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Dreams about Fighting: Meaning And Symbolism

If you sleep at night, then you must be dreaming too. Yes, it is almost impossible that a person never desired. Dreams are usual, and most plans are forgotten when we wake up.

Every dream has an interpretation. Dreaming about a fight means disagreement. But, dreams like fighting haunt us later on. 

Those who dream of fighting should be alert. There is something that will annoy them soon. They will seek justice and might fight out for it. The coming days will be full of struggle for these people.

It is because a fight signifies struggle. You will raise your voice against something going wrong around you. 

You are dreaming about fighting means conflict. It can be an inner conflict of your emotions. There will be an internal struggle to settle down your thought process. There will be a lot of negativity in your mind. Talk to your friends and loved ones to get rid of those negative vibes. You will get mental relief through meditation. You will get mental relief through meditation. 

There is still a lot to be told about a dream about fighting. So, we suggest you stay on. Read further, as we will disclose different dream interpretations about a fighting scenario. 

General Meaning of Dreams about Fighting

Let us talk about the general meaning of dreams about fighting. A fight is a sign of confusion. People often fight when they have some confusion, when one is adamant about one thing, or when the other person does not agree about something.

Dreaming about fighting also means being righteous. The two people who fight involve one who is right and one who is wrong. So, take this dream as a sign to stick to the path of righteousness. 

In your profession, you will get more responsibilities.

You will get a promotion or be more authoritative. If you see yourself fighting with someone in your dreams, take it as a sign of authority. One who wins a fight feels authoritative. So, this dream hints at being bossy. 

The Symbolism of Dreams about Fighting

Let us talk about the different symbolism associated with a dream about fighting. Why do people fight? Why do people resist? The most common symbolism is disagreement.

People most often fight when they disagree over something. It also relates to being disappointed. One who loses the fight ends ups getting disappointed. 

No conflict brings peace. If one dreams of a fight, it means disturbance. If girls fight, they might pull each other’s hair. Wars get along with disturbance of mental peace.

Fighting suggests violence. Fighting suggests violence. Boys fight to hit and kick each other. Adults defy badly by stabbing or even murdering the other person. So, a fight is never peaceful. It is destructive.

Fighting in dreams also symbolizes anxiety. One is always anxious when fighting with someone. Who will win, and who will lose? This question is the reason for concern. People also think of how to win a fight. So, a row means being curious, anxious, and restless. 

Dreaming about a fight also means getting hurt. Even the one who wins often gets hurt in a row. So, if you see a battle in your dreams, it indicates you will get hurt and suffer. It comes as a warning to be careful and resolve issues before they turn into arguments. 

What are the Different Scenarios of Dreams about Fighting Means?

Dreaming of Fighting with Lover: Do you see yourself fighting with your lover in your dreams? It means conflict. You and your business partner may drift away due to disagreement.

Love life might suffer disturbance too. Things won’t reach you with ease, and you will have to work harder. 

  1. Dreaming of Fighting with Friend: If you desire to fight with a friend, it suggests fun. Life ahead will give you some time to embark upon an adventure. You will spend a lot of time with friends and loved ones. There will be less work pressure in the coming year. 
  1. Dreaming of Fighting with Stranger: Do you dream of fighting with a stranger? It means dishonesty and disloyalty. Chances are high for you to suffer financial losses in the coming year.  You might suffer due to someone’s lie and deception.
  1. Dreaming of Fighting with Spouse: Dreaming about a fight with the spouse is a common dream scenario. It is neither good nor bad. It suggests you will strike a balance in life. There are strong chances of you achieving big things in life. Everyone around will be ready to cooperate with you. 
  1. Dreaming of Fighting with Landlord: Those who dream of fighting with the landlord must take this dream seriously. It is not a good sign. It means a financial crunch. You may go over the budget and suffer in terms of finances. You need to plan a budget and stick to it. 
  1. Dreaming About a Couple Fighting: Dreaming about a couple fighting means healing. It means that your health will improve. You will regain your self-confidence. You will stay in high spirits and be more energetic than before. Those looking for a new job will get one soon. Someone might try to create confusion in your love life. 
  1. Dreaming About Fighting with a Child: Those who desire to fight with a child can take it as a sign to regret. You will commit some mistakes which you will regret in the coming days. You will try to rectify your mistake. You will try to fix your error. Your conscious will make you feel guilty for something.
  1. Dreaming About Fighting with a Woman: Dreaming about a fight with a woman is a sign of good luck. It means you will be concerned about your loved ones. You will be soft, and people will approach you to make the right decisions. You will exhibit confidence in all spheres of life. 
  1. Dreaming About Fighting with a Man: If you dream of fighting with a man, it means ego issues. You might face someone bullying you for no reason. Stay away from people who pretend to be your friends. The chances are bright that you will see someone special enter your life to make it beautiful. 
  1. Dreaming About Animals Fighting: Do you dream about two animals fighting? It means a clash of egos. You and your life partner may have some ego issues. In business, you might expand your clientele but may also suffer losses. 
  1. Dreaming About Dying in a Fight: This is a rare dream. It suggests terrible luck. Death never signifies anything good. Here, this dream of dying in a fight means losing something precious. Some crucial business projects may skip from your hand. Your spouse may search for love elsewhere because you don’t give enough time.
  1. Dreaming About Fighting with Pet: Do you dream of fighting with your pet? It means you will have sweet disagreements in your love life. You and your partner will not agree on the same things. You might plan a vacation and fight about the destination to explore. 
  1. Dreaming About Fighting with Parents: Dreaming of fighting with parents is a sign of bad luck. Parents are next to God. Fighting with them means you will face some dire consequences in life. Be ready to get the punishment for a crime you never did. 
  1. Dreaming About Fighting on Road: Do you dream about fighting on the road? It means you will stay grounded. Your success will not make you arrogant. You will be humble and down to earth. People will be jealous of your success, but this will not affect you. 
  1. Dreaming About Fighting in Airplane: Fighting on the ground is ordinary. If you dream of fighting in an airplane, it means something extraordinary. Something precious will fall in your lap. You will be on top of the world. The family will give you plenty of reasons to celebrate and rejoice. 
  1. Dreaming About Fighting with Siblings: Dreaming of fighting with siblings is a sign of inconsistency. It means life will show you constant ups and downs. Life ahead will not be a smooth cakewalk for you. You will strive hard to achieve something relevant. All your loved ones will support you in your hour of need. 


Dreaming about fights is a sign of conflict. Fighting means disagreement too. You fight with someone if you disagree. So, if you see yourself fighting in a dream, it is a sign of discontentment.

With disagreement arises discontentment in one’s mind and heart. The fight is also symbolic of unhappiness. No one stays happy after or during a war.

Even the price for which one fights looks small at the cost of a fight. So, this dream is more like a bad sign. Be cautious that something will not be up to the mark, and you may get disappointed.