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Dream of Having Triplets: Meaning And Symbolism In 2022

Dreams are common, and many of us dream about several things when our body is at rest, but our subconscious mind is still weaving thoughts. If you recently dreamt of having triplets, it is a moment for you to rejoice as it is one of the best dreams to have. It means good luck is on its way to reaching your hands. 

Those who dream of having triplets are going to experience profit at work. There will be a great promotion or hike in salary for these people in the coming days. Besides, if you dream of giving birth to triplets, you will be very productive at work, and your boss will be too impressed with your output. 

Having a dream of triplets in any scenario hints at the arrival of some good news. Some news for which you have been waiting for years will soon reach you.

You will also start getting involved in an exciting relationship. There will be chances when you will meet new people and lead a comfortable life both personally and professionally. 

General Meaning of Dreams of Having Triplets

The general meaning of dreaming to have triplets means taking two steps ahead and moving ahead with greater force, and giving more than you can. It is a dream that means enhancement and appreciation from loved ones. You will excel in projecting yourself as a master in your professional field. 

Your long-due rewards will be showered on to you in the weeks ahead. There will be applauding, and you will set yourself as a role model for many people in your society for something excellent. Besides, if you dream of having triplets, you can interpret it as achieving something successfully. 

Dreaming of having triplets means something good will soon happen in your life. Such a dream means you will be extending your helping hand and prove to be a kind person. Difficulties will come your way, but you will courageously deal with them and get going. Those still single might get someone attractive to mingle with for a life-long relationship. 

The Symbolism of Dreams of Having Triplets

Let’s talk about the symbolism of dreaming of having triplets. As we all know, a triplet means a trio of children born together. These could be all boys, girls, or a mix of both.

Together, a triplet resembles unity, diversity, and connection. So, such a dream hints at achieving something by forming relationships with each other and showing your talents. 

On the other hand, dreams of having triplets may mean worry for some people. It is because parents who give birth to triplets sometimes are worried about how to raise them all together.

This can be a worry for them, as they do not know how to handle three infants altogether. So, at another level, this dream hints at fear and anxiety.

Another symbolism of a dream of having triplets is being extra careful. Since three babies are born together, they might turn out weak due to the distribution of nutrition inside the mother’s womb.

Therefore, they need special care and extra nourishment. Therefore, such a dream can be interpreted as a sign of giving some special attention to some important projects at work or some relationships in life. 

What are the Different Scenarios of Dreams of Having Triplets Means?

  1. Dreaming of Giving Birth to Triplets: Watching yourself delivering triplets in your dream can be a golden dream. It hints at progress and satisfaction. You are most likely to enjoy the gifts of nature bestowed upon you from the Almighty. There will be an incredible feeling of gratitude in your life. 
  1. Dreaming of Playing with Triplets: This is a sweet dream where you see yourself amidst triplets. You are playing and having a pleasant time with triplets. This kind of dream can be interpreted as a sign of relaxation and rejuvenation for you from your stressful life. 
  1. Dreaming of Breastfeeding Triplets: Those women who desire breastfeeding triplets are lucky. It is a sign of good luck, and there is nothing to panic about such a dream. It means you will be very efficient and get the best pleasure of life in the coming days. People will show respect towards you for something great. 
  1. Dreaming of Triplet Girls: If you happen to desire triplet girls, there are chances you are about to experience a real miracle in life. This can be interpreted as a sign of fertility and production in life, which will bring profits to your business. 
  1. Dreaming of Triplet Boys: On the other hand, if you dream of triplet boys, what does that hint? It means you are in a great hurry and need to slow down. Time is precious, but hurrying may spoil all your efforts, take time to analyze the current situations and plan accordingly. 
  1. Dreaming of Celebrating Birthday of Triplets: Such a dream is rare, but when one sees this kind of celebration, it indicates happiness and joy. Time ahead in your life will be full of celebration. You will forget your past sorrows and make merry with your near and dear ones. 
  1. Dreaming of Giving Birth to Triplets in the Seventh Month: If you dream of giving birth to triplets in the seventh month of pregnancy, this hints at a significant bonus. You are most likely to gain unexpectedly from an old forgotten investment. 
  1. Dreaming of Your Friend Delivering Triplets: In such a scenario, you are reminded that someone is still interested in you for a love relationship. The chances are high that your ex-lover will soon enter your life, and everything will be sorted out forever with love. 
  1. Dreaming of Wife Delivering Triplets: If being a man dreams that his wife is delivering triplets, it should be taken as a positive sign. Such a dream means you can expect a promotion at work. Moreover, your efforts at work will be appreciated, and you will be recognized. 
  1. Dreaming of Dying Giving Birth to Triplets: This is one of the worst dreams to have. Death is never associated with something good. Here, this dream means you will try to deliver your best, but you may give up at last. However, the world will soon recognize your efforts, but it will be too late for that recognition. 
  1. Dreaming of Crying Triplets: This kind of dream can be annoying when you see all three kids crying simultaneously. It may mean tension coming to your life from all corners of life. You might need to search for one corner of solace and get the energy to deal with the stresses of life. 
  1. Dreaming of Having Triplets in Lap: Such kind of a dream is extraordinary. It means you will get unlimited enjoyment and responsibility at the same time. You will be considered the master of everything. This will give you a proud feeling, but at the same time, you will sometimes feel burdened by the great responsibility of sticking to your roles. 


To conclude, we would only say that dreaming of having triplets means excelling in all spheres of life. You will discard all sorts of laziness and give in your best shot. Results will be in your favor and astonish you and others around you.

Your business will reach new heights, and those working under someone will surely get promotions at work. Triplets mean a trio, indicating a triple effect of something in life that will make your life more meaningful.