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Dreaming Of A Peacock

If you keep dreaming of a peacock, it indicates that you are being told about your mental state. The symbol of peacock often may represent our ego and pride as it is a majestic bird.

Dreaming about peacocks can also be a power animal or spirit animal guide for you to help and assist you in your current problems facing in your waking life.

Do you enjoy the dancing peacock and the beautiful color of the male peacock’s feathers? If you are naturally connected and drawn towards a peacock, it may suggest that they have an important role in your daily life.

Peacocks are peaceful and family-loving birds, but they will become ferocious and violent when something threatens them and their family.

They are beautiful, intelligent, self-conscious, magical, and very shy at the same time.


Seeing a peacock strutting: This dream may indicate you to be more polite, humble, and peaceful in your waking life.

If you hear a peacock squawking: It may indicate that you are searching hard for your love. You want to impress everybody near and surrounding you all the time. It is hurting yourself.

Peacock fanning its feathers: This dream about peacock may be a message that immense new and exciting opportunities will be presented before you.

When you try to interpret the meaning of peacock, your experience with it and the situations in your dreams will also matter a lot.

Remember that nobody can interpret how you can. Look at your past experiences with this bird and if these interpretation doesn’t satisfy you ask your inner intuition and instincts to tell you the meaning.