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Dream about Past: Meaning and Symbolism

A sense of yearning or even being caught in energy that no longer exists, yet has to be healed or purged from the dreamer’s consciousness, may be experienced when one dreams about the past.

This can only be accomplished by telling the same narrative repeatedly until the story is accepted and the story is moved on. Perhaps you are experiencing a recurrence of an incident in your dream? There’s no doubt that this will haunt you in your subconscious.

It is critical to recognize that one should never run away from their previous obligations. Instead, one should strive to become fully aware of these past occurrences, which will make it easier to cleanse.

General Meaning of dreams of Past

Often in our lives, something horrific has occurred, and our brain continues rehearsing the event, mainly because it doesn’t know what else to do with the information. Every time a painful memory is recalled, the replay occurs for the brain to experience less and less pain.

In the case of abuse as a kid, the event may have left such a lasting impression on the mind that it causes the reason to repeat it repeatedly until the abuse is resolved. 

This has been shown to occur in the cases of persons mistreated as children but is now pleased in their adult lives. The subconscious mind dreams about child abuse to completely shut off that portion of the dreamer’s brain.

It seems a bit contradictory, but you can imagine how horrifying it would be to have to relive horrible memories of child abuse. It’s as if you’re trying to communicate that your upbringing was not enough in terms of suffering from the cosmos.

If you continue to experience nightmares about child abuse, it may be a sign that you should seek professional help to heal yourself from the inside out.

The symbolism of Dreams of Past

However, when one dreams about the past, it is the connection to or desires to replicate the experience that we are most likely to dream about. This might be the reliving of a former relationship that we weren’t ready to end yet, or the processing of a loved one who went away unexpectedly and without warning, among other things.

You might express regret to someone you have disagreed in your waking life. The reality is that it is all a dream! Then you start to question why you dream about persons you have opposed with. Personal concerns that we deal with in our daily lives might sometimes be resolved in our dreams.

For example, if you have a disagreement with someone in real life and then reconcile with them in your dreams, this is a means for the subconscious mind to heal.

Even though you do not want to re-establish contact with the individuals you have disagreed with in waking life, this dream is just a means of healing yourself from the event.

If you discover that you are relocating to a prior residence, this shows that you are technically reproducing former conduct in your waking hours.

What do different scenarios of dreams of the Past mean?

  • Dream of past family members

Having visions of past family members is quite prevalent. If you encounter someone from your family in your dream, this dream is truly a mirror of your personality traits and features. Also, if you haven’t seen someone from your family in a long time, it is possible to have a dream about them.

It is common for mothers to fantasise about their past children, and mothers’ affection and devotion for their children are reflected in their dreams. The fact that you are dreaming about your mother, if you are a woman, signifies that you are contemplating a specific component of your personality that you should analyse more closely.

This dream generally speaks to your personality’s wise or authoritative side. If you are talking to your mother or another family member in your dream, you are experiencing difficulty in your real life and need assistance.

  • Dream of past friends

A dream about your past buddy indicates that you are confronting a facet of their nature that you have been avoiding up to this point in time. Having this dream implies that you are now ready to embrace features in your buddy that you previously did not recognise.

The dream about an old acquaintance may represent your wish to return to your youth when you were free of concerns and pressures since you were free of worries and stresses then.

  • Dream of past crushes

We all have fantasies about a person we are interested in from time to time. If you have nightmares about someone you used to like, the dreams may take on various forms.

You could dream that your past crush has feelings for you or that they have feelings for someone else. Although you may dream about kissing your sweetheart, you may also be aware that your crush is kissing someone else.

If you have a dream about your past crush, you may question whether this indicates that your passion is also thinking about you. Sadly, the answer is no in this case. Please understand that your dream has nothing to do with the person you fantasise about.

  • Dream about past people

If you dream about someone you once knew, you are thinking about that person. This person’s presence in your dream does not necessarily imply that they are also thinking about you.

Seeing other past individuals in your dream is often a mirror of the many facets of one’s personality. Characteristics that need to be developed in dream people might be associated with the persons in dreams.

Existing connections or interpersonal challenges we need to work through are directly related to specific persons in our lives. The dream of a lover, for instance, is commonly interpreted as a representation of some component of ourselves from which we have been estranged.

  • Dream of past school

Individuals in their dreams often find themselves at a past school or classroom, frequently presented with an exam that they are not prepared to take. This is an excellent example of a “dream pun,” The mind takes a word or idea and gives it a new meaning.

The “lesson” or “test” we confront within the school or classroom is typically one we need to learn from our history, which is why these nightmares are regularly recounted by individuals who have long ago graduated from high school or college.

  • Dream of past houses

Past houses are commonly used to depict the dreamer’s mental state. Different levels and rooms may correspond to other facets of the dreamer’s personality and awareness in the dream. Basements often reflect private thoughts and emotions.

  • Dream of past relationships

One of the most prevalent reasons people dream about their past partners is that they are still unsettled or unsatisfied with their connection with them. Having a dream about an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend might indicate that you want them back, or it could mean that you are ready to move on from them.

If you dream about an ex, it might signify that you are coming to terms with the end of your relationship. If you are still longing for them or attracted to them and want to get back together, this might signify the reverse. Frequently, the dreamer will perceive their ex as a manifestation of their deep-seated affections for the person in their life.

Alternatively, they may be daydreaming about what could have been if they had opted to continue in the relationship or had chosen not to end their connection with them. Remember that not all dreams concerning an ex-lover have any significance.

If you have a dream about someone you used to like, it might indicate that you are attempting to reconnect with that person. It’s possible that you haven’t mastered the art of letting go and moving on.

Dreaming about an ex-partner is often indicative of repressed emotions or unresolved anger. You may be dreaming about them since it’s the only way you can connect with them. Another possibility is that your dreams present you with a feeling of closure about your relationship, which will help you heal and move on.

Final Words

If you have dreams about former acquaintances or romantic relationships, this indicates a desire to return to that location and time. Perhaps a time when things were more straightforward and less complicated.

Your dreaming mind is attempting to communicate with you that it is time to analyse past events to avoid experiencing them repeatedly. If dreams do not contribute to improving the situation, they are meaningless. As a result, it is vital to accept or move on from the past.

Suppose you find yourself acting as if you were a kid again in a particular situation in your dream. In that case, this indicates that you are now under the influence of your creative or uninvolved side of the mind, which protects your conscience from being too involved.

As a result, you cannot distinguish between what is good and wrong. This indicates that you may be a little too lenient in your waking state of consciousness.

Take note of any dreams that seem to be a premonition of anything that happened in your past. Take attention since favourable improvements may be on the horizon shortly.