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Dreams about Fishes: Meanings and Symbolism

It is no wonder that all of us think our dreams are the most bizarre things to encounter. And it is genuinely so because all the components, scenarios, and chain of events do not possibly have any meanings. 

But you might be surprised to know that your dreams have some of the most crucial meanings of themselves deep down. And it is not just about their intentions; they carry critical symbolism and messages that have many important things to convey about your present and future life. 

One of the strangest things that you can dream about is fish. You might think, how could I dream about fishes out of nowhere? But, whenever you dream about something, even if it is about fish, it is not out of nowhere. There is always some reason and meaning backing it up. 

And this is what we will be discussing here. If you have been dreaming about fishes and wondering what they could mean, try your dream situations totally with the ones presented in our discussion below. We have put forward the standard and essential meanings and symbolism related to the dreams about fishes. 

So, follow the discussion and discover what messages you are getting through your dreams. Now, with no more wait, let us start with our conversation. 

General Meaning of Dreaming about Fishes

The most common meaning of seeing fishes in your dreams reflects fertility. It can also mean flourishing and enrichment in your life. Fishes also represent abundance and movement. Therefore, the general meaning of dreaming about fish is growth and development. 

In a way, it represents your personal growth and abundance. It shows your quality and urges to fulfill your desires and goals in your life. Fishes are quick-moving creatures. Therefore, they broadly indicate the quality of mobility. 

And by the quality of mobility, it reflects the quality of moving upwards in life. Thus, achieving success and development is one of the most emphasized qualities indicated through your dreams about fish. 

Spiritual Meaning of Fishes

There is a spiritual aspect present in your dreams as well. And when you are dreaming about fishes, spiritually, it might indicate a large number of things. 

One is achieving financial abundance. When you dream about fish, it might mean that you are to receive economic growth. Most surprisingly, you might gain some unexpected financial gains. There will be prosperity, wealth, good fortune, and wealth in your life. 

Fishes are aquatic creatures, and thus, they are related to water. Therefore, this indicates emotional stability. This is a positive sign that reflects that you have intuition and balance. At the same time, since the fishes swim through vast water bodies, it might indicate that your mind is lost. It may be submerged in thought, in some problems you are currently facing in life, or the like. 

As a spiritual animal, fishes symbolize movement, sustenance, and growth. Spiritually, dreaming about fishes might also indicate your quality of being highly adaptive. You are open to change and embrace changes quite gracefully. You are also liberal in your actions as well as your thoughts. 

Symbolic Representation of Dreaming about Fishes 

Fishes have different symbolic representations that give your dreams about them a significant meaning. Fishes symbolize fertility, and they can be fertility in the physical sense. And at the same time, it can symbolize fertility in your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. 

Another symbolic representation of fish is movement or mobility. Fishes swim in the water bodies, and they are pretty quick and smooth in their element, water. Thus, this symbolizes your activity in your life. It might indicate an upward trend in your life. Therefore, this relates to the following symbolism of growth and development. 

Fishes are the features of the water, and they always stay below the surface of the water. Your fish dreams may reflect how submerged you are in your emotions and how emotionally stable you are in your life. Thus, symbolically, it might indicate your emotional state. 

Biblical Meaning of Dreaming about Fishes 

The biblical interpretation of dreaming about fishes denotes prosperity and good fortune. It means that you will soon be experiencing good luck and prosper because they are approaching your life soon. 

Fishes are one of the oldest creatures to live in the waters. And thus, they represent sustenance and adaptability. Therefore, when you see dreams about fish, it indicates that you possess the quality of sustaining various factors in your life. Adding to that, you have an excellent adaptability quality that helps you change and adapt to different changing situations in your life. 

Another critical and holy Biblical indication of fishes is the “Jesus fish. ” This reflects the qualities of manifestation, prosperity, and abundance. This indicates the “Son of God” and sometimes even Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is the symbol of Divine protection. 

What do the Different Scenarios of Dreaming about Fish mean?

No one dreams of the same types of dreams about fish. However, there are some common scenarios that one might dream about, and we have laid them down along with their meanings and symbolism in the following list.

So, if you have been dreaming about fish and find any of the following situations familiar, your dream conveys the respective messages. 

Catching a fish

This is a favorable dream. Whenever you dream about catching a fish, the fish represents something positive and new. It might indicate a new friendship, a new relationship, something new in your career, or it can be anything else. It refers to the phrase “something good on the horizon.” And thus, when you dream about catching a fish, it indicates something new and good. 

Dreams about shark

Sharks are a symbol of evilness, negativity, fear, and freight. You will never enjoy dreaming about a shark, and it does not carry a positive sign either. It might be indicating something that you fear in your life.

It can be a person, your work, or anything scary enough to overwhelm you emotionally. And that is creating a huge problem. And this huge problem or issue in your life is represented as a dangerous and challenging shark in your dreams.

Because the faster you resolve the case, the faster it will stop haunting you. It will be best to face the situation and find a solution. 

Dreams about attractive and colorful fish

Colorful and attractive fishes symbolize creativity, ideas, and inspiration in dreams. Thus, if you have been seeing some vibrant colored fishes in your dreams, it means that your mind is beaming with new and creative ideas. It would be best to draw close attention to yourself and what you think. 

Colors are the symbols for the creation of something beautiful. You must draw inspiration from your ideas and create something you have been planning for. So, your statements indicate that you are highly creative, and the ideas you have can make a significant difference. 

Dreaming of eggs of fishes

Eggs lead to new lives, and thus, when you dream about eggs of fishes, it indicates new beginnings, or it might mean the start of anything new in your life. It can be a new project at work, a new relationship. Thus, it is evident that this dream is a positive one. 

You must be prepared to embrace the new beginnings or start the great things in your lives. Also, if you have been planning to conceive or are conceiving, this is a great time because this dream indicates positivity. Also, the eggs of fishes are the symbol of fertility. 

Final Words

These are the different meanings, symbolism, and messages you get when you see dreams about fishes. It is undoubtedly one of the strangest things to dream about. But at the same time, it is one of the most positive and interpretational things to dream about. 

Do not get saddened by it. The messages, meanings, and symbolism have a lot to contribute to your present and future. Try to understand how these messages can benefit you if your fish dreams are unfavorable. 

Do what is best for you, and you will ideally pull through all the unfavorable times. And if you find that positivity, prosperity, and good luck are to arrive at you, stay humble and grateful. This will lead you through the path of greatness waiting for you and that you are worthy of.

And it will be best for you to maintain a dream journal. Especially for the people who can remember their dreams quite clearly, they should keep a dream journal. This helps them understand their dreams better, record them, and interpret the messages about your present and future most impeccably. 

Claudine Waddy

Thursday 14th of March 2024

Thank you for sharing about dreaming about fish it was scary at First but it became positive the more I read


Monday 6th of February 2023

I catching alot of big and small fish in my dreams so please tell us meaning and number thanks