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In my school days, I was able to wake up early without any complications. I had to because it was a boarding school where it is compulsory to wake up at 5 a.m. But as the days passed, more layers of fats deposited around my belly, it became difficult for me to wake up early. I had to figure out how to wake up early so that I don’t have to skip my exercises, meditation, goals, and wrestling to get to the office on time.

Especially, my goal of writing was hurting my emotions most as I couldn’t get done the everyday goal of writing. Therefore I have decided to wake up early again at 5 A.M. And I have succeeded at this. Here I am giving you the exact methods and tips by using which you can figure out how to wake up early without having an adverse effect on your health.

Decide your why?

It is the most important thing for you to decide beforehand why you want to wake up early. There should be a compelling reason for this. Otherwise, you will not be able to retain the habit for long. Sooner or later you are going to give up.

In my case, I want to get an extra hour for my writing goals and to able to do my regular execises and meditation at home. This is more than enough reason for me to commit.

Therefore, think carefully about your own reasons to commit. DO you want to become healthier, do you have some creative works to do? Jot down the reasons and put bedside the bed so that you can see it when you are going to sleep and just after waking up. This way you will be more energized to wake up.

Be easy on yourself

Don’t try to over push yourself. What will happen if you want to lose 50 kg of weights in a week or month? Either you have to do a surgery or try dangerous methods which can even kill you. The same thing goes to the method of changing your sleeping habit.

If you sleep at 1 or 2 P.M. at night then it might not be possible for you to go to the bed at 10 P.M. And if you do, you may suffer from problems like Sleeplessness, fatigue, anxiety, and an adverse health issue. So, don’t push yourself too hard.

At the beginning set the alarm clock for just before half an hour of your regular time. Suppose you are seasoned to go to bed at 1 P.M. every day. So, set your alarm at 12.30, just before an hour. Continue to wake up at 12.30 for three to four days. Then your body will be adjusted or cope up with the new time.

Then after three to four days, rearrange the alarm clock at 12 P.M., i.e. half an hour before of previous time. Then set the same time again for three to four days so that your body get enough time to adjust. This way, you can be able to bring your suitable, desirable time as your waking up time in your life.

Plan to spend your additional time

An empty mind is a abbot of devil. As the saying goes, if you don’t take the ad vantages of your additional hours and spend your time on purpose then it is more than possible to give up. You will be lack of motivation and become lazy. Therefore, plan your extra time and the day.

Plan it before you are going to bed for sleep. I plan my day beforehand and apply it to my day. Offcourse someday it will be difficult to implement everything I have written but it is okay. Nevertheless, our main aim is to get our works done and getting closer to our long term goal.

My plan for the morning looks like this

  • Wake up at 6 A.M.
  • Brush and bathroom
  • Drink two glasses of hot water mixing with lemon and honey
  • Get out of the door and do some exercises, which is maybe doing your garden and lawn
  • 15 minutes of meditation and Pranayama
  • An hour of writing or reading
  • Eating my meal
  • That’s it! My day just kick started!

And because of these little things I have done make me more confident for the day. I become a jolly and happier person for the rest of the day. And I can’t forget to tell you that for the whole day, a strange positivity stays with me. No matter how much harder a problem comes I remain positive and try to find a solution and do not try to escape from it.

Limiting your screen time

Screens are one of or I would say in most of the cases, only the factor for the habit of late rising. If you want to get success at waking up early in the morning limit your screen time.

Watching of television is a curse for you as it is known as the idiot box. Television makes you lazy, dull and can blur your thinking process. If you want to succeed in waking up early you have to get rid of your T.V., at least in the night after dinner.

And not only the T.V., but you also have to limit every type of screen from your PC to mobile screen. Especially just before you are going to sleep. Sometimes, or I would say many times we sleep with the screen of our mobiles. We think that we are doing our work or something valuable. But we forget that the most important factor is our sound sleep. The blue rays of computers and mobile phones screen produce are harmful to your sleep.

Do some type of physical workout

With the machines working all around we have become lazy, both physically and mentally. Your body is the main thing that connects with your mind. Therefore, to keep your mind active and strong it is inevitable to keep your body physically fit.

In order to wake up early in the morning, you have to sleep well and deeply to maintain your overall health. So, your body has to get a certain amount of physical exercise to get sound sleep and good rest.

The early morning is a very good time for you to do some exercise or workout. Be it some type of household work or running, playing or walking in the field you have to get your body tired. This way your body will be able to take deep rest.

Be more creative and remain active

Don’t waste the time you get in the morning by waking up early in some unnecessary things. These are the golden hours for you. Utilize them to achieve your goal. Why don’t you try to be more creative by doing what your goal is?

If you are in writing like me and don’t get any other time to write because of the family and work pressure then this is the right time. Your mind is fresh and active early in the morning. You can be more creative and can achieve more in a short span of time.

Do whatever you want to achieve in your life in the next year or five years in the morning. It will definitely push you towards it.

Pray before you are going to fall asleep

To get a sound sleep you have to remove all tension and anxieties from your mind. What better ways to do it than praying to God?

Pray to the almighty before you are going to sleep. I have been doing it for my whole life and never deprived of great sleep.

Remember that you don’t have to do any rituals and formalities. Just lay on your bed and pray to the lord in your mind. You can do it for 5 minutes to get your mind relaxed and to fall asleep on a clear head.

Final Words

Think of it like a marathon, not a sprint. You have to run long, not very fast. There will be many circumstances when it will be not possible to wake up early in the morning. It is all right to break the rhythm and break the rule for some days. Because we are all humans and nobody is perfect and the situations are never in our favor.

BUT, don’t give up. Whatever may be the reason return to your schedule to wake up early in the morning again. Make it an everlasting habit.

This way you will be able to reap the benefits of the calm and serene of early mornings.

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