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How to Dream of Your Soulmate: Meaning And Symbolism

Whether single or already mingled, one loves to dream about a soulmate. He or she is the person meant for you. Some deliberately try to dream of their soulmate, and some see them in their dreams naturally. Why is it so special to dream about your soulmate? It means you are one of those souls who want love and peace.

So, what if you have dreamt of your soulmate several times? It signifies you are in sync with the universal energies. You are somehow following your heart and paving a path to success. A dream of your soulmate indicates fortune, support, care, company, and assurance. 

Soulmate Dreams are pretty standard, and many people see them quite often. Most of these dreams indicate a romantic time ahead. In contrast, some dreams of your soulmate may hint at some progress on the professional front. 

What if you have not yet dreamt of your soulmate but want to dream? Read this post to learn all the different ways of dreaming of your soulmate and some interesting hidden meanings of dreams about soulmates. 

General Meaning of Dreaming About Soulmate 

Before starting our discussion on how to dream of your soulmate, let us acquaint you with the hidden meaning behind one such dream. If, by luck, you already had one! Dreaming of one’s soulmate means things are about to fall to the right place for you. You are soon to meet your twin soul. 

A soulmate seen in a dream indicates unconditional love, empathy, and care. You will get the three of these in plenty and get success in all realms of life. There will be positivity all around, and you will consider yourself lucky. 

The general meaning of dreaming of your soulmate is luck, comfort, and trust. You are most likely to dwell on a relationship that will last forever. You might not excel professionally, but your personal life will be smooth and worth cherishing. 

Spiritual Meaning Behind a Soulmate Dream

The spiritual meaning behind a soulmate dream is, of course, finding true love. You will struggle to find someone special with similar thinking, liking, and dislikes. You will search for a perfect partner to mingle with. 

Dreaming of a soulmate means your inner mind is urging for company. You want to share your thoughts and feelings only with the love of your life. It is because you find it hard to trust others. After all, you were manipulated several times. 

A soulmate in dreams indicates transcending all the physical barriers to be one with the universe. You are full of love and want to shower it on someone who deserves it. For you, appearance won’t matter; what matters most is the person’s inherent nature. 

10 Ways to Dream About Your Soulmate

Curious to know how to see your soulmate in your dreams? Try these ten steps to dream about your soulmate:

  1. Think of Your Soulmate Before Going to Bed: Remember, the thoughts with which you go to bed often replicate in your dreams. So, the best way here is to think of your soulmate before going to bed if you want to dream of him or her. 
  1. Imagine The Appearance of Your Soulmate: There are more chances of you dreaming of your soulmate if you sleep imagining the characteristics of the appearance of your soulmate. It will kick off your imagination right there, and it might get expanded your dreams. 
  1. Music Can Do Magic: You can double up your chances of a dream of your soulmate when you sleep listening to some soft romantic music. It sets the mood and takes you to a nice dream about your soulmate. 
  1. Use Aromatherapy: It is necessary to ward off any negative energy from your bedroom if you wish to dream of your soulmate. Lighting an aromatic candle in your bedroom before you sleep is a good way of doing this.
  1. Pen Down Everything About Your Soulmate: Many people have seen positive results of dreaming of their soulmates when they sleep writing about whatever they like in their soulmates. 
  1. Do Not Limit Yourself: While you might set some expectations about your soulmate, do not limit yourself to these expectations. Set yourself free, move with the flow, and let the dream unfold while you sleep. 
  1. Try Lucid Dreaming: It is a powerful sleeping technique without any side effects, wherein you can control your dreams. With the help of lucid dreaming, you can see your soulmate in dreams as if you are interacting with him or her. 
  1. Meditation and Deep Breathing: Whether you agree with us or not, meditation and deep breathing are effective when concentrating. You can dream of your soulmate with the help of meditation and breathing techniques before going to bed. 
  1. Sleep with a Positive Note: It is essential to sleep with a positive note without any argument with anyone at home if you wish to see your soulmate in your dreams. Such romantic dreams usually come when your mind and heart are at peace. 
  1. Watch a Romantic Movie: Another effective technique of dreaming of your soulmate is watching a romantic movie before sleeping. It will help you fantasize about your soulmate. 

What are the Different Scenarios of Dreams about Soulmate

Having read about how to dream about your soulmate, it is time, we also throw some light on some common soulmate dream scenarios and their symbolic meanings:

  1. Dreaming About Seeing Your Soulmate: Those who see their soulmates in their dreams are lucky people. It is a dream that denotes passion and pure love, ready to knock on the doors of their life. 
  1. Dreaming About Dancing with Your Soulmate: Dreaming of dancing with your soulmate suggests a celebration time. After a long struggle, you will get time to celebrate with loved ones.
  1. Dreaming About Singing with Your Soulmate: Singing with your soulmate in dreams indicates harmony and compatibility. You will shed away your ego and arrogance to stay in sync with your loved ones because you don’t want to lose them. 
  1. Dreaming About Travelling with Your Soulmate: Dreaming of traveling with your soulmate signifies adventure and discovery. You will get plenty of opportunities to explore fancy things in the coming days. 
  1. Dreaming About Kissing Your Soulmate: It is a common soulmate dream signifying pure bliss and contentment. Through this dream, your guardian angels are trying to bless you with all that you are missing right now from your life.
  1. Dreaming About Partying with Your Soulmate: Dreaming of partying with your soulmate signifies enjoyment and happiness. Something will turn in your favor and bring more monetary gains in the coming days. 
  1. Dreaming About Marrying Your Soulmate: Those who see themselves marrying their soulmates in dreams will think of expansion. It could be an expansion of their business venture or family. 
  1. Dreaming About Playing with Your Soulmate: Playing any game with your soulmate in a dream indicates innocence and playfulness. You will discard all the negativity with your positive outlook and attitude. 
  1. Dreaming About Fighting with Your Soulmate is an unusual dream denoting disturbance and misunderstandings. Try to avoid both these with mutual understanding in all relationships. 
  1. Dreaming About Hugging Your Soulmate: Dreaming of hugging your soulmate means relief. You will experience complete peace of mind after so many struggles at the work front. Although the results of your hard work are unknown, you feel relieved. 
  1. Dreaming About Sleeping with Your Soulmate: Those who dream of sleeping with their soulmate will find satisfaction. Something will meet their expectations, and they will feel blessed. 
  1. Dreaming About Your Soulmate as Your Colleague: Watching your soulmate as your colleague in a dream indicates competition. Be ready to face fierce competition in the work sphere. Someone will try to snatch your position in the office. 
  1. Dreaming About Your Soulmate Marrying Someone Else: Seeing your soulmate marrying someone else in dreams is no less than a horror dream. It means you will gasp for some relief and help. There will be despair and a lack of confidence in you in the days ahead. 
  1. Dreaming About Your Soulmate Dying: It is one unfortunate dream hinting at a disaster on the way. You are watching this dream because the universal energies warn you to check your steps before it is too late. 


In a nutshell, watching a dream about your soulmate is a positive sign that you do not want to get involved in the cruelty prevalent in society. Soulmate dreams indicate harmony and humanity. You will embark upon goals that will benefit humanity and bring harmony to your life. 

The ways described in this post will help you dream of your soulmate. Keep a dream journal by your side so that you can pen down your dream of soulmate the moment you wake up to continue it the next night.