Health Hacks to live a healthy life

Health Hacks

1.Sleeping on the Left Side:

You may not think it matters on which side you lie on your bed. But the studies show you are better off sleeping on your left side. This position improves blood flow to your organs helping the spleen and intestine work more efficiently.

There is also a big bonus for heartburn sufferers as several studies have found that sleeping on left side apparently reduces heartburn. No one knows the exact reason for this but one hypothesis holds that the left side sleeping keeps the junction between the stomach and esophagus above the level of gastric acid.

Health Hacks

2. Don’t brush just after eating:

If you brush your teeth just after the meal and every time then it turns out to be a bad idea. Different acidic food or drinks, even healthy fruits, and vegetables are very acidic. They can soften your tooth’s nails. This raises the chance of damage to tooth’s nails by brushing. A better idea is to wait for an hour after the meal to wash those pearly whites.

Health Hacks

3. Avoid bright lights before bed:

Internet before bed, the mobile phone, tablets etc seem relaxing but prevent from sleeping soundly. It is the blue light produced by all electronic devices and any kind of bright light at night interfere with the production of melatonin component or hormone that helps to sleep.

Several studies have found that exposure to light at night may cause several types of cancer (breast, prostate), diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity. Some preliminary evidence suggests that lower melatonin levels might explain to increase the risk of cancer.

You can read a paper book at night and if you use a pair of amber-tinted glass to reduce the blue light and help you to sleep better.

Health Hacks

4. Sitting correctly at a computer:

sitting at a computer can leave you at all sorts of aches and pain. improving your posture is a good start. There are other factors which are to be noticed. Raise the height of your chair, put your keyboard and mouse on your desktop surface. And move your monitor exactly at the height of your face.

Health Hacks

5. Exercising longer is not a good way to lose weight:

Physical exercise is only a tiny way of burning your calorie. But most of it is burned by the resting metabolism like breathing. You get more benefit from a shorter, more intense work out than a longer one.

High- Intensity Interval Training or HIIT helps you burn more calories after you finish exercising. You have to put on a healthy diet along with exercise to retain the benefits.

Health Hacks

6. Loosen your tie to reduce your risk of Glaucoma:

Wearing a tight tie is not good for your eyeballs. Tighten tie can raise intraocular pressure which is leading cause of glaucoma. So, loosen your tie or just use a chip on.

Health Hacks

7. Masturbating promotes a healthy sex drive:

The more frequent is your orgasm, your body produces more libido increasing hormones. Doctors have found that in a study source-   Darius Paduch, Director of Weill Cornell Medical college found out among his patient that masturbation leads to a higher sex drive.

There are a lot’s of health and psychological benefits of Masturbation for men.


The researchers in a 2016 study found that Masturbating 21 times a month can reduce the risk of Prostate Cancer to 20% in men. Some researchers also found in 2003 that there is a link between frequent orgasm with the lowering the risk of Prostate Cancer.

There is no concrete evidence that Masturbation can lower the risk of Prostate Cancer. But some experts believe that it can flush the harmful chemicals that might build up in semen.


When you Masturbate or reach an orgasm then cortisol is released in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone which helps your immune system to boost up. It works with the brain to control motivation, mood and fear.


When you masturbate then your body releases a chemical called endorphins. Endorphins interact with receptors in your brain that reduce perception of pain.

Endorphins also work like morphine to trigger a positive feeling in the body which leads to better mood and sound sleep.


As a men get older his pelvic muscles weaken and lose muscle tone of the penis. Through frequent Masturbation, the pelvic muscles can remain strong and energetic as it is a way of exercise.

Therefore, it can prevent erectile dysfunction in the long run.


  • Releases dopamine and oxytocin which lifts spirits
  • Release sexual tension
  • Relieves cramps
  • Activates reward circuit
  • Intimacy with your partner
  • Stay away from (Sexually Transmitted Infections)STIs
  • Feel pleasure
  • It relaxes you.

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