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Dreaming About Insects Or Bugs: Interpretation And Symbolism

Do you often dream about different kinds of insects? Did you dream that cockroaches are all over your body? Are you attacked by bees in your dream?

If yes, you are just like me as I also frequently see many insects in my dreams.

So, dreaming about insects may have many meaning and symbolism that is related to your life. To correctly interpret your dream about insects or bugs, we have to consider the context and theme of your dream.

What kind of insect was it, and how did you felt when you see it? To go to the deep meaning of your dream, we have to classify it according to its nature.

There are 900 thousand kinds of known insects on the planet earth. They are of different kinds like flying, swimming, and walking.

Some common types of insects you may encounter in your day-to-day life are cockroaches, dragonflies, fireflies, house flies, mosquitos, termites, ants, ticks, bees, butterflies, and caterpillars.

Many people consider insects as pests, and they fear them. But Some people find insects as fascinating and marvelous creatures.

Let us dive into the meaning and symbolism of different insects in your dream.

Meaning Of Dream About Insects:

Negativity, anxiety, and worry

When you dream about insects, it can symbolize negative emotions and feelings in your mind. Some things are creeping into your mind though you want to suppress them.

Are you worried and anxious about your job or your current placement? Do you find it difficult to stay in committed or romantic relationships? Are all your family members support you, or do they have any cruel intentions for you?

Changes And Transformation In Your Life

Dreaming about insects may bring the meaning that major changes are ahead in your life. Insects like butterflies and moths are transformed from a caterpillar before they have fully emerged.

The dream about caterpillars can indicate many different phases of our lives as it brings the message of massive changes. This may mean that you are about to uplift yourself and upgrade your lifestyle to the next level.

Blessings And Abundance in Your Life

Many insects bring good luck and prosperity into our lives. Honey bees are a good example of it.

The honey bee creates honey with long, daunting, hard work. So, the sweet honey comes out of it, which symbolizes the taste of success for you. It also brings wealth and prosperity.

Butterflies among grasses and flowers are associated with prosperity, new ventures, and good fortune.

Ladybugs are also known to be considered to bring good luck to us. Some people believe that dreaming about it means that your dreams and desires are coming true.

Fireflies are the symbol of a ray of hope in the darkness in your life.

Some Of The Common Types Of Insects In Dreams


Ants in your dream can symbolize that you are not disciplined or satisfied with your daily routine. Ants work day and night with a very structured life.

They work hard but never get enough rewards for that. So, is this how you feel about your current life situation? Are you have the feeling that you are doing something wrong in your life?

Dream About Bees

Bees are hard-working and tenacious creatures. Dreaming about bees can symbolize that you should probably work harder to achieve your dreams. Nothing is between your goals and you but your ability to work hard and to keep patience.

Bees are known to be busy in their life. This dream may be reminding you not to be overwhelmed by the business in your life.

Bees are known to bring good luck and fortune to many countries.

According to feng shui, if bees move onto your property, building a hive in a nearby tree or even in the wall of your home is associated with good blessings and prosperity in your life.

Butterflies, Caterpillars, and Dragonflies

Dreaming about these insects or bugs brings you the message of a great change or transformation. It can signify the spiritual aspects of your life and develop them in your life to bring you knowledge and enlightenment.


They are the lightning bugs you can see in the dark, often in the summer months.

It brings positivism in your life with hope and trust that you will achieve your goals and desires soon.

Dreaming about Fireflies is also connected with your light-working journey to enlighten others and make them happy souls.

Flies In Your Dream Meaning

Flies in your dream are not a good sign, or it is a warning for you to clean up your mess as flies are often associated with filth, dirt, and unhygienic.

Dreaming about these can also symbolize your negative emotions, such as shame and guilt.

Perhaps something is recurringly bothering you. It can represent distraction, annoyance, and dissatisfaction. Flies in a dream could indicate some nagging irritation in your daily life.

Termite Dreams

It conveys that something is eating you from inside, whether it may be guilt or something related to anger. You have to let go of these negative feelings and believe that you can get rid of them and live a fruitful life.

This dream can indicate that you feel weakened or attacked from within, just like the termites’ attacks and bores the wood other wooden materials. They weaken and destroys it slowly.

Ticks And Mosquitoes

Dreams about these two insects may feel you that you are drained from inside. Something is draining your energy and power. This could be your profession, mental and physical health, or a relationship.

These things are sucking your blood like ticks and mosquitoes.

These are the few of the millions of insects and bugs in this world. Now, let us look into the different scenarios or circumstances you may experience in your dream about insects and bugs.


Killing Insects

Killing insects and bugs may not be suitable in your dream and may felt you gross. But it brings a positive and good symbol.

Killing insects can be a metaphor for overcoming the challenges and obstacles you may face right now in your life.


If you can catch an insect in your dream, it is the message that you will finally bite success. It brings a positive message of achievement and abundance.

If you could not catch the insect, it may symbolize that you will probably fail despite lots of hard work and efforts you have made.

Chased By Insects

If insects have ever chased you in the dream, it may indicate that you are inorganized in your life. It tells you that you are getting yourself overwhelmed by your daily obligations and pressures you put upon yourself.

Bitten By Insects

Being bitten by insects in a dream symbolize both good and bad meanings.

On the one side, you may feel attacked by someone in unexpected ways. Perhaps someone is planning to hurt you, or someone already has hurt you physically and mentally.

On a positive note, this dream of being bitten by insects may indicate that you are tough to face any situation. You are ready or prepared to take on any situation and attack your reputation. No amount of attack and insult can destroy you, and you literally have become bulletproof.

To understand and interpret your own dreams about insects, you have to ask certain questions yourself.

What symbols appeared in your dream?

Do you like insects and bugs and think that they are beautiful creatures?

Have you ever been bitten or attacked by insects?

How do you feel after the attack in your real life?

Are you repressing negative emotions and feelings?