Health tips for men and women

These health tips are for everyone from men to women, child to old. I personally use these health tips daily to improve my life with great benefits. They have changed my life and I have become more productive and active. I believe that you can also be able to reap the benefits of these health tips if you can follow it regularly.

Here we go for the health tips

Health tips for men and women
Health tips for men and women

(1) Walk in the morning

The first health tips I have for you is to walk for an hour or half an hour in the morning. Start your day with walking. Walking is very beneficial for your health. It has numerous benefits such as

  • Walking strengthens the heart
  • It lowers disease risk
  • helps to lose weight
  • Prevents dementia
  • Lowers Alzheimer risk
  • Reduces risk of diabetes
  • Reduces stress
  • Uplift mood
  • Delays aging
  • improves memory
  • Boosts immune system
  • Walking improves breathing, etc.
Health tips for men and women
Health tips for men and women

(2) Meditation and Pranayama

My next health tips for you is Meditation and Pranayama.

Meditation is the ancient art to attain peace of mind and soul. If you meditate only for five minutes then you will feel refresh and rejuvenated. Your energy and focus on work will increase tremendously. You will get more success in the field you desire to excel. Meditation increases your concentration power and patience. Hence with the tremendous concentration and patience, you become more self-confident and can achieve anything you desire.

The Pranayama is a form of breathing exercise. It cleans your whole body system and carries oxygen to every part of the body. A well -done Pranayama for certain periods can open the blocked arteries in the heart. All the body parts get enough oxygen hence it also improves the immune system. Pranayama can cure lots of diseases like sinusitis, Asthma, sexual problems of both men and women, allergy etc.

Therefore, after a good walk, sit in a quiet and open place with clean air and perform both Meditation and Pranayama.

Health tips for men and women
Health tips for men and women

(3) Play a game

One of the health tips for you is to play a game. Choose anything you like and start playing with your kids, neighbors or join a club. You can play football, cricket, hockey, badminton, squash etc. Play what you like and try to enjoy.

When you play a game then you will get enough workout or physical exercise even without knowing it. When you do physical exercise then your body releases endorphins which give us energy boosts. Therefore it throws away Stress, anxiety, and laziness. Your ability to focus and it creates inner happiness.

This health tip is my favorite, because a great mind lies in a great body.

(4) Money factor

Can money motivate you? I think yes, who does not want money! Close your eyes and make yourself comfortable in a sitting or lying position. Think about the money you want to acquire. Set yourself a definite time to acquire the money. Feel like the money is already your. You can feel it, touch it and it enters into your bank account.

Do this regularly for five minutes and you will be instantly motivated towards your desired goal.

Health tips for men and women
Health tips for men and women

(5) Mindful praying

Next health tip is Mindful praying. Praying only for 5 minutes daily can really change our attitude. When we pray from our heart then we develop to believe in and keep faith in him. We completely devote yourself to his care and lose our tensions and problems.

Not only pray for yourself but also for others, especially those you do not know. It will increase your positivity and motivation beyond your imagination. This is a secret health tips for your mental health.

(6)  Relationship

People are a social animal. We like to live in the society among others. We simply can not afford to live alone. Our loved ones, family members, and friends matter more than anything else. Therefore think about them for 5 minutes. That the work you are doing is going to make them happy, improve their lives.

Though this is very simple among all the health tips, believe me, it will make you happy and satisfied. No matter how successful you are, you need people to celebrate.

Health tips for men and women
Health tips for men and women

(7) Drink lots of water

This is a simple but very effective among my health tips. As you know our body has 60% to 70% of water, so it is wise to keep our body hydrated. The water inside the body flushes out in the form of urine, sweating, breathing and the digestion process. Therefore, it is good to keep our body hydrated with 7 to 12 glasses of water per day according to our body weight.

Drinking water has many health benefits like

  • It promotes weight loss
  • Increases energy
  • Flushes out the toxins
  • Boosts immune system
  • Reduces stress and uplift mood
  • Natural headache reliever
  • Helps digestion and constipation
  • Promotes healthy skin, etc.
Health tips for men and women
Health tips for men and women

(8) Eat lots of green veggies

This is my last health tip for today. But the fact that green vegetables are so much beneficial, will blow your mind. Green vegetables contain lots of vitamins and minerals. They are rich in vitamin A, and C and nutrients like potassium, dietary fiber, and folic acid.

Above all vegetables are very low in fats and calories and it has many health benefits for us.

They are

  • Good for the heart
  • Prevents cancer
  • Reduce the risk of Diabetes and Obesity
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps to prevent in developing kidney stones
  • Reduce the risk of bone loss.

Eat a lot of vegetables daily with your meal. You can eat it by slicing them raw like salad or just cook curry of them.


These 8 health tips are for you to follow daily. I am following and doing all these health tips regularly. And I found that it boosts your overall health both physically and mentally.

How did you find my health tips?


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