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Dreams of Iguanas: Meaning And Symbolism

Looking at an iguana, anyone can be in shock. This creature belongs to the lizard family. Iguana is native to the Caribbean, Mexico, the South, and Central America. But what if it arrives in your dreams?

It can leave you restless for the whole night. Many people do not even get to see it in real life. So, consider yourself lucky to see it, at least in your dreams.

Dreaming of iguanas means getting impulsive. You will react to everything. You will not accept anything with ease. Revolt will become your nature. People will dislike this behavior and try to keep a distance from you. An iguana is also symbolic of survival instinct. It means you will learn some skills for survival. 

An iguana sheds its skin periodically. Therefore, when you see it in your dreams, consider it a sign of change. Something will change in your life. So be ready to accept it with your whole heart. Try to leave aside your negative thoughts and look at the positive side of the things around you. 

There are several other interpretations of dreams about iguanas. So, stay here and read further. We will discuss different hidden meanings of dreams about iguanas. 

General Meaning of Dreams of Iguanas

Let us talk about the general meaning of dreams of iguanas. An iguana is a symbol of bitterness. It means you will discard all the negativity from your mind, body, and soul. You will look forward and not backward. Life will give you plenty of reasons to be sad. You will choose the things that will brighten up your mood.

Dreaming about an iguana means making your way amidst unfavorable situations. It means you will soon come out of your shell. You will leave aside all your inhibitions and fears.

You will be creative and look forward to trying new things. You will not be gullible, and people will find it hard to take your advantage. 

Those who dream of an iguana will start enjoying life to the fullest. They will be carefree and happy. They will get the skills to solve all types of problems in their life. People in society will look up to them with admiration. 

Consider an iguana in dreams as a positive sign. Consider it a reminder to shed away your fears and look at your set aims. Have a vision in life and work towards it. It is time to channel your energies in the right direction. Get going with the flow of nature, and you will be successful and happy. 

The Symbolism of Dreams of Iguanas

An iguana is symbolic of hope and survival. It is a specie that can change its color and shed its skin. It means we should also leave behind the unwanted burdens from our lives. Dreaming of an iguana means moving ahead and being unstoppable. Take time out to enjoy what you already have in your hand. 

Dreaming of an iguana is symbolic of gratitude and appreciation. It means you should thank the Almighty for everything. Get rid of all the negative thoughts and make way for positive ones. An iguana is also a sign of empowerment and satisfaction. You will be in power, and this satisfies you inside out. 

When you see an iguana in your dreams, you will be practical. You will not try to change anyone but yourself first. You will be adaptable. You will look for survival in all situations. People will try to divert your mind. You will be cautious. An iguana also symbolizes being narrow-minded. You will be selfish at times. 

If you dream of an iguana, it is a sign of patience and vision. This reptile is patient and waits for hours before attacking prey. It is determined and understanding. People watching an iguana in dreams will be more understanding and resolve issues in their love life with patience. 

What are the Different Scenarios of Dreams of Iguanas Means?

  1. Dreaming of Seeing an Iguana: Dreaming of an iguana means getting attacked by enemies. People will get jealous of your success. They might conspire against you. You will need to teach a protective instinct. The aim should be to safeguard yourself. A lousy love relationship is about to end for good. 
  1. Dreaming of Being an Iguana: Those who dream of being an iguana will be stronger. They will be unstoppable and determined. They will undergo hardships with a positive mind. They will not reveal their emotions. Their hard work will be rewarded not now but later in life. 
  1. Dreaming of Keeping a Pet Iguana: Do you dream of keeping a pet iguana? It means power and control. You will control your emotions. The fear of losing will be shed. You will have perfect self-control. Even some unpleasant news will not break you. 
  1. Dreaming of Iguana Shedding Its Skin: Do you dream of an iguana shedding its skin? It is a good luck sign. It means you are ready to face the challenges in life. There will be a lot of change and transformation in life. You will follow the path of spirituality to get peace of mind. 
  1. Dreaming of Iguana Changing Color: Do you dream of an iguana changing its color? It means adaption. To meet your set targets, you will try to adapt to the changes. People might doubt your intentions and will not cooperate easily. Someone special will soon enter your life to make it more beautiful. 
  1. Dreaming of Black Iguana: Watching a black iguana in dreams signifies potential and caliber. You will be powerful and achieve more than your capacity. You may feel uncomfortable initially. As you will succeed, you will be comfortable. Consider it a sign of good luck and achievement. 
  1. Dreaming of White Iguana: Dreaming of a white iguana means solving the impossible. You will gain financially by using your innovation. There are chances of financial loss. The business partner may be unhappy, and there will be professional disputes and disagreements.
  1. Dreaming of Green Iguana: Do you dream of a green iguana? It means trouble on the way. You will have lots of stress in the coming days. You will find it difficult to handle situations in life. You will be hopeless when a stranger saves you. 
  1. Dreaming of Killing an Iguana: Those who desire to kill an iguana must take it as a sign of prosperity. Killing an iguana in self-defense means bravery and survival. There will be progress in your career, and you will get a promotion. You will get a happy piece of news from some friends or family members. 
  1. Dreaming of an Iguana in your House: Do you dream of an iguana entering your home? It means something wrong will happen in your family. There will be a health issue for a family member. Your family will suffer. It would help if you took care of your family. Guard them before it is too late.
  1. Dreaming of an Iguana on a Rock: Seeing an iguana on a rock in dreams means luck and success. If you see a giant iguana on a rock, it is suggestive that you will achieve something big. Life will give you time to relax and rejuvenate. 
  1. Dreaming of Playing with an Iguana: This is a funny dream. It means creativity and success. People will inspire you to be funny. They will bring out the funny side of yours. The hardships in life will not break you. You will enjoy everything and not stress about anything. 
  1. Dreaming of an Iguana Biting you: Do you dream of an iguana biting you? It means disappointment. You will get involved in a fight and be uncomfortable. Health will be your concern, and you must pay attention to it. You will need to strive hard to achieve something in life. 
  1. Dreaming of a Dead Iguana: It is a warning if you see a dead iguana in your dreams. Stay alert everywhere. The danger is approaching you, and you must be cautious. People around you will try to manipulate and misuse your innocence. 


Those who dream of an iguana must consider it a lucky sign. It symbolizes strength and willpower. You will never give up in the middle of something important.

Dreaming of an iguana means accepting the changes. It means you will be more adaptable to different situations in life.

An iguana signifies that you will not get anything with ease. You will have to work hard to get success. Finances will double if you put your innovation at work.