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Dream About Pigs Or Piglets- Meaning And Symbolism

Do you keep seeing dreams about pigs too often? Are you surprised about having dreams about pigs or piglets as you think it is a dirty or gross animal?

Actually, there is nothing to be worried about or feel gross about this dream. You will be happy to know that pigs can symbolize wisdom and knowledge.

Dreaming about pigs or piglets can mean different and many things that can affect both positively and negatively in your life.

Let us look at the different meanings and interpretations of dreams associating with dreaming of a pig.

Pigs As A Symbol Of Power And Knowledge

You might feel that pigs are dirty and filthy animals lying on the ground with mud and water. They are gross and unfriendly creatures.

But, pigs are brilliant and friendly animals if you have them look closely and carefully. So, it makes sense that they can come into your dreams on a regular basis as messengers to guide you.

So, never think of this dream as a mere coincidence, rather thank the Divine energies for sending messages in the symbolism of your dreams.

When pigs appear in your dream as a power animal or spirit animal, it is here to guide you and show the way through sailing your life journey.

The pigs can tell us that we should remain optimistic in every situation, friendly, curious, playful, and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

It can also be a sign to pay greater attention to our dealings and surroundings and understand what is going on right now.

Meaning Of The Dream About A Pig

When you constantly dream about pigs, the thoughts and feelings you have for them are important.

Do you find pigs as dirty and filthy animals? What about the cuteness of a pig? Do you think that pigs are animals only to be eaten?

All of this previous knowledge and feelings about pigs will help you determine the meaning of your dream about pigs. Because you might have a good or bad experience with this particular animal, which may provide you different messages.

The element of the dream is also to be taken into consideration. What other things or factors were available in your dream?

The context of the dream can also play a big role in determining the possible meaning that applies best to you.

Some Common Symbolic Meaning Of Dream Of Pigs:

Knowledge And Intelligence:- 

Pigs are considered brilliant creatures by many people as they learn easy tasks given to them.

Dreaming about pigs can symbolize that you are gaining new knowledge and insights regarding a matter important for your life.

Abundance And Prosperity:-

 In many cultures and religions, pigs are symbolized as a cultivator of abundance and prosperity. In some countries, it is customary to place a pig statue or symbols in the home to attract material wealth.

Energy And Power:- 

Pigs are a source of great power and energy as they are very powerful animals.

Dreaming about pigs can signify that you have found new strength and energy in your life that will lead you to empowerment.

Friendship, Love, And Affection:- 

Pigs are of different colors like pink, white, gray, etc. So, these colors are associated with the emotions of love, affection, friendships, etc.

You might be craving these experiences badly in your life, and this dream means exerting negativity and going forward to experience them.

Piglet Dream:- 

To dream about baby piglets with their mother could signify the beginning of something new and exciting. It may be a new job or business endeavor that you hope to get or succeed in.

This dream also encourages you to make a move right now and to take risks in your life. To take life as a play and not too worried too much about the future.

A Pet Pig:- 

To have a dream about a pet pig can mean that you are taking a new responsibility that you love to perform. But you have this innate feeling of insecurity about its well-being and look after.

This dream may also symbolize that you love to take care of and compassion towards others.

Low self-confidence, Shame, or Guilty Feeling:-

If your previous association with pigs or piglets is not positive, this dream can signify that you are guilty or ashamed of your activity.

It symbolizes that you have low self-confidence and you are unable to find your true self and beliefs.


Some people have a fear of pigs and piglets and think that they might attack or bite them for no reason whatsoever.

If you dream about pigs and are afraid of them, this dream may symbolize that enemies surround you, and it is time to remain cautious and safe.

Do you see the dream about pigs often in your life? What are your thoughts or feelings about them? Do you have a positive encounter with the pigs?

There was like a poor hot home an old lady sitting in a porch and there was a man standing on the side with a mama pig and a lot of piglets

Monday 14th of November 2022

There was like a poor home an old lady sitting in a porch and there was a man standing on the side with a mama pig and a lot of piglets


Tuesday 1st of November 2022

I had a dream seeing a pig coming to me as if it’s going to bite me but it didn’t it just grab my dress.After I see piglets running around as well, they were as if belonging to a friend in my dream whom I was wondering why she wasn’t able to control them not to come to me but she didn’t care in my dream and she is a long time high school teenage friend.

Rizamor Olazo Manalang

Tuesday 19th of July 2022

I dream of 3 piglet trying to go down on the hill mountain that I think they are lost. And I was calling and trying to get it.

Huong Tran

Thursday 17th of February 2022

I just had a dream of two piglets as pets. Someone in my dream own two and I was looking forward to getting one in my dream because I love mini pigs. In my dream the pigs acted fun and loving. Overall, I do love pigs. Smart creatures.


Saturday 4th of December 2021

I had a dream about majestic piglet as i was entering the room yhat they were kept in they came out happy playful n then i found them laying on the ground i took a small stick to hit them wat cld b tge meaning