Masturbation: Side effects, Benefits, Risks, and Myths in Men

Masturbation: Side effects, Benefits, Risks, and Myths in Men
Masturbation: Side effects, Benefits, Risks, and Myths in Men

Masturbation is a process to self stimulate your genitals by touching and rubbing it with your own or some other person’s hand till you reach an orgasm. Sometimes you may not reach an orgasm but you are aroused and have the pleasure which corrects your mood.

Masturbation is a very common behavior in both men and women. The researchers and experts of sexuality agrees that Masturbation is a normal human behavior and a sexual activity.

Masturbation begins with the childhood days even before the puberty. The children are enthusiastic and therefore try to know their body by touching and feeling it. It is a common behavior.

The children may themselves learn to Masturbate by exploring their own body or by listening to someone else.

But in some societies, Masturbation is not accepted culturally, morally and ethically. Therefore, the adults teach and tells the young adolescents that Masturbation is shameful, bad behavior. So, the young child and adults may feel guilty and shame due to Masturbation.

But it clear that Masturbation is a natural behavior and it healthy. And Masturbation has more benefits than side effects. Therefore, if you are not Masturbating excessively then it is alright.

Let’s discuss about some common questions regarding Masturbation:

Is it harmful?

No, masturbation is not harmful at all. But as I said the balance is the key. Excessive of anything can be very harmful to you. Same goes with the Masturbation.

Is Masturbation a natural behavior?

Yes, Masturbation is a natural and common behavior. It is healthy sexual behavior and has all the benefits just like intercourse has. But in many cultures, it is not accepted and felt as taboo.

Can I Masturbate Daily?

Technically you can Masturbate daily. But it depends upon the person to person. If you are a healthy adult and have the urge to Masturbate daily then you can do it. But if you are feeling tired, fatigue then you have to abstain from daily Masturbation.

When the Masturbation becomes excessive then many side effects like fatigue, weakness, early ejaculation can occur.

And if you don’t get an orgasm regularly then it can lead to stress, and unhappiness.

It is you to decide the amount of Masturbation you want in a week. It may be three times a week or even five times each week.

What is the normal amount of Masturbation in a week?

It solely depends on you. If you have the urge to Masturbate daily you can do it till you not feel any weakness and fatigue.

But many experts agree that three to five times a week is not an excessive amount of Masturbation.

Can Masturbation replace intercourse with a partner?

Masturbation can make sexual activity more pleasurable. If a men Masturbate before an intercouse then he can last longer and give multiple orgasm to his partner.

The women are also benefited with Masturbation, as it can enhance the pleasure by lubricating the vagina with fluid.

But if you are Masturbating excessively then it can lead to premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. This can hinder your sexual life with your partner.

So, having a balance is crucial for you. You can divert your mind of Masturbation by exercising, pursuing a hobby, and being creative.

Does Masturbation leads to Premature Ejaculation:

An excessive amount of Masturbation can leads to premature ejaculation as it can damage the nerves in the pelvic area. If you are experiencing premature ejaculation then it can be cured by consulting a doctor.

Does Masturbation lowers sperm count?

No, Masturbation does not lower the sperm count at all. But excessive amount of ejaculating your sperms in a short time may lower the sperm count for short time. Because it takes time to build the sperm in your body.

But no need to worry as sperm is build continuously in your body.

When Masturbation is not safe?

Though masturbation is a safe way to ejaculate and get an orgasm, it can be not safe in some circumstances.

  • If you are Masturbating by lying towards the face down then it may harm your penis as you have the tendency to exert more pressure on it.
  • If you share sex toys with the person suffering from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) then you can also be infected with it.
  • If you stop ejaculation in the midway then it can damage your blood vessels and nerves in the penis.

Does Masturbation makes a man thin and lower testosterone level?

No, Masturbation does not make a person thin and lower the testosterone level. But like anything else, moderation is the key and excessive is harmful.

Let’s discuss the Benefits of Masturbation for Men:

There are a lot’s of health and psychological benefits of Masturbation for men.

Some researchers have found that Masturbation can prevent Prostate Cancer in Men.

The researchers in a 2016 study found that Masturbating 21 times a month can reduce the risk of Prostate Cancer to 20% in men. Some researchers also found in 2003 that there is a link between frequent orgasm with the lowering the risk of Prostate Cancer.

There is no concrete evidence that Masturbation can lower the risk of Prostate Cancer. But some experts believe that it can flush the harmful chemicals that might build up in semen.

Boosts immune system

When you Masturbate or reach an orgasm then cortisol is released in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone which helps your immune system to boost up. It works with the brain to control motivation, mood and fear.

Releases stress and tension

When you masturbate then your body releases a chemical called endorphins. Endorphins interact with receptors in your brain that reduce perception of pain.

Endorphins also work like morphine to trigger a positive feeling in the body which leads to better mood and sound sleep.

Prevents erectile dysfunction

As a men get older his pelvic muscles weaken and lose muscle tone of the penis. Through frequent Masturbation, the pelvic muscles can remain strong and energetic as it is a way of exercise.

Therefore, it can prevent erectile dysfunction in the long run.

Some other benefits of Masturbation to Men are

  • Releases dopamine and oxytocin which lifts spirits
  • Release sexual tension
  • Relieves cramps
  • Activates reward circuit
  • Intimacy with your partner
  • Stay away from (Sexually Transmitted Infections)STIs
  • Feel pleasure
  • It relaxes you.

Let’s discuss the Side effects of Masturbation or excessive Masturbation:

Generally, Masturbation has no side effects at all. But some problems may occur and even damage your normal life if it is done excessively.

Guilty feeling and Masturbation:

Masturbation can cause psychological problems in many adults and children. Because they are may be feeling guilty and shame because of masturbating.

In many societies masturbation and self-stimulation is seen as a sin. It is told to the youngsters that it is bad, shameful, dirty and immoral. Therefore the person masturbating can be affected by the feeling of guilt.

Many children and adults may develop many Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) due to the guilty feeling.

Therefore, you have to understand that Masturbation is a natural, common and safe sexual activity to every human. And the parents and adults have the responsibility to teach the young generation the benefits of Masturbation.

Masturbation Addiction:

Addiction to anything is harmful. And addiction to masturbation leads to overdoing it. And if you over do it or excessively masturbate then it can cause certain problems.

  • It can lead to skipping your daily chores. Which in turn may affect your life in a negative way.
  • You can lose the urge to work, study and exercise which can damage your career and health.
  • It can inhibit your relationship with your sexual partner, family, and friends. Because you will be left no time for them other than concentrating on the Masturbation process.
  • You may develop an additional addiction to porns. Which in turn harm your psychological health.
  • Addiction to Masturbation can lead to weakness and fatigue. Because you are ejaculating the important minerals and vitamins with your sperms too frequently. And the body is not being able to regain those minerals, vitamins, and calcium because of excessive Masturbation.
  • It may lower your vision.
  • It may cause you lower back pain.
  • Excessive Masturbation may lead to injuring your penis and pelvic muscle which can lead to erectile dysfunction. Because like anything else, your penis also needs enough rest to rebuild its strength.

f you are feeling that you have become addicted to Masturbation then it is time to consult a doctor. The doctor may suggest you see a therapist or psychologist. And he can prescribe certain medicines if he thinks you need it.

But the actual matter is that don’t hesitate, and be ashamed to consult your addiction to masturbation with adults and doctor.

Beside consulting a doctor, you can do following things to correct the damage done by the addiction of masturbation.

  • Start your day with meditation. Meditation will increase your willpower to resist the urge to orgasm more often.
  • Then do some yoga and pranayama. Yoga will release endorphins in your body which will alleviate your mood, activates positivity. Yoga is also a total exercise to your body. The Pranayama will supply enough oxygen to your body and mind. And this will lead to more willpower.
  • Pursue a hobby or any creative activity which will keep you busy and alleviate.
  • socialize more. This will help you to make friends and good relationships.
  • Play a sports daily which you like, such as football, volleyball, badminton etc.
  • Listen to music and you can join a dance class.
  • Build the habit of reading good books and go to the library more often.

Myths of Masturbation

It is a myth that Masturbation leads to impotence. some other myths are that Masturbation can cause hair loss, hairy palms, erectile dysfunction, and blindness.


To be concluded Masturbation is a healthy, common and natural way to get an orgasm.

It is mood alleviating, stress and anxiety releaser and can have many more health benefits for you.

Consult your doctor if you feel any guilt of Masturbation and addicted to Masturbation.


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