphins production on the body during walking barefoot may be also a cause of good sleep.

Benefits of walking barefoot in Muscle development

You will be able to develop the muscle of the lower extremities easily if you go bare feet. Because this can aid in recruiting the foot muscles that go to dormant every time you wear footwear. Going bare feet leads to promote the amount of muscle strength and endurance on your feet and thighs.

Lessen the risk of Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is type of arthritis which tends to emerge in the over weight bearing regions of your body. Thus the most badly affected region is the feet. It also tends to appear to people who wears ill-fitted shoes regularly. This happens because every time they wear these, the alignment of the foot structure tends to shift. Therefore, the wrong parts of the body which are not designed to bear weight have to carry the weight.

In the long run, this behavior can make the people affected by osteoarthritis. When you start walking barefoot this condition never happens and your weight will be distributed evenly to the right muscles.

Benefits of walking barefoot on the Brain function

It is found that when you walk barefoot, especially in the uneven or rocky ground your brain will function more. Your motor neurological ability and analytical ability will increase.

It also increases the concentration power and the ability of the brain to solve problems. But it will be more effective if you practice meditation along with walking barefoot.

Improve your cardiovascular system

The cardiovascular system is very important for the health of the heart and body. Walking barefoot has amazing benefit for the cardiovascular health because it improves the blood circulation to the heart.

Walking barefoot may reduce Depression

There is no concrete evidence or accurate reason why walking barefoot reduce depression. In fact, it is more subjective than an objective effect on the part of the person who decides to walk around in bare feet.

I have tried and doing regular walks with barefoot and found that it really decrease stress and anxiety. It may be the dopamine released during barefoot walking is the reason behind the enhancing of mood and reduction of depression.

Benefits of walking barefoot in healing wounds

A bare feet is bound to better your wound healing abilities. This happens because you encourage faster blood circulation in your body every time you decide to walk barefoot. This can lead to the improvements in nutrients supply on the affected part and start healing quickly.

Walking barefoot can improve Thermoregulation and Sensation

Thermoregulation is the process of retaining the temperature of the body in complete equilibrium. Walking barefoot leads to the perfect perceiving of the temperature of the ground and surrounding. This will be beneficial for your body to adjust more accurately it’s surrounding.

The Sensation is the feeling you get from touching or interacting with something. With the decision of going barefooted, you provide the feet to interact with its environment by virtue of tactile feedback. This will lead you to better understand your surrounding.

Benefits of walking barefoot for your Immunity system

When you walk bare feet the stimulation in the nervous system can improve your immunity. In this study published by the Journal of environmental and public health found that earthing or walking barefoot accelerated the immune response. This was demonstrated by the increase in gamma globulin concentration.

Therefore, you should go barefoot every time get a chance and encourage your kids to play with wearing any shoes to improve the immune system.

It controls blood pressure

The earthing stimulates the nerves of the feet. The acupuncture points on the feet lead to decrease the chronic state of stress from your body when you walk barefoot. This can be a very good factor to reduce your blood pressure.

Walking barefoot benefits in chronic Joint, back pain, and muscle stiffness and pain

In this study, the researchers have found that earthing or walking barefoot has tremendous benefits in the reduction of pain. They found that earthing has improved more than 80% of subjects chronic, joint, back pain and muscle stiffness and pain.

Improves the flexibility and agility

Flexibility is the property of a certain body part to extend to a certain degree of motion and then the ability to move it to the original position at your will. This is important to perform your day to day works like climbing stairs, a ladder, and ramps. Flexibility is an inevitable quality if you play any type of sport.

The benefits of walking barefoot is that it improves your flexibility level on your lower body.

Agility is the ability to change directions whenever you are performing a type of movement within a given speed and velocity. Studies revealed that this ability increases with the increase in muscle strength and endurance.

There is no other better way to improve the agility of our lower extremities than walking barefoot.

Benefits of walking barefoot in connecting with the nature

It is an inevitable part that when you walk barefoot, you are more closer with the mother nature. The naked feet can touch the lofty ground and the accent enters your mind through the feet skin.

The sunshine on your face and body feels great, especially in the morning. You are closer to the God by perceiving his greatness in the form of nature. You will be more positive and productive.

To sum up

I have been going barefoot whenever I get a chance to. It has benefitted me tremendously in every way possible. Therefore, I personally recommend you to walk barefoot every now and then and get these wonderful benefits listed above.

Have you tried going barefoot?

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