Can you get STDs from kissing?

Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs which are transmitted through sexual intercourse, comprising vaginal, oral and anal intercourse. STDs can also spread through body fluids, blood, skin contact, and mother to her newborn child.

Can you get STDs from kissing?

Can you really get STDs from kissing?

I don’t want to embarass you, but YES, STDs can be transmitted through kissing.

Though it is more unlikely to happen but if your partner has an open sore or cut in mouth, kissing can exchange blood. And blood is the major source of STDs transmission.

STDs that are passed through kissing are:


Herpes is the most common of STDs that can be transmitted through kissing. Herpes can last for a lifetime in the patient and the virus can remain dormant for years before showing any signs. You may have Herpes but you may not recognize it.

It is a very common disease and treatment are available widely and can be cured easily.

Therefore no need to worry much about it. Just be careful before kissing your new partner or just have a talk about it.


There are four stages of Syphilis. The first stage or primary stage can depict the symptoms like having sores, typically around genitals and mouth.

The second or secondary stage has symptoms like skin rash, swollen lymph, lymph nodes, and fever.

But there are no signs of third or Latent stage of the Syphilis. And the fourth stage can bring very several medical problems.

The first three stages of Syphilis can be contaminated through oral, anal, vaginal sex and kissing.


Hepatitis B is another awful STD that can be passed through the saliva of mouth and open sores. Therefore, kissing can potentially transmit it from a person to another.

Hepatitis B is more likely to transmit through anus-to-mouth sex play. Because Hepatitis B often found to live in human excrements.

Hepatitis B can even damage your liver if left untreated.


Though it is not likely for you to get contaminated STDs with kissing, it is always good to take precautions before anything bad happens.


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