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Dreams about Hair Loss: Meaning And Symbolism

Only those who face the problem of hair loss know how terrible it is to see a bunch of hair falling every day. Seeing the same kind of a thing in dreams is also disturbing. If you too dream of hair loss or hair fall, what does it mean?

It means losing out on your prized possession due to some reason. Hair fall may occur due to your carelessness or some other factor. But one thing is for sure you will suffer a loss. 

Dreaming of hair loss is a sign of dissatisfaction. Hair loss in dreams is suggestive of transition. It hints at some change that you do not approve of, but you still have to accept it.

Hair, as we all know, is our crowning glory and owes a great responsibility for our looks. Losing such a precious part of the body is a shock for many, even in dreams. 

Losing hair is a matter of panic for many people because they can’t imagine their life with chronic hair fall. Those who dream of losing hair can take it as a sign of crisis.

Such a dream in which you see your hair strands falling signifies downfall. You may get a blow in your career or your personal life. Something drastic is going to happen, so be ready to face it. 

There are several other interpretations of a dream where you see your hair fall. So, don’t go anywhere. We are here to disclose the secret meanings behind dreams of hair fall and how to interpret such dreams. 

General Meaning of Dreams about Hair Loss

Let’s talk about the general meaning of dreams about hair loss. In general, such a dream means stress. Hair loss is always a stressful situation for all, be it a man or woman. No one likes to see falling hair for any reason. So, it means that you are most likely to stress out in life either on the personal or professional front.

Dreaming of hair loss also signifies some negative people will surround you. Be wise and choose your friends with caution. They will try to be friendly in the front but would not leave a single moment to take advantage. 

Hair loss makes one depressed about losing out on something precious. Those who dream of hair loss are most likely to get haunted by loneliness. They will get the thoughts of being abandoned.

Similarly, these people will feel left out and lonely. They might feel pessimistic and might look for ways to stay calm. 

The Symbolism of Dreams about Hair Loss

Let us now talk about the symbolism of dreams about hair loss. One thing is for sure it signifies loss. It is a sign of suffering. Those who face hair loss suffer mentally. It is due to the fear of losing their good looks. So, this hints that something in the future will affect your reputation and image in society. 

Moreover, another symbolism associated with a dream of hair loss is death. Yes, it may sound strange! But, hair loss also symbolizes death. Experts relate it with the constant process of birth, death, and renewal. So, if you see hair loss in your dreams, it is a sign of death or rebirth. 

Hair fall also symbolizes the loss of control and power. Losing your hair is not in your hands, so such a dream indicates that you will feel helpless. You will not have things under your control. Things may go out of control, and you may feel tormented as a sufferer. 

Those who dream of hair loss can symbolize such a dream with lethargy or laziness. You might feel exhausted and lethargic in the coming days.

It may happen due to an imbalance in your approach. You have not taken a break to rejuvenate, and now you feel exhausted. It is time to relax, but don’t let it turn into lethargy. Else your career will suffer. 

What are the Different Scenarios of Dreams about Hair Loss Means?

Dreaming of Hair Fall while Bathing:

Do you dream of losing a lot of hair while bathing, then what does that mean? Such a dream means purification. You will soon follow spiritualism and awaken your lost soul. Most of your efforts will be towards humanitarian goals. 

Dreaming of Hair Fall in a Salon:

Are you dreaming of your hair falling in a salon? You will get relieved by venting out your anger and remorse. You will feel lighter inside, and this will reflect outside too. It is a sign of leaving aside the burden of the past. 

Dreaming of Hair Fall and Getting Bald:

This is a common dream. When one sees extensive hair fall and getting bald. It comes as a bad sign for many and suggests that something will hamper your growth. You will look for ways to remove obstacles from your path to success. 

Dreaming of Hair Fall and Getting a Short Haircut:

Dreaming of getting a shorter haircut? Hair cut due to hair fall suggests upliftment. You will face challenges, but you will stay strong and hold on. You will overcome the obstacles and win the battle somehow, and the results will be in your favor. 

Dreaming to See someone else’s Hair fall:

What if you dream and see someone else losing hair? It means life ahead would be boring for you. You might look for ways to freak out with friends. Chances are high for you to plan an adventurous tour with loved ones. 

Dreaming of Hair Falling in Chunks:

What if you dream of your hair falling in chunks? Such a dream is a hint of accomplishment. You are going in the right direction. You are moving towards your target at the r. 

Dreaming of Gradual Hair Loss:

Something is troubling you. It indicates that you are living life under constant pressure. You are experiencing immense stress, especially in your professional life. Do you dream that your hair is falling not all at once but a few at a time? 

Dreaming of Losing Damaged Hair:

Do you dream of losing damaged hair? It means you will feel a loss of energy. You will need someone to refuel with positive vibes. You might need the strength to live life with gratitude and reach your targets. 

Dreaming of Combing and Losing Hair:

Do you dream of losing hair while combing? You can interpret such a dream as a sign of rebirth. It means you will soon give up a bad addiction to make way for a healthy lifestyle. Like our weak hair fall to make place for new ones, life will give you opportunities for a fresh start. 

Dreaming of Losing Hair due to Fire:

Do you dream of losing hair? What does it mean? Such a dream means you will get a shock or a surprise. Some drastic thing will take place in your life that will shake you up. You will need to calm yourself somehow and stay positive. 

Dreaming of Losing Hair after a Shampoo:

Losing hair after shampoo in dreams can be a horror. Such a dream means you will feel disappointed and rejected. There are strong chances of a breakup. Love life might suffer due to a lack of trust and space. 

Dreaming of Cutting someone’s Hair:

Do you dream of cutting someone else’s hair? What does it mean? Such a dream is a sign of achievement. It means you have some talent, and soon the world will discover your talent and appreciate you. 


In a nutshell, dreaming of losing hair means losing confidence and attraction. Those who watch losing fair in dreams can interpret such a dream as a sign of depression.

Losing hair, in reality, may also lead anyone to stress. Seeing the same in dreams can make one restless. Besides, such a dream denotes transformation and a change.

You may switch between jobs. One may look different and might even try new haircuts after hair loss. It signifies that in life, you will experiment with new things.