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Dream of Getting Electrocuted: Meaning And Symbolism

You will not be able to see sweet dreams every night. Sometimes, you will encounter nightmares too! For instance, if you see yourself electrocuted in your dreams. It is no less than a nightmare. Who would like to get an electric shock in reality? Seeing yourself electrocuted in your dreams will never leave you happy. 

Such a dream where you see yourself electrocuted is suggestive of a surprise or shock. Something shocking will happen in your life. Something that you never dreamt of and would not be able to grasp with ease. Be it your personal or professional life, a piece of shocking news will shake you up. 

In the coming days, you will feel restless. Besides, when you see a dream of being electrocuted, it also suggests some fear or anxiety. An emotion you are trying to hide deep within due to the fear of loss of a relationship. You might need the art to communicate what you feel to your loved ones to be at ease. 

There are several interpretations of a dream in which you see yourself electrocuted. So, don’t stop here. Stay tuned and read on to learn what can a dream of being electrocuted means?

General Meaning of Dream of Electrocuted

The general meaning of the dream of being electrocuted is sadness. This kind of nightmare signifies something terrible. Be ready to hear some sad news from your relatives or close ones.

Something unexpected is about to happen in your life very soon. Life has always been uncertain, but you never realize it. But, now you will see it in practice when things might go up and down. 

Certain things might go out of control. It is high time you bring them back in control. Dreaming of getting an electric shock is a clue that you need to stay in power. More so, there is an ardent need to practice self-control before trying to control anyone else. 

Likewise, a dream of getting an electric shock means you will face hurdles on your way to success. Otherwise, also success never comes easy! In your professional journey, you will face several difficulties.

You will find it challenging to meet your targets. Chances of getting a promotion will diminish. You need not give up in the middle and carry on with courage. 

If you dream of getting shocked by electricity, it means difficulty adapting. Life will throw some risky situations at you, and you will hardly be able to adjust. You will need a broader perspective of life to adjust to your current life situations. 

The Symbolism of Dream of Getting Electrocuted

Let us talk about the symbolism of a dream of getting electrocuted. The first symbolism associated with such a dream is that of self-knowledge. Electricity is closely associated with light, so it signifies enlightenment of self. You must go on the path of spiritual enlightenment and gain knowledge.

At the same time, when you dream of getting electrocuted, it is a sign of disappointment. Some unexpected development in your personal or professional life will take place. This development might disappoint you. Stay calm in different situations. Constant ups and downs might disappoint you soon. 

Another symbolism associated with a dream of getting electrocuted is being responsible. It is high time that you take responsibility for your emotional and spiritual health.

Focusing only on physical health won’t help anymore. Some circumstances in life ahead might affect your mental health. So you better stay positive by practicing meditation. 

Associated with electricity, a dream of electrocution is suggestive of a spark. You will need to add that charisma or spark to your personality to get the attention. Life will be boring, and you will need extra effort to make it bright and happy. Take time out from your busy schedule to rejuvenate and relax. 

What are the Different Scenarios of Dream of Getting Electrocuted Means?

  1. Dreaming of Dying due to Electrocution: Do you dream of dying? You will soon hear about the demise of a loved one, and this will shock you deep within. You can take such a dream as a sign of bad news. 
  1. Dreaming of Electrocuted due to Lightning: Do you dream of getting shocked due to thunderstorm lightning? It is a sign of getting blessings. The guardian angels and the Almighty are about to shower you with the rewards of your past hard work. 
  1. Dreaming of Electrocuted due to an Electric Cable: Dreaming of getting shocked due to an electric cable means carelessness at this point will be risky. Be extra careful while choosing friends and never disclose confidential things to anyone. 
  1. Dreaming of Electrocuted due to Water: Do you dream of being shocked due to water and wire together? It means some conflict. Life ahead will bring in some disagreements in your life. You need to stay calm and don’t overreact to things. Try to make decisions with an open and positive mind. 
  1. Are you dreaming of being Electrocuted due to a Short Circuit: Dreaming of getting shocked due to a short circuit? What does that mean? It means emotional turmoil due to shocking news. You will be disappointed due to the unexpected happenings in life. 
  1. Dreaming of being Electrocuted and Burned due to Fire: Dreaming of getting electrocuted and burned due to fire? It means you need to keep your anger under control. Being angry beyond a limit will spoil things for you, and you will have to repent later. 
  1. Dreaming of someone else Electrocuted: Do you see someone else electrocuted in your dreams? What does this kind of dream suggest? It means someone close to you will look up to you for help. Moreover, it means you need to be a good listener and know the facts before judging anyone. 
  1. Dreaming of being Electrocuted during an Adventure Sport: Are you fond of adventure sports? Then you might also see a dream of being electrocuted during one such sport. Such a dream hints at some impending tasks that you are ignoring. Your professional life will suffer if you don’t make the right decisions at the right time. 
  1. Dreaming of getting Electrocuted due to an Electric Spark: Do you see yourself electrocuted due to an electric spark? This dream comes to motivate you to calculate the pros and cons of your decisions. Life will not be the same after a big decision. You need to calculate wisely and then decide that will change your whole life. 
  1. You dream of being Electrocuted while Swimming: Do you dream of getting shocked when having fun swimming? What does that mean? It hints that you need to be extra careful even while having fun. Have fun within limits, or it may soon turn into a significant risk to life. 
  1. Dreaming of being Electrocuted due to a Kitchen Appliance: This dream suggests unresolved problems. Your conscious will not allow you to do certain things, but the need of the hour would make you do that. This unwillingness to do that action will result in inner turmoil. You are soon going to go through a tough time. 
  1. Dreaming of being Electrocuted due to someone else’s carelessness: Do you see getting an electric shock due to someone else’s negligence? What does that mean? Such a dream means you will pay for the sins of others. Someone else will try to take disadvantage of your innocence and truthfulness. 


You are most likely to get affected by emotions. A dream of being electrocuted signifies shock and surprise. It means you will soon get to listen to something shocking in life.

Dreaming of getting shocked symbolizes curiosity, fear, and anxiety. All these three together can make you restless and disturbed to a great extent. So, be ready and start practicing meditation to calm your mind.

In short, a dream of getting electrocuted signifies carelessness, awakening, and a warning. Be extra careful, alert, and not take things lightly in the coming days.