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Dream About Number 000: Meaning And Symbolism

Are you watching number 000 in your dream quite often? Then, it is not a coincidence. It is an angel number shown to you because your guardian angels are keen to bless you with something valuable. What does it mean to see 000 in dreams? Let’s explore!

People who watch number 000 in their dreams will not fail to leave a lasting impression on others. It is a number that speaks of similarity and not volume. It hints at emptiness and scope to fill the gap with the right things. 

Dreaming of number 000 suggests unconditional and never-ending love. You will meet the true soul mate in the coming days and embark upon a new life journey with passion. There will be some divine interventions to help you make the right friends and avoid fraudulent people. 

There are several other interesting hidden meanings of a dream about the number 000. So, stay tuned and read this entire article to learn about such meanings. 

General Meaning of Dreams of Number 000

The general meaning of watching 000 in a dream is accomplishment and passion. You will be super-excited to start something new in life with the support of your loved ones. People will try to stop you, but you will move on like a zero and reach higher heights. 

Dreaming of the number 000 signifies uniformity and acceptance. You will abide by the laws of nature and your peers. There will be no revolt from your side, making life peaceful and satisfying. 

Number 000 in dreams also hints at an intuitive mind that warns you at the right time before taking a wrong step or decision. It is a number made by repeating the same digit thrice and denotes forming habits. Try to adopt good ones to get success and avoid discarding the bad ones. 

The Symbolism of Dreams of Number 000

Dreaming of number 000 is not a common scenario. It is an unusual number and often the first sequence on a lock or anything that needs a digital password. Seeing this particular three-digit number in dreams means a new beginning. 

000 in a dream symbolizes the potential to kickstart a new phase of life with full enthusiasm. There will be mysteries to explore and doubts on the way, but you will move on and on to this journey and grow gradually with time. 

Listed below are some essential symbolic meanings associated with a dream of number 000, such as universality, mystery, growth, vicious circle, doubt, and captivity:

  1. Universality: The number 0 followed considerably to make 000 in a dream is a sign of universality. You will be accepted as you are everywhere, and people will admire your unique identity. 
  1. Mystery: Dreaming of 000 is symbolic of mystery. It hints at some mysterious element that will soon appear in your life. Do not get scared; believe that the mystery element will not harm you. 
  1. Growth: The number 000 appearing in a dream denotes growth. It means constant ups and downs in life, but ultimately you will grow as a human and become a successful entrepreneur. 
  1. Vicious Circle: Watching number 000 in dreams hints at a vicious circle of life. You will end where you started long back ago, and this circle will go on and on. So, do not give up; look for an exciting way to enjoy this pattern. 
  1. Doubt: Number 000 in a dream is symbolic of doubt. You will doubt your potential and the capability of others around you. This doubt will not lead you to take significant steps toward any progress. 
  1. Captivity: Another symbolic meaning of 000 in captivity. Like 0 is a closed figure and captures the space inside it, those watching 000 in a dream will experience a lack of freedom in the coming days. 

What are the Different Scenarios of Dreams about the Number 000 Means?

  1. Dreaming of Number 000: Dreaming of 000 hints at the practicality of doing unusual things. It is a sequence number that hints at synchronicity and discipline. You will embark upon new projects with intense dedication. 
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 on a Digital Lock: Do you see 000 on a digital lock in a dream? It means resetting certain things to get more security in the coming days. You will be extra careful, not letting anyone steal your peace of mind or valuables. 
  1. You are dreaming of Number 000 on a Paper: Watching number 000 in a dream hints at the curiosity to unfold some mysteries. Through this dream, your guardian angels will try to evoke a sense of maturity and reasonability in you to judge things correctly. 
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 in Phone Number: Watching number 000 in a phone number in a dream signifies the time to reconnect with your long-lost connections. The time will be suitable to meet and greet old links to expand your business.
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 in a House No.: Dreaming of the number 000 in a house number denotes a need for shelter. The previous years were challenging as you thrived on getting something to survive. But now, the universal energies will gear up to provide you with a stable residence. 
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 in a Bank Account Number: Number 000 in a bank account number in a dream denotes financial stability. You will find scope to show excellence in building a new empire and enterprises with good funds. 
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 on a Lottery Ticket: Watching number 000 on a lottery ticket in a dream hints at luck and fortune. You will get lucky, and things will appear like magic turning the way you always wanted them to be. 
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 on a Travel Ticket: Number 000 on a travel ticket in a dream indicates going nowhere. You will stay where you were and almost back to the pavilion. You will find the same things everywhere and no difference to distinguish between them. 
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 on a Wall: Dreaming of Number 000 on a wall hints at the destruction of resources. You will fail to value the things falling in your kitty. There will be too much overconfidence to spoil things already in your hand.  
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 in a School Examination Paper: Dreaming of Number 000 in a school examination paper means confusion. You don’t know where to proceed and how to tackle difficult situations in front of you. 
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 in a Restaurant Bill: Dreaming of Number 000 in a restaurant bill denotes fun at no expense. You will relish the best comforts by not spending a penny. They will get everything as a reward. 
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 on a Currency Note: Number 000 on a currency note suggests hidden significance. Though 0 shows no value alone, it becomes valuable when accompanied by a number. Similarly, you will succeed when you team up with talented people. 
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 on a Bedsheet: Dreaming of 000 on a bedsheet suggests self-realization. You will listen to your heart and subconscious mind. They might be delayed in fulfilling specific responsibilities, but the wait will be worth it. 
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 on a Cake: People watching 000 on a cake will celebrate some special occasions. There be multiple reasons to celebrate life with people you love and care about. Make decisions taking everyone’s opinion to maintain that cordial relation with all. 
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 as a Tattoo: Those dreaming of Number 000 as a tattoo will take life with a sporting nature. They will look for fun ways to finish even dull tasks.
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 as Angel Number: Watching 000 in dreams means your guardian angels are trying to reach out to you with some sweet surprises. You will get fame, name, and money in the coming days. 
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 on Marksheet: Dreaming of Number 000 on a mark sheet is like an achievement. You will now get the fruits of your hard work. The previous few years were full of struggle, but now is the time to enjoy the result. 
  1. Dreaming of Number 000 on Television: Watching number 000 in any advertisement or news means an urge to reach the masses. You want to exhibit your potential and talent to the public and get appreciation. 


In a nutshell, dreaming of the number 000 is a good sign that signifies excellence. People might not take you seriously, but gradually they will realize your worth. They will think twice before offending you or mocking you. Number 000 in a dream is like a never-ending battle to enhance your skills. You will cover all the hesitation to express yourself in front of a huge crowd. As a result, you will fetch success and popularity.