OCD Causes and treatments at home

OCD Causes And Treatment At Home

OCD Causes
OCD Causes

Have you met a person with awkward behavior like washing their hand again, and again, counting things unnecessarily, rearranging things again and again? They are might be patient of(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). So what is OCD by the way?

OCD is a Common, Chronic and very long lasting repeated Uncontrollable thought and behavior. Many people think that OCD is not a real illness, and there are many misconceptions that it only happens to those people who are over sensitive. That it is not a Real problem and they simply need to get over it. But a person can not simply get over a disorder of the brain and behavior, and that is what OCD is.      

Here is the feeling a person goes through who is affected by OCD, try to get resonate it:    

Imagine that certain things like a guilty feeling, an image or a thought struck to your mind, and these thoughts and pictures remind you some unpleasant and scary moment. You would like to forget those feelings, but they come over and over to your mind. No matter how hard you try, whatever you do, you just can`t surpass them, you feel yourself overwhelmed.

A person with OCD is bound to experience fear and anxiety along with other numerous bad things. And those feelings do not happen on rare occasions, but it is a daily phenomenon. They have to go through it almost daily and sometimes many times or even all the time of the day.  Can you imagine how hard it is? Can you bear this?  How do you know that YOU have OCD

With observing these signs and symptoms you will know:

Having repetitive thoughts and visions

Doing the same ritual over and over again. Like washing their hands, rearranging things etc.

They are not able to control their behaviors no matter how hard they try. They do not get any pleasure in work they do and they can not concentrate on a thing for a longer period.

They do not live in the present and lost in their own world and stay away from the public and social gatherings.

Simple Solutions for Controlling OCD:
Take a deep breath

Whenever you feel that the urge is creeping back take some deep breath. Doing this could help trigger your body’s relaxation response. So, first inhale through your nose, slowly take a deep breath starting from your belly and move towards your chest to the head. After that slowly exhale through your mouth. You can do this till you feel relax.

Be active.

By being active you would be able to cope with OCD. Therefore, do a lot of cardiovascular exercises. A swift thirty to sixty minutes of walking barefoot can release enough endorphins that would significantly reduce your anxiety. You can whatever physical activity you like. You can do Swimming, running, football, dancing, hiking, cycling, skiing etc. Any of these acts would keep you healthy and fit.

OCD Causes
OCD Causes
Sleep well.

Sleeping enough keeps our brain calm and energetic. And not being to sleep well can trigger your anxiety.

Stay connected

The people who suffer from OCD, tend to stay away from their friends and relatives and simply keep to themselves. They do this to avoid doing certain rituals in front of others and embarrass themselves. But you need to understand that being social can actually help improve your anxiety.

Avoid all Addictions

Avoid alcohol, drugs, caffeine and other mind-altering substances as much as possible. Because though it may seem to reduce your anxiety, but it does only for a short time. In the long run, they harm you. Numerous research has proved that drugs such as LSD, marijuana or even ecstasy can lead to seriously bad panic attacks.

Take a break

A break in between work can revitalize you. Some people think that by forging ahead, despite the mounting stress, they are helping themselves to get over the OCD This is a misconception. There are certain limits and you would not  want to go beyond them. Take a short break if work is beginning to get to you.

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