Herbs that cause impotence: How to induce impotence?

You might be surprised to know that there are certain herbs and other things which can cause or induce impotence in men. Therefore it is very important for you to know about them so that you may not be affected by them, knowingly or unknowingly.

                                                               The Monks, Rishis have been using these herbs for thousands of years because they want to become Brahmacharya. They want to get rid of sexual desire and ability to produce semen. So, that they can perform their prayers, Mantras, and rituals without any hindrance.

Herbs that cause impotence
Herbs that cause impotence

Here we go

Banana root:

The root of the Banana tree is the number one herb that will cause you impotent if used for two or three times. Banana trees root is thrashed and squeezed and the liquid is drawn out. If someone, may be your enemy mix that liquid in some drink like tea or coffee then it will be very difficult to know. Therefore, take extra care if you are drinking or eating something in others home or place.

                                                                    The Rishis and Monks use banana roots regularly to make themselves impotence.

Amla Fruit:

Amla is very beneficial for our digestion system, hair, heart disease, blood sugar, immune system and much more. But it can also bring impotence to if you are eating it, or taking pills of Amla daily for a long period of time.  Because the sourness in the Amla kills the semen produced in testis of men.

Mango Pickles:

Surprised to know? Your favorite chutney may be Mango pickle or ‘Aam ka achaar’, and who doesn’t like it? We every love it. But unfortunately it is bad for your sexual life. Because Mango pickles are very sour and this sourness will cause you impotence.

                                                                  Other sour fruits like Tamarind is also very dangerous for men which may induce impotence.


Milk is a complete food itself. It  has tremendous benefits for our health. There is no harm if we take it regularly. But if you drink Milk and eat fish, meat, sour fruits, with salt  then it becomes dangerous. Because these things are opposite to Milk and affects our stomach badly. And if it is taken for long time with milk then it may cause impotence in men. Therefore, be aware men.

If you are already facing the problem of impotency then read this post where I have written how to finish it. And do comment your questions. Thank you.

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