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Dreams About Childhood: Meaning And Symbolism

“Dreams are not those which we see with closed eyes. Dreams are those that do not let us sleep” – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. We all do see dreams when we are asleep. So, what do these dreams mean?

Most of the time, dreams hint at something in our subconscious minds. Take, for instance, childhood dreams. It means you remember your past. It is a deep desire to relive those golden childhood days. 

Dreaming of scenes from your childhood reflects both pleasant and unpleasant memories. It means you are connected with your past. You want to pave a path for the future by learning from past experiences. Watching a childhood scene in dreams means to love and care. 

This dream reminds you of your family and learning. Childhood gets over when you enter adulthood. Therefore, these dreams hint at transition. A change is unavoidable.

You need to gear up and face the challenge in life. This dream hints at achievement. Getting high exams in childhood means success and prosperity.

There are several other interpretations of childhood in dreams. So, do not go anywhere. Stay tuned, and you will learn all about childhood goals from us. 

General Meaning of Dreams About Childhood

The general meaning of a childhood dream is innocence. You will be gentle and innocent. People will admire your sweetness. Stay alert because there will be some people who will try to misuse your innocence. Handle all kinds of situations with clarity in mind. 

Dreaming of childhood suggests growing up. It means maturity in attitude. Grow up in your actions and thoughts. It is time to take life on a serious note.

Take mature decisions keeping the welfare of all in mind. Do not be self-centric like a child. Think of the combined happiness of others engaged with you. 

Watching scenes of childhood in dreams means attention. As children, we often need attention from parents and friends. For this, we do mischief and stupid things.

Therefore, if you see childhood in dreams, it means behaving childishly. You will be playful and ready to play pranks on loved ones. 

Those who dream of childhood are getting a warning from the heavenly angels. They need to behave like innocent children. Who are ready to learn and enjoy life.

Children believe in forgiving and forgetting issues. They do not take grudges for long. Try to behave in the same manner in life and experience emotional relief. 

The Symbolism of Dreams About Childhood

Let us talk about the symbolism of childhood. Childhood symbolizes hesitance. You will hesitate to take the first step in a new venture. There will be a new venture to start. Stay positive, and you will get things in your favor. 

Children often depend upon adults for their decisions. You will rely on others to decide a course of action for you. So, if you see childhood in a dream, it means dependency.

You will not take any decision by yourself. There will be anxiety and fear of failure. Try to overcome this fear by talking your heart out to your best friends. 

Dreaming of childhood also refers to anger and tantrums. A child is a person who gets angry about small things. One who throws tantrums for eating, bathing, studying, and not! This dream, therefore, means you will either throw tantrums or face a few from your loved ones. 

Childhood symbolizes being lost. It means unawareness. You will be a novice in many things. Life will teach you some important lessons of life.

Reliving childhood in dreams means experiencing sudden changes. You will be extra careful when taking the first steps in a venture. 

What are the Different Scenarios of Dreams About Childhood Means?

  1. Dreaming About Childhood: Do you dream about childhood? It means innocence. You will behave childishly and win hearts. But, the same kind of immaturity will spoil everything at your workplace. This dream means you need to use your inner voice to judge how to behave in different places. 
  1. Dreaming About Childhood Friend: Dreaming about a childhood friend? It means connection. You will make life-long profitable business connections. Some of you may go overseas for business tours. It will be an excellent opportunity to meet new clients.
  1. Dreaming About Childhood Home: Do you dream about a childhood home? It means protection. You want someone to protect you. Your prime objective in life would be to stay safe. Life will take a sudden change, and you might take time to adjust to it. 
  1. Dreaming About Childhood Home Being Robbed: Those dreaming about childhood home being robbed are getting a warning. Your guardian angels are warning you to play safe. Avoid arguments with family members. Sometimes getting too much involved in some adventures may put your life at risk. 
  1. Are you dreaming About Childhood Neighbourhood: Dreaming of childhood neighborhood? It means life will be a mess. You will be disorganized. Love life may suffer due to miscommunication. Be careful using words; else, be ready to lose friends. Try to be open about your emotions to save your love relationship., 
  1. Dreaming About Childhood Girlfriend: Do you dream of your childhood girlfriend? It means unconditional love and passion. There will be an urge to get love and support. Marriage is on the cards for many people who see this dream. The career will take a backseat, and love life will be their priority. 
  1. Dreaming About Childhood Boyfriend: Dreaming of a childhood boyfriend means showing bravery. It means you will not hesitate to try new things in life. You will get the courage to try new things. You will get the courage to try new things. There will be a change of attitude in life. Try to take care of your health. 
  1. Dreaming About Doing Pranks in Childhood: Do you dream of doing pranks in childhood? It means making some mischief. These people will be playful. They will take time out to enjoy life. Some adventurous tours are on the cards for these people. 
  1. Dreaming About One Bad Instance of Childhood: Watching a lousy instance of childhood in your dreams means bad luck. You will get entrapped with false blame. The health of a loved one may suffer. It is time to take care of your health before anything else. 
  1. Dreaming About One Childhood Achievement: Dreaming of childhood achievement means prosperity. You will sharpen your skills to get more business at hand. The career will be set at a pace, and growth will occur. Life will give you plenty of reasons to smile. 
  1. Dreaming About Childhood Hideaway: Do you dream of a childhood hideaway? It means hesitation. You will hesitate to face the crowd. Someone special will hold your hand and boost you with confidence. It will take courage to give up your shyness. 
  1. Dreaming About Childhood Punishment: Dreaming of a childhood punishment means regretting. There will be regret in your mind. You will commit a mistake. You will apologize and try to mend the error. Loved ones will support you. They will accept your mistakes. 
  1. Dreaming About Childhood Crush: Dreaming of a childhood crush means passion. These people will be full of passion. They will be unstoppable and limitless. People around them will wonder seeing their enthusiasm at work. Make sure to use the time and make the right decisions. 
  1. Dreaming About Childhood Trip: Do you dream of a childhood trip with the family? It means nostalgia. Some past events will revive your senses. You will need to connect with old friends. There will be a perfect balance in life.
  1. Dreaming About Childhood Exams: Do you dream about giving exams in childhood? It means a testing time. You will learn how to handle stress at work. There will be time to rejuvenate by going on a tour with family. Those single and ready to mingle will soon find a true soulmate. 
  1. Dreaming About Childhood School: If you dream of a childhood school, it means learning. You will gain experience from mistakes. There will be an extra source of income for these people. Make sure to invest money in the right ventures. Set your priorities right, and you will succeed. 


Dreaming of childhood means life will be like a game. You will be playful. There will be drama and fun in life. You will depend on others for your needs.

Those who see scenes of their childhood in their dreams are the ones who will learn from their past mistakes. They will grow mature and gain more experience. There will be a promotion at work.

They will still behave childishly and not show arrogance at all. Childhood refers to mischief. This dream hints at indulging in some naughty deeds with friends.