Carry on a long term relationship

How to carry on a relationship for lifelong

Carry on a long term relationship
Carry on a long term relationship

Hi, dear readers have you ever ponder for a second about the relationship with your loved one? What are the ingredients to carry on relationships all the way to your grave? I have been in a relationship with my wife for 12 years now and willing to carry on..

Here are some important points which I consider vital for a life long relationship.

LOYALTY and  TRUST–   Loyalty and trust is the most important thing for our relationships. We should be loyal towards our partner not only from our mind but also from the heart. And we have to trust our better half. Give them some privacy and room to be himself or herself and keep trust and belief.


COMPROMISE–    Hey dear, believe me when I say that without compromising it is not possible to run a relationship long. I am not telling that only you compromise in every situation. But in most of the situations, you should. Because there are three views to a situation, the first one is yours, the second one is his or her and the third one is the right one. We never know who is near to the third one. So, compromise.

RESPECT YOUR  PARTNER–     Yes, respect your partner. Let him do whatever they like and want to accomplish in life. Therefore support them in every way you can. Come on, every action has an equal and opposite reaction!


MAKE TIME FOR YOUR LOVE–    Time and tide wait for none. Therefore it is now or never to make time. Your work, your rich is part time but your relationship is for the lifetime. So, go for some outing, travel together. Praise them now and then and tell them frequently that you love them very much.

PATIENCE–    Yes, Patience, lots of patience is needed to carry on a relationship. Let go the anger from your life. Anger only hurts us. When the storm will come only patience would be helpful. I do meditation to cultivate patience but it is very hard to accomplish, you would come to know.

Last word-

    It is not easy to carry on a relationship to the final day. But many have achieved and will achieve success in the future. With these words, I hope you will be benefited from my thought and wish you all the best for your Ever Lasting Relationship.

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