How to recover from the side effects and weakness of excessive Masturbation naturally?

First of all we have to understand that masturbation is not a matter of shame or guilt. But it is a good thing if you do it once a week. It may release you from stress, provide you a sound sleep and lots of other benefits.

But as everything done excessively can bore negative effects, so does the masturbation do. Masturbation can make you mentally and physically sick if you do it too much, say, everyday.

And if you are the prey of the excessive masturbation effect then it is better get rid of this habit. Because otherwise you may feel guilty, become physically week and it may cause erectile dysfunction.

The first medicine to get recovery from the effects of excessive masturbation is your WILL POWER”. This will not cost you anything and it is at your own shop.


Promise yourself that you will not do it.

Commit to your words.

Think about the benefits of it, the energy that will drive you success, money, fame and much more. Therefore, you have to break the masturbation habit. If you continue it, the harmful effects will continue. If you decrease it, the harmful effects will decrease but in order totally recover from it you have to break the habit.

So let’s start by


Meditation is the most powerful way to increase your will power. The first thing you do in the morning after sanitation should be Meditation. At least a half hour of Meditation will improve your will power, control over the mind, patience immensely. This way you would be able to resist the feeling of the urge to masturbation.

2. Exercise regularly:

It is the biggest boost you can give to your body. Exercising regularly, especially walking an hour will help you a lot. It will make you sweat and lose energy. Most of all it will divert your mind from masturbation. Exercising daily will boost your body and mind. It will help you to recover from the damages done by excessive masturbation.

3. Eat Healthy:

We become what we eats. Therefore, it is very important to eat healthy. Healthy foods will help you to recover from the damages and refrain the mind from doing it again.

Eliminate alcohol totally, quit smoking from today. Also get rid of dairy products, red meat, sweets, aerated drinks and caffeine.

At the same time increase the consumption of soybean, peanuts, sunflower seeds, vegetables and fruits.

Also make sure that you drink a lot of water everyday. This will help you to clean your stomach and function the whole body system smoothly.


The only thing that matters is DON’T DO IT AGAIN.

Believe in yourself and your will power. The rest will follow and you will be able to live the happiest, healthiest and most successful life.

Thank you.

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