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Dream About Car Being Stolen: Meaning And Symbolism

Dreaming of your car being stolen is a nightmare for sure! This dream means a loss. There are chances of losing out on some possessions you love. Your job is at risk, and you might need to prove your worth. Try to be creative and impress your boss with your innovative approach. 

Your car represents your identity. A car signifies motion. Dreaming of a car being stolen suggests a loss of identity. If you lose your car in dreams, it refers to some identity issues.

There will be a connection with your past that will help you reconnect with your future. Control your emotions as they may hinder your growth. 

There are various hidden meanings of a dream of a stolen car. So, do not go away. Stay tuned and learn about the symbolism of a stolen car in your dreams. 

General Meaning of Dream About Car Getting Stolen

Let us talk about the general meaning of a stolen car in dreams. Your car is your belonging. Dreaming of a stolen car means losing out your possession. Someone will snatch something precious. It will be a shock for you.

A car being stolen hints at disappointment. Losing such a car means financial loss. Try to be a little more creative. The more you will experiment, the more you will succeed.

A stolen car hints at some mistreatment. You will be careless at the workplace, and your boss may rebuke you for this. Try to be polite and accept your mistakes.

The Symbolism of Dream About Car Getting Stolen

A car is a symbol of prosperity and movement. When you dream of your car getting stolen, it means hindrance. You will be selfish in your approach. Your focus will be on self- progress. There will be no focus on teamwork, which will hamper your career growth. 

You will be anxious and very possessive about certain people in life. No one wants to see a missing car. There is a constant fear of losing it out.

The re-entry of an ex-lover into your partner’s life will be a matter of worry for you. You will experience an upliftment of your mood. Dreaming of a stolen car is symbolic of rising levels. 

A stolen car signifies harm to your reputation. Your goodwill will be at stake. Someone will try to misuse your name for selfish reasons. Try not to give a power of attorney to anyone for any reason. 

What are the Different Scenarios of Dream About a Car Being Stolen Means?

  1. Dreaming About Your Car Stolen: Do you dream of a car getting stolen? This is a warning sign. It means trouble in life. There are chances of suffering some financial losses due to unsuitable investments. 
  1. Dreaming About Your Car Parts Getting Stolen: Those who dream of stolen car parts are insecure. They are afraid of losing out on something vital in life. You want to take everything under control. It will lead to arrogance, and you will experience a downfall. 
  1. Dreaming About Car Wheels Getting Stolen: Dreaming of car wheels stolen means caution. You are neglecting your health for work. Keep your health in order—practice yoga and exercise to stay fit. Do self-care to keep happy.
  1. Dreaming About Your Car Engine Getting Stolen: Do you dream of a car engine getting stolen? It means depending on others for every need. Try to be independent and live life on your terms. You might get a new love partner very soon. 
  1. Dreaming About Your Car Keys Getting Stolen: Dreaming of losing your car keys? It means getting emotional. You will give the remote control of your life to someone else. Life will teach you several lessons. 
  1. Dreaming of Someone Stealing your Car: Do you dream of someone stealing your car? It means terrible influence. There will be social pressure. Due to this pressure, you will commit some blunders in life. You will gain a bad reputation due to bad behavior. Try to act maturely and see the pros and cons of all your actions. 
  1. Dreaming of Driving a Stolen Car: Do you dream of driving a stolen car? You will be anxious and under pressure. It means fetching new opportunities. Take time out to relax and express your happiness with your loved ones. 
  1. Dreaming of Sitting in a Stolen Car: Sitting in a stolen car? This dream means exhaustion. You will get tired of working hard day and night. It is a time when you must give your mind, body, and soul some relaxation. 
  1. Dream of a Car Getting Stolen Recurrently: People who dream of a car getting stolen must take life seriously. They are taking everything lightly. It is time to be serious at work. Have fun in life but maintain the right proportion. 
  1. Dream of a White Car Getting Stolen: Do you dream of a white car getting stolen? Bad company will hurt your character. It means losing your purity. People will distract you from the path of righteousness. 
  1. Dream of Someone Driving Your Stolen Car: Do you dream of someone driving your stolen car? It means more responsibilities. Your boss will be happy with your performance. You will get control of several things in life. There will be a streamlining of thoughts and actions. 
  1. Dream of Finding Your Stolen Car in Parking: Dreaming of finding your car stolen in the parking lot? It means insecurity. You will try to escape from your current situations in life. All kinds of negative thoughts will fill your mind. Try to get mental console through meditation. 
  1. Dreaming Your Family Member Stealing Your Car: This is a rare dream. It means disloyalty. Someone whom you trust with blind faith will ditch you. Someone close to your heart will cheat you. Your life partner will hold you when you need love and care. 
  1. Dreaming of a New Car Getting Stolen: Do you dream of a new car getting stolen? Some hidden trouble will hamper your happiness. A distant relative might try to create confusion in the family. It means not being able to enjoy life for long. 
  1. Dreaming of Washing Your Car before it is Stolen: Do you dream of a stolen car right after you have washed it? It means you will receive new opportunities in your career. There will be a significant improvement in your family. All disputes and disagreements will settle. 
  1. Dreaming of Losing a Car from the Parking Lot: Do you dream of losing a car from the parking lot? It means fear and worry. You need to control your budget, as chances are going over budget. Make plans in advance to keep things and finances under control. 
  1. Are you dreaming of a Thief Stealing Your Car in Front of Your Eyes: Dreaming of a thief stealing your car? There is nothing worse than seeing this dream. It hints at helplessness. You know where and what is wrong. But you are helpless and can’t change the situation. 
  1. Dreaming of Your Car Getting Stolen at Gun Point: Do you dream of your car getting stolen at gunpoint? It means an attack. You will be vulnerable. Anyone can make use of you with ease. Your blind faith in others will put you at risk in life. 
  1. Dreaming of Car Getting Stolen from a Public Place: Dreaming of a car getting stolen from a public place means an accident. Something will break the chain of your happiness. Your guardian angels will warn you of danger. It is time to take every step with caution. 
  1. Dreaming of Car Getting Stolen by a Friend: If you see a friend stealing your car, it means dishonesty. You will fall prey to the treasury. Your partner will accuse you of infidelity. You are innocent and will find it hard to prove your innocence. 


Dreaming of a stolen car hints at some critical decisions. Your road to progress is full of hurdles. Make sure to go slow at work and take each decision with caution. A car signifies speed and energy.

Life will take a gear at full speed. Things that were at a halt will get a kickstart. A stolen car means some problems on your way to success.

Watching a stolen car in dreams symbolizes the loss of power and entity. People around you will try to snatch your hard work. A stolen car signifies social frustration and anxiety.