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Dream About Drowning

Do you keep seeing the Dream about drowning in the water? Did you see drowning in your dream again recently?

If yes, then you are just like me as I keep seeing this dream repeatedly. You are at the right place and guided to here by the Universe.

Dreaming about drowning in the water is a sign of your mental state going through turbulence. It is like playing with our emotions while dreaming.

We want to free ourselves. Immersion in water means starting a new life, achieving salvation, and offering your soul to the Lord. This dream is a spiritual dream that represents your current mental situation.

According to the famous dream psychologist Carl Jung, drowning in water is the symbol of an archetype. It is like a rebirth and rejuvenation of your soul.

The context or situation of the dream is most important to understand the meaning and interpretation of the dream.

Therefore, look at the details of your dream carefully to fully understand where, how, and with whom you were drowning. Did you drown and died in your dream? Was it frightening and made you sweat?

Dreaming of drowning in water can be an awful experience, and it can symbolize that your emotional states of mind are not stable.

Are you fearful of the future and worried too much? You might be going through family tension or pressure related to work and endeavors.

So, here are the different contexts and situations that are most common while you are dreaming about drowning in water.

Dream about Drowning In Water And Trying To Survive

If you keep seeing about drowning in water and trying for oxygen and yelling for help, it is a sign of imbalanced emotion.

Your emotional status is not quite balanced, and you are facing many problems at the same time. You may be recently fired from your job, a relationship may not be going well, and you may be financially devastated.

For whatever reason, you are not feeling a hundred percent emotionally fit and fine. Depression and anxiety are all around you at this time, and you are trying to get out of these situations.

Trying to survive while drowning in water symbolizes resistance and fightback you are doing in your real life. You don’t want to give up things easily and trying hard to overcome all the negative situations and things.

Dream Of Drowning And Being Saved

It is a message or sign of relief when you dream of drowning and being saved by someone.

The emotional tsunami you are going through in life is about to slow down and then disappear slowly. Your emotional status is about to become stable, and everything is going to be just fine.

This dream may also indicate that you are worried too much about your future. Your future is not looking bright, and you are on the verge of making an important decision about your future, which will directly impact you.

I personally dream about drowning in water and being saved or able to come alive somehow in my dream. It simply reminds me that I am more powerful than the problems and difficulties in my life.

Therefore, I keep positive thoughts and feelings even though I may be frightened by the dream of drowning.

Dream Of Drowning Child

Dreaming about a drowning child may indicate that we are worried about them and have an inner fear of losing them.

I keep dreaming about a child or children drown in water and yelling for help.

This dream may reflect an unresolved mystery or incident in your life when you were a child. The subconscious mind still holds the memories of those events, and they are now leaving their mark in your life.

It is time you pay attention to your past and tries to solve what is causing you problems. When you can clear your doubts and problems, your anxieties and worries along with this dream will fade away.

Dream Of Someone Drowning

When you dream of someone drowning, it is a sign that you are about to face a difficult situation. There may arise an emotional problem related to your family or loved one.

It is a reminder that you have left something undone which is causing you problems at present.

Dreams about drowning someone may also symbolize that a friend or near one is in danger. They desperately need your help and seeking you through the medium of a dream.

Dream Of Saving Someone From Drowning

If you or another person save someone from drowning, it is an auspicious sign for you.

It symbolizes the rewards and gains you are about to receive. The Lord and higher energies are pleased with you and want to reward you with your deserved things.

This dream is about saving someone’s soul from corruption and not do sin. You are urged here to become a soul-worker or helper of that friend to set foot on the right path.

Dream Of Someone Drowning Me

You are in a lot of trouble and problems if you see that someone is drowning you. Your enemies are surrounding you from everywhere and want revenge.

This dream is also a caution or warning to come back from a bad relationship. If something is not working out, even after trying everything you can, it is better to move on.

Another sign of this dream is your addiction to negative things like alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.

Dream About Drowning In A Lake

Dreaming of drowning in a lake indicates that you are deep in depression and tension, whether there are solutions to your worries and tensions around the corner.

You might be unaware of the solutions that are not far from you. It is because of the negative thoughts and actions that you are accustomed to.

As a lake is surrounded by land on all its sides, your problems also come with answers. It would help if you had an optimistic overview and a positive attitude towards everything in life.

This dream is a sign that it is time for you to look for the answers before it is too late, as you are slowly drowning in the deepest water of the lake.

Dream Of Drowning In Flood

If you keep seeing about drowning in a flood, tsunami, mudslide, and other natural disasters, then pay attention.

It is your intuition warning you that something terrible is going to happen in your life unexpectedly.

You may not even be warned and acknowledge that something grave is arriving in your way. This situation can have a dramatic effect on your life.

This dream of drowning in flood has been built by your subconscious because of some unresolved serious issues. You have been ignoring these issues and always neglecting them as worthless.

But now it has become enormous and will affect your life adversely.

The only solution is to become aware and attentive at every moment. Go for your intuition and inner wisdom and ask for help from them.

Dream About Drowning In Car

Dream about drowning in a car is a very terrific and awful experience. I have seen dreams of crushing my car on the side rail of the road and then falling into the nearby pond.

This is a fearful and haunting dream as you are stuck in a limited space of the car.

Even if you are a good swimmer (I can’t swim!), the car can be your coffin as it is tough to come out from a drowning car.

It is a sign of a situation in your real life that you cannot move or step forward. You are surrounded and strangled by the emotional ocean and suffocating like hell.

This dream indicates that there is minimal space in your life to advance and move forward.

Can You Die From Drowning In A Dream

If you are talking about real-life, then no, you can’t die from dreaming about drowning as, in actuality, you will be taking a breath while sleeping. We wake up from a dream after we get to the peak of it.

But the tension and sudden change of harsh emotion can lead to a heart attack for some people, like having a weak heart and the old.

It is impossible to suffocate in your dream and die because of a lack of oxygen if everything remains all right.

Dream About Drowning In Sewage

You are in a foul situation, and it is getting worse with every passing moment if you dream about drowning in sewage.

Sewage is the dirtiest and awful place where we don’t even want to look directly.

This dream is the sign of your sin and the crimes you have committed. These are having negative repercussions in your life.

They will let you down at every second of life and will always remind you that you have done wrong and guilty. The feeling of guilt is the most worse situation someone can have.

Dream About Drowning In River

The panic of drowning in the river indicates that you are emotional changes in your life. More panic means more emotional change.

The river is a flowing water body whose water is ever-changing and going towards its destination. Drowning in the river is the message of rebirth and resurrection.

It might also be a sign about your undone and pending works. You could not be able to finish them at the right time.

You don’t have a fixed goal and ambition in life or finding it very difficult to stay on the right path to your life mission and soul urge.

Dream About Drowning In A Swimming Pool

So, you have this dream about drowning in a swimming pool while bathing or exercising. This may indicate your inner nature of not expressing yourself clearly.

You want to say it loud and clear, but at the time required, you can’t utter a word.

You want to resign from your daily job and start your own business or career that suits you and your work ethic. The real you inside is urging you to step out and take control of your own life.

But this dream about drowning in a swimming pool represents your frustrations and inability to show the world your true talents.

You are tumbling to find your own rhythm, lifestyle, and career.

Dream About Drowning In Sea Or Ocean

This dream of drowning in a Sea or Ocean means under great pressure and emotional turbulence. The current of the Sea or Ocean is thumping you hard, and you are struggling to stay afloat and losing hope of survival.

It can indicate that you are under tremendous pressure from your surroundings in the real waking world. If you see big fishes surrounding you, it can imply more danger or pressure is coming towards you.

If a vessel or ship left you alone to die in the middle of the Ocean, it symbolizes the fear of being abandoned by somebody in the real world.

You might be too afraid about a relationship or a loved one. Is this a past relationship that had gone wrong? Are you trying to forget someone and not being able to?

Let the past be past and move forward towards the future. Drowning in the Sea can symbolize a rebirth of you.

Start a new life with a fresh beginning and manifest everything you wish to achieve in your life.

Dream About Drowning Dog

When you keep dreaming about drowning dogs in the water, it is a sign that is related to friends, family, and relationships.

It is loyal to your family and friends. True friendship and relationship always run on loyalty and faith.

You might be betrayed by someone very close to you. You are emotionally shattered, and depression is slowly creeping inside you.

Another meaning or interpretation of this dream may indicate your own betrayal of somebody. You are feeling the guilt and not being able to come out of it.

It is better to accept your guilt, and you know what to do.

Nobody becomes small or degrades by asking forgiveness, and forgiving someone is just Divine.

This dream may also indicate that you are afraid of losing someone dear to you. You want to protect them and worried all the time about them.

Meaning Of Dreaming About Drowning:

If you have been dreaming about drowning many times recently or for many years, it is a clear indication of emotional imbalance.

You need to consult and seek hypnotherapy and a psychologist. They will help you to uncover the hidden cause of your emotional inconsistency and recurring drowning dreams.

Regular Meditation and Praying will also help you to heal your subconscious mind and emotional status.

Your past may have the answer, as incidents like death, sudden loss, and breakups can be the cause of such dreams because they can leave you shattered and emotionally imbalanced, and at the risk of abandonment or loneliness.


To be concluded, dreams about drowning in water are an auspicious sign of spiritual awakening. It is based on your emotional intelligence and giving you the message to pay attention to spirituality.

A spiritually awakened and enlightened individual will never be worried and afraid of recurring dreams. Rather they will be able to transform these dreams to manifest their heart’s true desires and dreams.

Let these dreams come into your life and go. Keep your patience and move forward in life. Ask your intuition and instincts for answers you are seeking, and don’t hesitate to get help from professionals if you think in need.