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Clouds Dream Meaning And Symbolism

Do you keep wondering why you keep dreaming about clouds? Are you often get curious about and astound by the beautiful clouds in the sky?

If yes, then there is a symbolic meaning of clouds in your dreams. Understanding what these clouds dream meaning can give you insights about your own life and which you should pay attention to.

Clouds Dream Meaning

Generally speaking, dream about clouds often comes because you have to have more confidence and faith in yourself, but you lack it because you are facing some fears and anxieties in your waking life.

These clouds in your dream may also symbolize deep-rooted anxiety or fear as well as hopes, desires, and wonder of our inner being. It brings the message of a new beginning and growth in some parts of your life, as clouds bring water and rain on the earth.

Here are some symbolism of clouds in your dream:

Hope and Faith: People often associate clouds with having faith and trust that it will bring much-needed rain as a relief to the thirsty land. Dreaming of clouds revealing a ray of sunlight could be a symbol of keeping hope and belief about a certain situation.

To Find Clarity: It can symbolize a need to find more clarity in your life. If the clouds are moving away or being lifted, it may mean that you are about to understand something to its core.

Life Changes: Clouds can change the weather in an instant. It can transform the weather from storms to a bright sunny sky.

If you see that clouds are moving or the weather is changing in your dream about clouds, it may symbolize your upcoming changes for which you might be nervous about.

clouds dream meaning

Confusion And Doubts: This dream can bring confusion and doubt about something you are going through in your waking life. You may need more information before moving ahead, or you may have to proceed with caution. Fog clouds may symbolize the uncertainty of something.

Reaching Your Goals: As the popular sayings go, “building castles in the sky” is an expression that means having unrealistic dreams. Clouds may mean it is difficult to reach your dreams or goals as they may not be realistic.

Being Ungrounded: Dream about clouds may mean that you are not facing the reality of your life and acting immaturely like an ostrich bird who buries its head in the sand when facing something dangerous.

The dream about clouds may be a subtle message for you to come back into reality because there is the possibility that you are trying to escape your responsibilities and obligations.

Some of the other things to consider when you dream about clouds

Though the above meanings may help you to understand the meaning of your dreams about clouds, it is also essential to know and understand what the clouds are doing or what type of clouds you encounter in your dream.

When you pay attention to the details of your dreams, you can relate them to your real-life and what it means in your life, and what to do.

clouds dream meaning

Clearing of clouds and reveal the sunlight

This dream may resonate, clearing up beliefs, pains, or negative feelings, that have clouded your innate being and held you back from achieving your true potential.

When you see the sunlight coming through the clouds, it may also symbolize a ray of hope and development in your current real-life situation.

If Clouds cover up the sunlight

Something is a mystic, unknown, and inner problem that are unseen, bothering you very much that coves your imagination and creativity.

They alert you about your current blockages to your core self and suggest that you should break right through it and come out with flying colors.

Flying In Clouds:

If you happen to see flying in the clouds while dreaming, it may be a message to unleash your imagination and move forward in waking life. You have the power and energy to achieve everything and manifest your dreams and desires if you are determined to.

clouds dream meaning

Clouds are moving fast

When you see a kind of fast-moving cloud, it may indicate that you are moving too fast in your waking life.

It may also symbolize that important event, experiences, and opportunities are coming into your life; if you are not good enough to obtain and catch them, they may get passed away from you quickly.

White bright clouds:

The white, puffy clouds can have the sensations of spirituality and achieving awakening and enlightenment. It also denotes your patience and truth, along with being optimistic even in challenging and worse situations of life.

Gray clouds:

Dreaming about gray clouds brings the message of a higher amount of anxiety and illusions in your waking life. Such overshadowed clouds in dreams may be warning us about things we want to do shortly.

It may indicate that we are not feeling good about certain plans, and careful thoughts and plans are needed before proceeding further.

Black storm clouds:

Seeing black storm clouds can have a negative meaning regarding something in your near future. They may also bring you awareness about the troubles and problems that are building in your waking life.

You have to proceed with caution, pay attention to your intuition and inner-wisdom, and move forward only you are convinced that enemies are not camping in your path.

clouds dream meaning

Rolling all over clouds:

These types of clouds are volatile and may indicate that you are lost in your ideas, emotions without a clear direction, or whirling thoughts.

It may be a message to remain balanced and stable in your life and to relax a bit. There is nothing wrong with reaching late to your destination unless you never give up but take your time.

Have you seen a cloud dream recently? What type of cloud is it, and how it impacts your life? Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.